Microsoft developer shows how to turn an iOS app into a Windows 10 app

Microsoft announced plans to help iOS developers convert their apps to Windows 10 versions some time ago. Now a Microsoft developer has posted up how those developers can get started on those project using a number of tools, including the Project Islandwood applications that were released as open source software earlier this year.

The developer, John Kenn, states:

"The tools to do this are all free, by the way. All you need is a Windows PC (or virtual PC running on Parallels, Fusion, Bootcamp etc.). In fact, the Islandwood team have promised that they'll have Virtual Machine images available to download to simplify this process even more."

Most of the blog post is very technical in nature, but it shows that Microsoft is still very serious about making it easier for iOS developers to bring their creations over to Windows 10.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham