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Microsoft Edge will speed up page loading with support for WOFF 2.0 fonts

The current Windows 10 Insider preview build has added support for using WOFF 2.0 fonts in the Microsoft Edge web browser. Essentially, this will reduce loading times for websites by reducing the file size of fonts by 30%.

Microsoft stated:

Over 60% of web pages use custom fonts, which make up 5.3% of the size of the average web page today. Modern sites are loading ever more data in the form of fonts, as the demand for custom fonts grows, and as site payloads in general trend upwards. Because of this trend, loading font files faster when rendering a page makes a huge difference in perceived performance; WOFF 2 provides a substantial improvement here.

The support for WOFF 2.0 fonts will be added for all Microsoft Edge users as part of the big Windows 10 Anniversary Update that's due for release later this summer.

  • There are problems like page not load and only black screen appear... in MS Edge in the latest fast build. Anyone have the same problems?
  • nope, pages have loaded just fine in Edge for me.  I do run the latest build, but might be worth to mention I run no extentions at the momement. Is it on totally random pages this happens, or is it specific pages it always happens on?
  • Every pages. It is the problem and I couldn't use it since I updated to the last build.
  • If this makes usable in edge I'll be only happy..
  • ???  I view wincentral on Edge everyday?  I use it on an old CoreDuo?  It is the ads that kill many sites.  Especailly the autoplay ones.
  • Websites should ban those AutoPlay ads. They won't of course, but user experience should be considered. I'm on a Core2Duo myself.
  • The ads are what kill Windows Central.
  • I can't even read Windows Central at work anymore because of the ads, it causes my browser to crash every time. I would even pay for a subscription
  • Too many F's, not enough O's.  :)
  • :D
  • The problem with Edge is that it stops loading a page before it is completely visible. It gives an impression that the page has not loaded or is not available. Initially I used to reload the pages only to realize that they would have loaded moments later, had I not reloaded them. So, since then I have been waiting for some time. And still, not all pages would load. This makes me use Chrome for long duration browsing. Edge on mobile is no different in this matter and takes too much time to load pages, even those which don't have too many ads.
  • MS should change the font on Facebook and YouTube. They look so sharp when opened with Chrome.
  • 0.3 x 0.053 = 0.0159
    0.0159 x 100 = 1.59% faster loading time on average websites. Sent from an alien space ship with a Lumia 950
  • Seems faster...
  • And thats assuming the bottleneck is the bandwidth and the font isn't already in cache.
  • Srolling problem still exists
  • I love this browser! It's still young but coming up strong. One of the best thing Microsoft ever made.
  • Same here, I have less issues with Edge than with IE or Chrome. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Edge keeps reloading page. IE was fine.
  • All I know it's all other non-native browsers are faster than edge. It's my #1 pain for wm10.