Microsoft Edge Dev channel update makes your icons look normal again

Edge (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A fresh update is now available for Microsoft Edge Dev channel testers.
  • This is a small update, but it brings a fix for certain Edge icons appearing too big.
  • You can grab this update now as version 85.0.564.8.

It's time again for another weekly update to the Microsoft Edge Dev channel. This week, there aren't any major new changes. Instead, Microsoft pushed out a relatively small update that brings some notable fixes.

Perhaps the biggest fix in this update comes for icons that appeared too big in Edge. The update brings the icons back down to size. Here's a look at the release notes posted by the Microsoft Edge team:

Today's small update should provide a fix for the issue where some icons are too big. Additionally, we improved the relevance of Family Safety reporting data, and we fixed an issue where certain management policies like HomepageLocation or NewTabPageLocation stopped working and returned a message that they were blocked.

In relation to previous updates, this is much smaller than average. However, we'll likely see Microsoft return with a longer list of fixes and improvements with next week's build. In the meantime, Microsoft Edge Dev channel Insiders can download the latest build now via the update section of their settings menu.

If you have yet to try one of the Edge development branches, you can download the Beta, Dev, and canary channels from the official Edge Insider site. The stable channel is available directly from the official Edge site.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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