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Microsoft to begin rolling out the Windows 10 Mobile 'Fall Creators Update' to open-market devices this week

Lumia 950 XL
Lumia 950 XL (Image credit: Windows Central)

Brandon LeBlanc, a senior program manager at Microsoft has confirmed via Twitter that the company is expecting to begin rolling out the official Windows 10 Mobile 'Fall Creators Update' sometime this week. In fact, the update has already started rolling out in Finland, with that rollout now extending to open-market devices elsewhere.

The Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update will likely be one of the last official major releases for the platform, as Microsoft recently confirmed its Windows phone platform is no longer a focus when it comes to new features or hardware. As such, the platform is essentially dead, with Microsoft continuing to service existing devices with bug fixes and tweaks for its enterprise customers.

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For those that happen to still be interested in Windows 10 Mobile, you can expect the Fall Creators Update to bring plenty of bug fixes and under the hood improvements, including a few additional features in Continuum such as being able to change the orientation of a display. There aren't any real major new features in this release for Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft has also omitted the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL from its list of supported handsets, meaning those devices won't be getting an official upgrade path to the Fall Creators Update and will remain on the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update instead.

We've got a complete changelog of all the new changes and bug fixes in the Fall Creators Update, make sure you give it a read before the upgrade hits. In addition, let us know in the comments when/if your phone receives the Fall Creators Update! We suspect it will rollout in waves, similarly to previous Windows 10 Mobile releases.

Thanks for the tip, Akhil!

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • I feel bad for the comment section right now.
  • I already got the update on my phone... Now, my laptop, Surface, and 950, all have major instability issues... This fall creators update needs to be patched ASAP!... But, it is so odd that it's affecting my phone as well.
    I have faith MS will patch soon. Lol
  • I didn't get it yet on my phone, but my laptop had touchpad problems related to precision drivers so im now left to use generic drivers
  • I got it last week, the same day the desktop update hit.. It was odd, but I got it, and I'm in Zero insider programs.. I must be special🤤
  • i got it on laptop last week i don't know why but it took hours, i don't know why.  my phone got the update last night, but I'm not staying im sick of the drop when they like stuck with it for years had enough sorry to say, I'm looking at Huawei P10 or Nokia 8, or Sony the choice is
  • I had no problems on any of my laptops, desktop or my 950 and  XL.  All stable.
  • Should be using my new moto g5 plus by the first week of November 😁 
  • Late to the show. Started with lenovo k8 almost a month, keeping the 950xl in drawer.😀
  • I jumped ship early this month and got myself a Nokia 5 .I managed to sell my Lumia 950 at approximately USD 200 . No looking back clean android all the way.
  • I've jumped ship and have been using my new G5S Plus for about a week and a half. Other than the downgrade of the camera from my 950 and a mild learning curve of a different OS, I'm VERY pleased with this affordable device, esp. the extra Moto features.
  • Got the same device. It really is a hell of a phone!
  • Got the Mi Max 2 a week ago. Running Win 10 launcher on it. Together with live tiles, it's pretty close to Win 10. Do miss the glans screen with notification support though. Plus a few other minor things. Despite MS rebooting their OS several times, it still feels like Android is lagging behind Win10M. It's a shame MS didn't have the resolve to stand behind their product.
  • I'm writing this from the Moto G5 Plus I bought about 4 months ago. It's a nice device, however it seems I've had bad luck with mine, as I occasionally get random slowdowns, seemingly without rhyme or reason. About 10% of the time it'll be annoyingly slow, and 2% of the time it'll get so slow the only option is to perform a soft reset to get it working again. I hard reset it a couple months ago after it got completely intolerable, but after just a few weeks, the problem returned. The worst part is that it seems to be an issue with the firmware itself, not any of the apps, as the issue will occur even in Safe Mode. But hey, hopefully you'll have better luck with yours. Cheers.
