Microsoft Edge has saved online shoppers over $800 million

Microsoft Edge Update Dev New
Microsoft Edge Update Dev New (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge's coupon and price comparison features have saved people more than $800 million since they launched.
  • Edge can automatically apply coupons to help people save money when shopping online.
  • Some of Microsoft Edge's shopping features have received criticism for being integrated into the browser.

Microsoft Edge includes a variety of features to save you money while shopping online and to simplify the shopping experience. The browser can automatically apply coupons, display customer ratings for products, and autofill information for express checkout. These features appear to have proven popular, as Microsoft shared that people have saved over $800 million by using the Edge browser.

That figure comes from an earnings call by the company to discuss FY22 Q2. Microsoft explained that people have saved more than $800 million using Edge's coupon and price comparison features since those tools launched last year.

Microsoft's total advertising revenue, which also includes LinkedIn, surpassed $10 billion over the last 12 months (excluding taxes).

While Edge's shopping features have saved people money, they have also drawn criticism. Microsoft announcing buy now, pay later support for Edge last year sparked a discussion around the web about what should be built into a browser. In response to our poll about shopping features in Edge, over 55% of participants said that shopping features should not be built into the browser. Almost a third of voters said that they would be okay with shopping features in Edge if those features were optional.

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  • As determined by Microsoft? Is this like how the Software Business Alliance determined that "piracy" cost them billions and billions of dollars every year (lost revenue)?
  • I've almost used this feature. Not because I wouldn't use it, mainly because I didn't buy the items. Still, glad to hear it's not a completely useless feature and people are saving money.
  • Bull, total bull
  • Well, the alternative theory is they lied to investors then since this was part of the FY22 Q2 earnings call. Bold claim on your part.
  • There is not enough people using Edge for a start to save that amount of money, never mind those who will use these silly add ons. is it not time we back to when a browser was a browser and not try to be everything?
  • How many people are using Edge, and how many users are needed for this amount of money to be true?
  • Don't ask him about numbers. Numbers are a Lizard People conspiracy.
  • No idea, but not as may as Microsoft makes out to be, numbers can always be manipulated.
    Saying that the way people are behaving like sheep these days , it would not surprise me if they just follow what they are told,. People don't seem top have a mind of their own these days, they are starting to act like robots. I will obey.
  • If that were the case, nothing stopped Microsoft from claiming it saved 5 billion dollars.
  • Also: JFK is alive and will be Trump's 2024 running mate.
  • I am one of those that have saved a lot of money with this feature. Now, when I shop, I pray MSFT find coupons, discount or best price site for me.... addicted.
  • so you allow Microsoft to spy on you even more than they already do just to save a bit of small change?
  • When I'm starting to take Windows Central seriously . . . I find "articles" like this, that read like an advertisement.
  • I've attempted using this feature a few times and every single time the coupon offered is invalid. Great feature.