Microsoft Edge to support Google's open-source WebM video format

Microsoft has mentioned that it is working to add support for Google's WebM video file format — an open-source royalty-free alternative to the H.264 format — in its Edge browser. With Google ditching Flash Player for HTML5 earlier this year, native support for the WebM format will ensure better compatibility with video streaming sites such as YouTube.

The WebM container originally consisted of the VP8 video codec, with audio encoded through Vorbis. Google has since launched the VP9 format, which reduces bit rate by half as much while retaining the same quality. YouTube is using the newer VP9 format to encode 4K content. The integration of WebM means that VP9 will also be included in Edge by default.

The addition of WebM, followed by the integration of Dolby Audio earlier this year, is an indication as to how Microsoft is continually building on the feature-set of its latest browser.

Source: Microsoft UserVoice; Via: Neowin

  • Finally, i can browse 4chan :)
  • I wouldn't admit that ;)
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  • Shitposting intensifies. :^)
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  • Too bad the WebM on there still don't support audio. Fullchan on the other hand.. :^)
  • On /gif/ they do.
  • Cool cool cool.
  • When is came adblock to Edge?
  • When is a better popup blocker? You can adblock through host files with "mvphost".
  • That still leaves nasty clouds everywhere though.
  • What do you mean by that Chris? (I am thinking of using mvphost to block ads in Edge)
  • Probably that method doesn't get rid of the container the ad would normally be in. On pages with Ads you would have empty boxes and/or spaces where the ads would be.
  • This. I honestly don't mind, to be honest. My pages still load much faster (Since it's not trying to load any ads), and empty white boxes are much more easily filtered out of the brain than endless colorful, flashy annoying video boxes. Would prefer the white boxes gone altogether? You bet. But this holds me over for now, until Edge gets extension support and/or reenables TrackingProtection.
  • Say-what-now?  In English please.
  • hostman, mvphost etc.  IMO better than adblock, faster to, and it doesnt double css overlay and still load ads in the background that can be bad for backdoor crap.
  • Very good news, especially when considering to W10 mobile :)
  • I'm glad to see those guys at Pied Piper got their compression algorithm picked up by Hooli (Google). :)
    I'm indifferent about seeing Microsoft work with Hooli but if their format is the best thing they've been discovered/presented than that's good for all MS users.
  • So they Pied Piper sold their soul after all huh? :-) Nice reference BTW.
  • Ha ! I Wanted to comment the exact same thing. ;-)
  • When ever I login Facebook using edge browser it say you login on Android browser on windows phones Is edge a chrome browser?
  • No but the user account tries to pretend it is a Chrome type browser. That is done to make sure Edge doesn't get IE tailored version but the one tailored for more modern browsers
  • They also tried this in IE 10 for Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. I still to this day don't like the result. The fact it lies honestly tends to make my browsing experience worse, not better.
  • While every browser could tell the truth if it wanted, the serving site code would have to be updated on every site that caters to android users so as to include edge/ie10/your browser name in its check for the same result.
  • No , Facebook doesn't recognize Edge as windows product.
  • TPL when?
  • H.265/HEVC FTW.
  • I support this
  • But but but licensing fees
  • Yes. For 10$/month video service the fee is a couple of cents. Is that too much to get the best quality?
  • hope they remove flas support
  • How come I can't work on my Wix website with Microsoft Edge?
  • This! Most Wix based web apps such as VCita work in edge, but not the editor itself!
  • I can't help but think of WebMD.
  • "Microsoft's commitment to adding modern web standards" WebM is not a web standard, there's a huge distinction there. It's a royalty-free (as far as anyone can tell so far) container sponsored by Google. One (main) reason it has become more widely adopted on the web is because of the complicated state of affairs with other video codecs when it comes to building open/free/cheap products. E.g. Firefox for a long time couldn't support mp4/aac because of licensing (and still isn't happy about it) and Google has no stake in MPEG-LA so they'd probably prefer a free alternative too. The IE people used to be adamant about not supporting WebM, and in fairness, they had their reasons. Pretty big about face here. Come to think of it, the whole new Aliiance for Open Media announcement makes this less surprising. I wouldn't be surprised if VP9/VPx was a starting point for their new open codec, thus the VPx support in Edge. BTW the title reads "shortly support" which could be interpreted as "briefly support" and that doesn't seem to be the case.
  • That's exactly what I thought. I was asking myself: Why would they support it for a short time?
  • Edited the title. Also amended the last sentence. Thanks!
  • IE 11 + EDGE is > any browser.
  • Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the NEW... MICROSOFT!!
  • Google will still take every chance it can get to screw Windows Phone over. WebM support in Edge changes nothing.
  • Does playing the perpetual victim card ever grow tiring?
  • Didn't you know #WindowUsersLifeMatter
  • Mebbe now we get native YouTube app?
  • Making edge support WebM specifically is a mistake not only because WebM is inferior to H264 but more fundamentally because a browser should support all formats on the system for which there is a codec. If MS wants to support a format it should do it should perinatal a codec.
  • Is edge supposed to replace IE altogether?
  • Yes, except for enterprise customers.
  • still nothing about .ogg files support
  • Who's down with OGG?
    You down with OGG?
    Sorry I couldn't resist. =)
  • Well, if anybody is still using Edge by the time they are finished with this. Edge feels as a half baked browser. I think MS blew it. They should have not forced Edge at the time when Windows 10 was released, they should have waited till it is in a better shape and set it as default instead of IE then. People are willing to try, but they want a finished solution that does what they expect from it. This was just a major disappointment that may put off people for good. There are better alternatives available, including IE. If Windows as a service means unfinished solutions being pushed to people I don't want it.
  • Re: Ivan05il,
    "If Windows as a service means unfinished solutions bring pushed to people then I don't want it."
    Very nicely said. I seems that is what it means.
  • Is even many sites that acts weird in edge I personally don't use edge because those issues also it feels like the whole browser were a beta even feels Windows like still in beta , should waited more time for release an polished os
  • Good for compatibility. Not good for battery performance since h264 is decoded in hardware with little power. Webm is software decoding which uses lots of power. Still, should see native Vorbis audio support with this which isn't a bad thing.
  • I could care less about anything Google, but I'm glad for everyone who does! This is what a company should do, "give it's users what they ask for"..... Go Microsoft!
  • Will support webm, will support addons, will be stable, oh gimme a break.
  • What has a Windows PC been to most of us, historically speaking? Its the one device which will let you do just about ANYTHING with minimal effort and abundant software application availability. I am glad to see Microsoft continuing the trend to include any and every feature that users will need in the coming years wiuthout letting their issues with Google get in the way. For a while, they stopped in their tracks, especially in the codec dept, to support their own proprietary formats. I'm happy to see that is no longer the approach they are taking.
  • Now if only Apple would support WebM.  They have to do their own thing just to make our lives miserable.
  • Idk about you but Apple isn't making my life miserable. Some of you people have weird personal feelings for these corporations including Microsoft...
  • I hope so, Youtube on Edge sucks! =(
  • Doesn't Edge use HTML5 instead?
  • I'm not sure... my ASUS with AMD GPU has this problem playing Youtube stream since Insider Preview, video gets all green, sometimes works, others not.