  • There is lagdroid for you. 
  • I would rather have a fully functioning "lagdroid" phone than an unreliable Windows Mobile phone. (Sorry but, that is the facts, especially for owners of the 950, like me.)
  • Well, to be fair, I wouldn't exactly describe my phone as "reliable" when I sometimes can't answer calls because of the phone app becoming unresponsive, or when I've missed beautiful shots because the camera app decided not to open for hours at a time (despite resetting the device), or when I've recorded video for several minutes, only for the app to crash and corrupt the file (luckily I found an app that usually manages recover most of the video). Keep in mind that these are issues I started having only weeks after unboxing the device, which was manufactured by a reputable company (Motorola), has a fairly powerful Snapdragon 625 chipset, and runs a near-stock copy of Android 7.0.
    Of course, this is just my experience, but just like you and some other users have had issues with their Lumias, Android users can have problems too.
  • The fact is though, one cannot be really compared to the other. Windows Mobile hardware direct from Microsoft is unreliable at the best of times. The basic functions like bluetooth failing after just a few months of use on 2 different 950's plus the fact that live tiles no longer function as they once may have is very telling. 
  • I'm on 1607 with my 930 and It's awesome. Not planning to switch to Android or IOS yet. I would rather downgrade to 8.1 than switch.   Btw. I'm not able to comment from within Windows Central app. Anyone else?
  • Log out of the app and log back that's what ultimately fixed it for me. Also u can do the normal troubleshooting such as uninstall/reinstall etc.
  • The comment system on the Windows Central app is totally %^*$ed. Can't reply, comment, copy text, get an organized list of replies, basically anything of value.
  • Works great on the Android app........ LoL....... Just one more reason my Lumia 950 is chilling inside a drawer, turned off, and I'm typing this on a Galaxy S8. Sad..... Im debating to sell my MS stock (which I bought at 32$ a share - less sure about that though, as Azure and Office dominate their profits, it's becoming more and more likely that windows won't even be needed to make $)
  • Can you substitute Bixby for Cortana as the default assistant?
  • Yes, but you cannot remap the Bixby button. You can activate Cortina by long pressing the capacitive home on the screen. That being said, I support MS and all, I really like W10, I loved W10M, and was sad to give it up, but let's be honest...... Google assistant is better, Alexa is also better.
  • Thanks.. I guess you're right.. I've been going back and forth in my mind between iOS and Android. The inherent security or lack there of android scares me though.. Android is more customizable for sure.
  • Update your app.
  • Hack your L930 with Interop Tools 1.9 to get 1709. It's incredibly easy and safe to do.
  • Sign out and sign back in from the app. Should work. :)
  • My lovely 930 no longer works....but thank you for sharing....
  • Can't say I'm excited for this update, but even under the hoods improvements and bug fixes are welcome in my book. My 950XL is ready.
  • Microsoft apps on Android is great.  I was scared when I switched two months ago, but the experience is much better on Android.  All google stuff is turned off and I have a MS lock screen, launcher, Edge, Outlook, and Cortana.  Everything works perfectly with my Win10 PCs and I don't even have a Gmail address - just a Google account so I can download apps.
  • but it's not perfect really is it? You have to sync your Outlook app contacts with your local address book to get them to work with the phone. Not all Outlook fields come across e.g contact photo. The arrow launcher is - well - just a bit boring? Edge doesn't support password sync yet (I'm sure it will). Lots of little niggling issues that make running Microsoft on Android a pain and worse of all - you Microsoft app running in an environment that is horribly out of date when it comes to security patches. Not a great advert.
  • Those are pretty minor issues on balance, much less so than exist on Windows 10 Mobile really.
  • You're right - it's not perfect, but it's still much, much better than I expected it to be on a competing ecosystem.  The contacts was probably the biggest problem I had.  I had to add my MSFT account, only sync contacts, disable all Google sync, install the Outlook app to actually have my Outlook contacts, calendar, and email work without duplication.
