Microsoft To-Do can now manage flagged emails from personal accounts

The Microsoft To-Do app on Windows and iOS can now sync and manage your flagged emails from personal Microsoft accounts. The feature, which initially rolled out in March, was initially available only for work and school accounts.

With the latest update on both Windows and iOS, you'll now be able to turn on a new "Flagged Email" smart list. Whenever you flag an email from your personal Microsoft account tied to To-Do, you'll then see it appear inside this smart list. Each entry in To-Do will be labeled by the email's subject line, and the task will contain the body text and a shortcut to open the email.

In addition to flagged email management, the To-Do app for iOS has also added support for Microsoft Planner integration through work and school accounts. Here's a rundown of the iOS release notes:

  • Introducing the Microsoft Planner integration—tasks assigned to you in Planner (available for work and school accounts) will now show up in the Assigned to Me list in To-Do. You can enable it in To-Do today.
  • You can now flag emails in personal inboxes hosted by Microsoft and they'll turn up in your Flagged Email list in To-Do when logged into that same account. You can also enable this in To-Do.
  • We no longer duplicate a file if you move a task.
  • We've stopped crashes when you tried to access a shared list.
  • We've fixed an accessibility issue where the voiceover focus was being reset.

If you want to give the flagged emails smart list a try, you can grab the latest versions of To-Do for iOS and Windows now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Still no email to task like Wunderlist....
  • any plan to bring planner to personal accounts?
  • That would be great. A definite value add to the home/personal Office 365 subscription.
  • Alas, no support for those of us who run on-premise Exchange... Another feature like Timeline, Settings Sync, and more that are just completely incompatible with Windows in a domain environment unless you're paying the Microsoft monthly fee. As a loyal customer, it's frustrating. Definitely feels like MS is trying to phase out on-premise AD environments to get everyone onto their subscription plans.
  • I still don't see the "flagged emails" section in To-Do on Windows 10 nor on iPhone. I have two email accounts in Mail: a Gmail one (my primary email account) and a Yahoo! one (which I almost never use), I have flagged emails in Mail, and a long time ago I gave Cortana access to my Gmail account. Before I checked to see if I had a "flagged emails" section, I opened the Microsoft Store and checked for updates, and To-Do updated. When I looked at my iPhone this morning, I saw that To-Do had updated, but I did not, and still do not, see a "flagged emails" section in it.
  • The article states that this is only available to personal Microsoft email accounts (e.g., hotmail, or Gmail and Yahoo would not have this feature yet. Hopefully they will eventually enable it though.