Microsoft Flight Simulator targets 30 FPS on Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator will target 30 FPS on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, Microsoft has announced.
  • The game launches on July 27, 2021, exclusive to the latest Xbox consoles, alongside its existing PC release.

Microsoft Flight Simulator heads to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles on July 27, promising global aviation on an unmatched scale, all from the comfort of your living room. The console debut aims to translate the acclaimed PC experience, headed exclusively to Microsoft's latest machines, packing some of the best video game hardware.

But Microsoft Flight Simulator brings ambitious scale and density, among the most demanding PC games available today. It's no surprise the game is skipping Xbox One, with fast-aging hardware unlikely to deliver an adequate experience, even with serious optimization. But Microsoft has now provided an insight into Xbox Series X|S plans, including expected performance targets.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to achieve a 30 FPS "base framerate" with its console version, the franchise's official Twitter account has stated. However, the tweet also claims gameplay may exceed 30 FPS when hooked to variable refresh rate (VRR) displays. This technology adapts your TV or monitor refresh rate around the game, designed to eliminate screen tearing. It should, in theory, ensure a consistent experience when played on either console.

Microsoft's proposed target might fall short of many Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S games, some even pushing 120 FPS, but it's the expected performance for the title. Unlike many of those games, Microsoft Flight Simulator's pacing rarely demands the fluidity higher performance would bring.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has also gained a reputation for its high PC system requirements, with many of the best graphics cards available struggling to maintain a high framerate at 4K resolution. While we're yet to learn target resolutions on console, we'd hope Xbox Series X falls between 1440p and 4K resolution while Xbox Series S achieves close to 1080p.

We expect to learn more about the Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox experience over the weeks ahead, with Microsoft gearing up for a July 27, 2021 release date. The game is now available for preorder through the Microsoft Store, starting at $60, while also set to join the list of Xbox Game Pass games on the console.

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