  • I had to manually add the Outlook contacts to the phone contacts app, sync was not working at all. Other issues are with the storage settings and would still buy a cheap used 950XL to play Asphalt 8, save data was not available on the android version
  • Quick question romant56. Do you have your android phone connected to a car's Bluetooth? The reason i ask is. Is Cortana still 'called up' with a phone number saved to your contacts? Does installing Cortana to an android phone automatically add a phone number to call her to your contacts like is done on windows phones?
  • I've never used any phone with bluetooth in my car (it's older so the bluetooth is pretty basic and not worth the hassle).  Sorry.  I didn't know you could call up Cortana on Win phones though - that sounds awesome and I hope Android can also do it.
  • I'm sorry I cannot comment on Cortana as a contact, directly. However, I can say that using BT with my Nokia 6 has been a very positive experience. I have an after market Alpine head unit which hasn't worked properly with Cortana since I updated to the WP 8.1 beta back in 2013/2014. The voice navigation hasn't worked except to mute any currently playing audio, without providing the voice directions. Long pressing the phone button on the radio to bring up voice control would activate Cortana but She would rarely ever hear me. It had been so frustrating! One week in and voice nav works as expected (Google Maps...sigh!) and pressing the voice control activates Cortana and works as expected. Cortana, as a whole, works better on W10 Mobile so far but BT in the car is far superior with this Android handset.
    Still wish it didn't have to be this way...
  • Cortana on android does not speak.  Not in any useful way.  Cortana's best feature on W10 mobile was voice texting in the car that was truly useful.  Maybe someday they will fix that.  Have they fixed all the problems with android outlook yet.  I seem to remember not being able to edit or add contacts from the phone, device integration problems, difficulties with my calander, etc.  The last time I used Outlook on android was a year ago before switching back to W10 mobile.  Is it any better?
  • Build number?
  • 15245.1 I think.
  • Is this the same build that is available on the fast ring or is it different? Any know the build number?
  • Same
  • Pity that, I was hoping for an update from 15245.1.  It keeps losing my LTE and I have had to reset the phone twice  :(
  • Ahhh, the swansong. Best of luck.
  • My hp elite x3 ready.
    The sad eventually need to switch later to ios. Coz some my banks apps stop supports compare to others OS....also uber app....just bad compare to others.
    The only why i not switch its coz design of tile, UI, etc.....its just perfect(((
  • Yes but, at least you have a reliable phone in that X3.
  • My 950XL got it via Slow Ring. I've now opted out of Insiders builds, hard reset my phone and restored from backup. Works fine. All the usual apps seem to work as per Creators Update e.g. myTube, WhatsApp, Waze, Uber, Kindle, Spotify etc etc (I don't use social apps so can't comment). The Outlook Mail client appears to support all fields from my Outlook. Office 365, iCloud and Gmail accounts (mail, calendar and contacts) - nice to have them all in one app. My screen is still OLED, my battery is still removable, my SD card is still there, my headphone jack works, my QI wireless charging works, my 21MP Zeiss camera is still working and my Iris Scanner seems to be faster? I did buy a Huawei Android phone but after a week or so, the only thing I found better than the 950XL was Android Pay so I've decided to put it in the drawer for now and enjoy my 950XL for as long as I can without being fed ads (Waze on Android - I'm pointing to you here!) I'm also patched tot he Krack WPA2 exploit. Which other device can say this yet? P.S. If you use a Mac and want to connect your 950XL to it to move files around, there is a nice Mac product called Commander One - that allows the Mac to recognise MTP phones (includes Android too). Makes moving files back and forther quick and easy.
  • Same here, got an LG G6 last summer as free upgrade from my carrier and after two weeks put the LG in a drawer and my SIM card back in my 950xl. I just can't like a phone UI which doesn't have Live Tiles.  
