Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is getting VR support — but first locked to one VR headset

Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer
Microsoft Flight Simulator Multiplayer (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Flight Simulator claims uncompromised authenticity, inspiring through its replica of planet Earth, to a previously-unseen degree. You'll be able to visit every kilometer of the globe — including your home — thanks to its cloud-powered fusion of satellite data and artificial intelligence. That enables unmatched realism, naturally leaving players clamoring for the bonus of virtual reality support.

Microsoft has now confirmed VR support for Microsoft Flight Simulator, enabling players to strap the virtual skies to their faces on PC. The details remain limited, with development still underway, but promises an extra immersive layer for those journeys. Microsoft provided a brief behind-closed-doors preview, showcasing pre-release footage pulled from a VR headset.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will enable VR later in 2020, through a free update for all. But that arrival comes in a somewhat experimental form, tied down to the HP Reverb G2 for the initial implementation. The Windows Mixed Reality headset saw its unveiling earlier this year, developed in collaboration with Microsoft and Valve, on track to release this fall. The title will open support to additional headsets, at a later date.

HP Reverb G2

Source: HP (Image credit: Source: HP)

Microsoft Flight Simulator will also support TrackIR, a third-party head-tracking device from NaturalPoint, from launch. The tool provides an immersive alternative to VR, reflecting your head movements on-screen through the in-game camera.

While Microsoft previously expressing interest in VR support for Flight Simulator, the announcement brings additional clarity around those release plans. The support comes as a part of a broader post-launch roadmap, exploring free feature updates and paid PLC.

The introduction of VR means yet another immersive trick for an already ambitious title. Microsoft has already impressed with its cutting-edge world and highly-detailed cockpits, likely shining when up-close in the headset. While the Reverb G2 exclusivity will restrict early VR users, future updates will welcome more setups with time.

Microsoft Flight Simulator targets an August 18 release (sans VR support) exclusively on PC via the integrated Windows 10 store and Steam. While Microsoft promises that its Xbox console version remains in development, we're yet to receive an estimated launch window.

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