  • I can, when the live tiles do not function as they once did, anymore. I would switch back and forth too and from my 950 but now, I am permanently off my 950. (Bluetooth hardware no longer functions correctly, just like with the first phone I had before they replaced it with this one.) I now have a Sony Xperia XA1 and the bluetooth works without issue and I have everything more or less setup they way I want.
  • Is there a registry hack to trick the update on 640 and 640 XL?
  • If you were in on the beta, you would have it.
  • You don't need a registry hack. Just enroll to Release Preview for Insider Preview.
  • what's the use when the updated doesn't even enable us to use the built in VOLTE and VOWIFI on our Lumia 950 and 950Xl for those not in USA??  Even after a number of suggestions to the windows central team they doesn't even care to write up a article so the feedback which are placed to enable those will get support from other insiders... No the staff of windows central fail to speak up for issues which are important and waste resources like MS on less important issues.. Shame on you all. @Zac @Daniel please write up a article to address this issue.. It will help others to upvote for it, if possible you people can even have a word with MS as this its much required. 
  • I really doubt they're going to enable a new feature that would need substantial testing on a 2 year old phone with a discontinued OS.
  • So they are quitting Mobile development or not?
  • It's done.
  • Win10M is supported until 2019 end. After that any new mobile device from Microsoft will run the real Win10. Now what they come up with instead is not good to know. I strongly believe they wish to redefine the word smart phone to something more like a handhold pc etc. Let us see. They can hardly ignore the mobile market for long.
  • 95 MB update.
  • It was 81 MB for my L830 from 1703.
  • Nice!  I have a question.  What is the best version of the OS to be on right now?  For instance, what's the difference between the current non-Windows Insider version and the Windows Insider Release Preview 1709?
  • 8.1 was smooth as butter. But you're probably talking about Windows 10 Mobile.  
  • Given 1709 is now Production, the best version to be on now is 1709. Which is available on stable, Release Preview and Slow Ring now. Update as soon as possible. It's the best W10M will ever be. There is also no difference between rings.
  • MS needs to shut down Insider mobile anyway since all 3 versions are the same. They have ignored all feature requests anyway for the last year or two. All I wanted was app update notifications and that number on the Store like 8.1 had. Unbelievably lazy of them to not add this simple feature back in the OS..
  • The Fall Creators Update for Mobile should be a cumulative update for all Windows 10 Mobile phones not few of them. They are simply lazy.
  • You can always just use Interop Unlock. 1709 runs on my L820 fine.
  • Have to say I am (also) totally bummed that Microsoft has chosen to abandon the concept of the unified OS environment not to mention a beautiful class of hardware and the comfort of the secure platform. I sense that Microsoft has abandoned its decades-long faithful user base and beginning to question whether that means it will abandon Windows altogether now. Looking forward to receiving the update on my 950 XL I was so enthused with but wondering if I should even bother.
  • This is usually the golden age of Microsoft products (just as they are cancelled - Zune anyone?). They are a fair way down the development path, so work pretty well. No new features so you can just use them as they should be used until they break and no issues about waiting for the next 'new' thing to come out. Enjoy the last year or so, save your cash and save up to buy the latest and greatest (iphone or Android) a couple of years down the line.
  • 950 XL was many things, beautiful hardware it was not.
  • It is a beautiful as a phone can be. Slim and sexy.
  • Yeah, that cheap plastic that creaked was amazing.
  • that plastic makes it light and soft to hold. I am buying a phone not a ring or a necklace for my girl. Lol!
  • Why have a phone that looks "sexy" just to wrap it in a case that covers it up? I hated the unreliable nature of the 950 but, the physical build of the case was not the thing I hated, I did not even need an extra case for it since it was less likely to be dropped.
  • who are the " open market" ?
  • Think it means non-carrier phones.
  • I would be happy if someone comes with the solution to install Android on Lumia 950 XL. Then I'll be happy Lumia user with no Microsoft apps installed on device.
  • I'd just want to have an Android layer and access to Google Play store but keep W10M OS.
  • The build number is 10.0.15254.1 I believe and it should be on all rings now. For those with the Lumia 640's you should have it if you are on the Fast Ring. I have it on my Lumia 640 test device and my daily driver 950. No issues here.
  • If you are a Windows insider for mobile, is the fall creators update an newer version than what I'm running? or do i already have that build as an insider on fast ring? I have 1709, build 10.0.15254.1. What build is the fall creator update for mobile?
  • This is - 1709 10.0.15254.1 is Fall Creators Update!
  • Still no update here... Lumia 950 XL
  • Only 43 comments till now... That's sad. I guess everyone left the building.
    Anyway, I bought Huawei P10 lite. Will give one more shot with Android. But I'll keep my 950 in drawer. ☺
    I'm sad because MS failed but, that's life.
  • Picked up a P10 as well but came with a few major issues. Won’t accept my main hotmail account (A known Huawei issue), Location has me 180 miles out when I’m indoors(?) and the scrolling in web pages is absolute pants. Already sent it back to Huawei, now waiting for an exchange from EE.
  • I can't say that I saw any of those issues. Phone works nice and the battery backup is great comparing to my 950.
    I don't like Android, but it's the only way for me. 😊
  • So, my 950 just got the update. SIM free, Croatia. 😊
  • Hacked 1709 on my L830 and a L930. Running better than 1703.
  • How did you do that? Insider or registry?
  • Interlop Tools 1.9 Beta. Check up on XDA
  • Link with specifics and instructions appreciated. Did you use the tool available in the store? L830 here.
  • They could've fixed the Edge freezing and unresponsive issues before withdrawing support for it on L640s. What a mess you have been Microsoft!
  • Start downloading the update official.Lumia 950 xl Greece.
  • Just received it now on my 950XL. (U.S. - New York) "2017-10 Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for arm-based Phone Devices" Yay?
  • Its here on my 950XL
  • Does lumia 930 is supported?
  • Also downloading UK CV 950XL.
  • FInally fixing some serious bugs. Just started the update on my 950.
  • Got the 1709-15254.1 update via over-the-cable updater for my L950 on production build in Calif...
  • Downloading on 950 XL in LA, California now. WP central app on phone sucks. Can't even add comment. Looks like even these developers abandonned the platform.
  • Logged out of the app and now can't even login. App crashes when we click login.
  • Sad 😢
  • Still downloaded anyhow
  • Fall creators update or feature_2?
  • Feature-2 is the creators update for Windows 10 Mobile 📱,
  • I have had the 640 on the Fast ring since I got it. It was $29 at the time my parents picked it up for me. It has done its job testing Windows 10 Mobile builds before they go onto my 950. Now it can be retired on the Fall Creators Update and I can use it as a nice Podcast & MP3 player when I do not wish to use my 950.
  • If 640 had 32 GB of ROM, I would not buy the 950...
  • For $29 the 640 was a steal even now. Great little media player for the money.
  • Oh oh! I am downloading the 1709 for arm based phone devices now on my Lumia 950 XL! Damn I am all exited!
  • Just installing 1709 on my L950 in Slovakia. I am not planning to switch my phone anytime soon, I am really satisfied with it right now. Great camera and display, I am not missing any apps that I need, so I will use my phone till its screen flashes for the last time :) 
  • Downloading now for unlocked 950XL on Movistar Argentina!!! :)
  • Don't you wish Ballmer and Elop came back? I can foresee a steve jobs like event in the future. MS will be irrelevant without mobile.
  • Just got it!
  • Same!
  • Just installed the update on my 950xl. Still on the fence about jumping ship ( I'm eyeing a few androids) I still don't know how hard it'll be to leave behind the clean look of this mobile OS. Also notifications and replying to texts from them are best here in this dead OS. Such a shame!!!
  • L950XL Finland.. I got "2017-10 'update for Windows 10 1709..." ? Is this FallUpdate?
  • Yes, version 1709
    OS build 15254.1
  • Got it already. Working fine on my L950XL.
  • I just got it on my Lumia 950 (Argentina)
  • Why is MFST bothering??? They have said publically that they don't have a mobile strategy and they are losing corporate customers (GE, Delta, NYPD, etc) because of it. What fools.
  • Look at the changes. They didn't put much effort in.
  • Joe Belfiore said that W10M is in maintenance mode. This is a maintenance release. What's confusing you about that?
  • Still waiting for the update.
  • Awesome thanks!  Was able to start the download on my Lumia Icon.
  • I really wish they would have gotten rid of the "have a question?" and "make Windows better" crap at the bottom of every settings menu. Really MS?
  • Ya i know since the platform is dead.
  • Love it.
  • How can I hack my Lumia 1020 to get this build without taking it back t ok WP 8.1. I have it on Windows 10 Mobile 1511 via the insider program.
  • Canada got the update yesterday. I did and I am running a 950XL direct from Microsoft
  • I got the 1709 last night on my 950XL. Haven't noticed any improvements yet, but them I wasn't having any problems either. Question... What is the likelihood that Microsoft would consider developing a version of Android that runs Windows apps and Android apps, looks just like Windows 10, and can be installed on any modern Android phone? Or What is the likelihood that Microsoft would develop a version of Windows 10 on ARM that could replace Android on any modern smartphone?
  • Very far fetched. Practically none.
  • I feel so bad for Microsoft stop developing Mobile OS. I think they did wrong decision to stop developing the os. In future they are no more in the techworld without mobile OS. They're gone. Worst company I ever seen.
  • Heck yeah! Oops, I forgot I jumped ship already. I "dropped support for windows phone". Or did I?
  • This update is entirely useless since my Lumia 950 bluetooth stack no longer works correctly. I have now fully moved on and am on a Sony Xperia XA1 and very much enjoy it. (I prefer the smaller phones since they are more comfortable to use.) I am a Microsoft fan but they literally failed with their Mobile phone and band platforms, sorry but, I will not be back.
  • My Lumia 950 aged 5 years with this update. The OS feels very very heavy. Games are very slow, in fact everything is slow.
  • 5 years
  • Windows Phone is dead. What a stupid move. Why can't they do give-and-take move like Lower the cost of MS office for Lumia only so you can connect the Lumia to monitor. Software is cost and effect way to boost you hardware sale but why not? There is also many what you have. OneDrive, skype, etc. Lower those cost if you own Lumia. You own the hardware, why can't you offer the software cheaper that attract people to buy. Also, Enhance more with the monitor connection so you phone can be more like a pc. I remember iPhone ads 10 years ago internationally is all with skype that interest people. Then, you can attract people not with comparative ads but attractive ads! Think real businessman way.
  • Used Interop Tool yesterday to install FCU on my L830. Phone is running perfect and a long existing problem using  WIDI Connect that I had been unable to solve sorted itself out. I'm now able to project phone screen to HP X360 Elitebook with built in WIDI and a TV with the use of a WIDI (miracast) dongle. Battery life and use not adversely affected and possibly better now. Need some more time to confirm. At least my L830 is now running the final version of Win10 Mobile. RIP :( Here are the steps I used. Put phone in developer mode Go to Store and install Interop Tools (Preview) app Go here and install tool extensions. Hint: QR Codes worked well. Soft reset phone Open Interop Tools app and follow instructions to edit registry with device ID's reset to L950. See here. Save changes by clicking on check mark at bottom of screen. Restart phone, turn off Developer Mode, Now check for updates and you should see FCU available for download. Of course YMMV but this worked VERY well for me. Be sure to have enough available free storage on the phone.
  • Best update so far. My 950xl is faster and smoother than it's ever been. If I didn't switch to Verizon id still be using this phone. Still my primary phone I use when home not texting or calling. Just like using it.
  • Now that the Fall Update is now available, and Windows Mobile 10 is in maintenance mode is it even worth being in the Insiders Preview any longer? (950XL)  
  • Stil haven't got it is the update coming to South Africa?
  • I did my reset and update to 1709.15254.1 last week. It runs somewhat smoother. However I still am having some issue with it freezing every now and then, and have to reboot it every other day.GPS is somewhat un-usable now, It freezes while driving, and doing directrions, and I twice have had to restart it while using gps because I couldnot un-freeze it. Other than that, it would would work as expected...
  • Usually I mostly read the articles and comments here. But this Windows phone decisions “forces” me to comment the situation…well more of a rant than a comment so be prepared and please accept my pre-apology. So it’s nice, now we have a new release with close to 0 new features. So why drop support for the older phones? The OS just come to a dead stop some time ago, not supporting older phones is not based on any "rational thought process" ( feedback from the community). At least now we are sure that the inquire "Would you recommend this build?" does not influence the deployment of builds on the phones, like we’re led to believe in the Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile migration. The move from Microsoft, to killing the Windows Phone after “we tried so hard to have an ecosystem on the Windows Phone“ it’s just a representation of the management lack of vision and commitment and in fact a clear sign that Microsoft did not intend to win phone market. So let me break it down:
    - First, I would day, that a great amount of resources, mostly man-power (guessing here) was invested/spent in bringing the platforms together. When management was inquired some time ago, they’re answer was something like: “we will not stop developing phone OS because latter if you want go back is hard”. Ooppps all this effort (misdirected see below) and investment for nothing. - With ideal of integrating the platforms set in stone (probably by the timeline of Windows 8 development - guessing again), Microsoft burned several bridges to accomplish this. Burned customers reducing the trust on Microsoft has a company and burned the platform to get there in end for “nothing”.
    - Looking back, and analyzing the decision to leave Windows Phone 7 users behind is a clear statement of Microsoft’s take on the Phone platform. The Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 break was not a decision on behalf of growing the Phone, but instead it was done with the mind set to keep Windows being relevant. I believe that this shows F5 that was done, just reloaded the same page, little prettier but with some missing links. Microsoft is showing that it cannot compete within markets where it has to step outside it’s comfort zone or go against its internal products. It’s a company that it reinvents itself around the it’s core, being Office, Windows or Cloud ( yes, in my opinion cloud is old business within Microsoft, great expanded now, totally changed but we can trace it back to MSN era ) Looking at HoloLens, without a doubt a truly innovating hardware, but still was made to run/showcase Windows and partners will fill in the gaps. Surface, on the other hand also innovating pieces of hardware built to showcase Windows and partners will complement the offerings. Xbox is the last and only (?) business that was successful venture into customer business were Microsoft had to against it’s primary business model for the first and only time. (by the way I’m pretty sure that Panos Panay is an Apple engineer that just took a wrong turn and ended up at Microsoft by accident 😊 ) As final though, to all that say that justify killing Windows Phone 7 as required from a technical stand point, I hardly believe this is true. Several features that were said to missing were already on Windows CE branches of Windows Mobile and Pocket PC. With all the man power bringing the desktop OS and the mobile together, I would say that letting the Windows Phone 7 iteration go further, to evaluate it could get traction on the market. And only and only If it got market share, then think of building a breaking change with the moving to the NT kernel. I’m pretty sure that Apple would like to only have an OS instead of iOS and macOS, I also guess that unifying the platforms has cross their mind in the IPhone 3 era …. PS: As total disclosure, I do like the Windows Phone/Mobile OS, can justify or suggest to any else to buy one, but just bought an HP Elite X3 at a great discount price …. So I’m going to ride this wave until it fades on the sand of beach…
  • Hi, Me being WinMob user since 2004 with iMate PocketPC recently switched to Mi4 Android. My existing BluWin HD LTE stopped updating...   Ok. Suggest you to do some research on who owns most patents and royalty on ARM or RISC processor manufacturers. Given that case why would Microsoft invest so much on that hardware platform? Do you know when Silverlight worked fine across browsers Safari just killed it thus making it an irrelevant cross platform. Search for Jim Morrison who dreamed of making Win8.1 working on phone who even started working with Intel and Microsoft together. He created something called smartphone sometime back with then HTC using windows CE. Did you know Intel, Gigabyte, etc have prereleased x64 credit card sized microcontroller? Which is a direct challenger for raspberry? And this is i9 32 core device. Now stitch all the news and add UWP and continuum with the new OS called Andromeda. So you'll get a timeline some where around Mar 2018.  That'll be a full powerful pc with too many features like holography, 3d, surface, MR, etc with many sophisticated AI features in the form factor at about 5-6 inches which comes with AR glasses. Until then let's have some fun with other OSs. Enjoy. RV
  • Yes I did know that Silverlight worked fine across browsers, I did a full enterprise Web site on it that's it's still running today. As we know being a cross platform is irrelevant in the world of phones (see Android and or IOS platforms)
      ARM consortium owns the patents on ARM to which Qualcomm and others pay royalties to when they build ARM chips. The other main stream (computer wise) RISC architecture I’m still aware is PowerPC and IBM owns that one. Which leaves us with Intel that owns most of the patents (no all ) on x86. Your point being? When I stich it together, I see that the next Surface-hope-to-be-Phone it will not be Intel because ARM processors are so much better in terms of power efficiency. It will run on ARM, with the x86-ARM emulation layer ( also nothing new since Windows 2000/NT on Alpha had an x86-Alpha real time emulation layer ). It will fit on your pocket, be able to run Win32 apps ( let's see how this will scale visually but more importantly how it will scale in power consumption because Win32 don’t have app-suspend concept like UWP ) will have some inking features and will scale through continuum to a big screen….and it will be foldable. So if look real closely, and just remember that we saw a demo of an HP Elite X3 ( prototype ) running x86 code some time ago, I’m failing to see the big break through here.   So even if the next Surface-hope-to-be-Phone from Microsoft provides a full App-Migration experience through all of your devices (where you can just pick up any app on any device where it was left off - check Drawbridge ) this will be nice but will it be a game changer? Don’t know.   Microsoft with all its failings and U-Turns within the Phone business consumer space may have burn bridges within the enterprise market without even knowing (doubt it they don't know) that they are so keen to point their Surface-hope-to-be-Phone. Today, most new app development within the enterprise are web sites with some with phone / tablet support apps. And from the Enterprise's view, has someone said to me once: “I don’t need Windows for this new stuff I need Windows for all of the legacy Win32 stuff…”. So apparently the Surface-hope-to-be-Phone will run all the legacy Apps that in most cases are supporting the business, but I will need a different device to run the new mobile Apps that bring new value to the buisness. Until March 2018 or whatever.... I will give up my Windows Phone when you pry it from my cold, dead hands :-) PS: I know that SPARC is still out there, but since has been ages ever since I saw new SPARC server, honestly I still only see them when we are decommissioning them or when making sure their running because the core-business is running on top of them.
  • Yay, finally got the update now all my devices are running the fall creators update.
  • When will fall creator be available for lumia 535 ?
  • Nope.....535 is unsupported for fcu but my 535 running on fcu
  • 535 running on fcu
  • Is there Fall creators update .iso file to win10Mobile somewhere available ?. somehow my 1520 is stuck at version 15063.608, altho it's in InsiderPreview. my 950xl has 15254.1 and works fine.
  • My WP should have 512 MB of RAM 10 GB of storage 6 inch FHD display and would cost $ 30. It would be a success because it would be cheap.