Microsoft Health app gets renamed to Microsoft Band

An update for the Microsoft Health app for Windows 10 and Android has changed the name of the app to Microsoft Band. The company has so far not revealed the reason for the rebranding.

The name change does not yet show up on the Windows Store listing for Microsoft Health, but the new Microsoft Band name is shown after the latest app update is installed. The name change is visible for the Android version on the Google Play Store page (opens in new tab). Aside from the rebranding and unnamed "bug fixes," the app itself does not have any new features, and it still links to the Microsoft Band fitness wearable to keep track of its owner's activities. So far, the iOS version of Microsoft Health has not been renamed.

In addition, we have received reports that the Microsoft Band 2 has received a firmware update. There's no word on what it contains.

This move comes after rumors hit the Internet earlier this week that Microsoft may not launch a new Microsoft Band 3 device this year, and could possibly end making Band hardware altogether. Those same unconfirmed reports claim Microsoft has canceled plans for a version of the Band that runs on Windows 10, rather than custom firmware.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

Download Microsoft Band from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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John Callaham
  • If the Band is dying like the Lumia, why rename it as Band?
  • This!
  • Agreed. Rebranding happens when there is a plan moving forward. Happy to see this changed so it's not confused with HealthVault.
  • you cant expect anything with MS these days confused MS 
  • I know. We assume it's just their communication that's horrible and confusing, but what if it's their strategy that's messed up and confused? For example, SMS on PC. It's going to Skype, no it's going to Redstone, no its going back to Skype, no its going to Skype but staying with Cortana, no it may be going to Redstone 2.
  • hahaha well said i imagine they want to mix all...i mean if a user want to send sms from pc he can tell to cortana which send trough skype inbuilt sms service...they might testing those ask why? so that on paper it looks like people using you remember bing gaining market share after win 10..yup because cortana powered by bing..MS and DC are alike, they try to be big,clever but at the end of the day they get their investment,critics cry,customers get frustrate. 
  • Its the tech media confusing you, not Microsoft or any company for that matter. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is exactly what I have thought for a while. Have you noticed articles, not just here on WC, but on different tech gadget sites that have been so wrong with their report? It's like the telephone game we used to play as children in the classroom. The teacher would whisper a small message to the first student on the first row and that student would pass it on to the next kid, and he to the next, etc., etc. and finally when the last student had to stand and say what the message was it would be totally different. This is how the media works including the gadget press.
  • Who goes through that many UNNECESSARY name changes? Are they bored? Nothing can gain popularity if
    1. It's not marketed
    2. It's not consistent
    Changing the name of their products/services frequently isn't consistent. But, back to my original question... Who does this?
  • Wait, I got it all figured out.....
    Once a name has been ran through MS's servers about 6 million times the server automatically, and randomly, generates a new name... Security measures! Take that, Google!
  • Bing Health and Fitness, Heath Vault, MSN Health and Fitness, Microsoft Health, Microsoft Band... No wonder people tune out.
  • I would think that names get changed for the marketability. MS can do a lot with 'BAND."
  • Satya, he's confused about everything except the word ubiquitous!
  • I imagine MS offices to be like those in Wolf of Wall Street.
  • Lol.. That would be cool! Not for the consumer, of course,,,, but THE *******!! And, THE COCAINE!!
  • Line of powder between two shapely IntelliMouse buttons.
  • Cocaine? Naaah... it's all about the quaaludes
  • but what about people who use Microsoft Health app to view stats on their Fitbit or other health-related smartwatches?
  • "But what about the people who have been using MS phones for the past 10 years+??""
    Does that answer your question:|
  • Of topic rodneyej, but your were right about the 950, I made the move away from my 1520 because it wouldn't come out if airplane mode and haven't looked back since. This its a great little phone and feels premium to me. Didn't think I'd like it, but I do! Camera is sick too
  • My 950's camera beats the $hit out of my work iPhone 6s plus ( such a gay name).
  • How exactly do you do that? The MS Health app will show SensorCore data, but I know of no way it integrates with Fitbit. It will connect with a few other services, but that's to share Band or SensorCore data. Can you tell me what you mean? My wife has a Fitbit and the only way we can connect is via Inkin.
  • Or when a product (MS Health Platform) is being killed off potentially. The "Band" product line would still be around for a year or so for people who purchased recently and those devices need support through their warranty periods. If they are dropping Band completely (which would be a huge shame) then they may as well kill off the MS Health platform. People still need the app itself to manage and use their existing Bands.
  • I suspect this is exactly what's happening. The Microsoft Health platform has not taken off and Microsoft is probably going to kill it, and shortly after, the Band itself.
  • This sounds a lot more likely to me. Kill the MS Health Platform off because they aren't doing anything with it, then you don't really need a MS Health app at all. In turn, it wouldn't be like MS to have a Band device but use some other company's platform to store data. That would mean the Band is dying off too, but for those with a Band currently the app can be supported for a while. Bingo.
  • Lol, I thought this article was about health vault which made it see odd to rename it band
  • healthvault has been removed from the store. 
  • You would think, right? I'm with you, it indicates they have something going on. If they don't then this is an idiotic move. I hope to see them continue to refine the band. I love the band 2, and really want a full waterproof band 3 that I can swim with.  I'd love to see them announce a Surface 4 and a Band 3 at the next hardware event, thought that unlikely (at least from these reports).
  • There's no confusion as no one knows about HealthVault. Microsoft health was obvious, band, not so much.
  • I hope the plan is to move forward with the Band 3 and that it is a great device. I've been looking forward to buying one. My concern with the rumors though is that if MS does cancel the Band, that they will get rid of Microsoft Health too. Rename the app to be associated with the Band and then cancel both...
  • Perhaps to seperate it from Microsoft Health, which may be trying to distance itself from Band altogether  . Not sure if this means Microsoft Health may start to work with FitBit, Anfroid Wear or Apple Watch or not. Very strange indeed.  
  • nutela would love to work with apple watch and android wear he might consider about fitbit too..
  • I would, too. That's where the money's at. That's where the bulk of users is at.
  • They may announce a shocker and just discontinue the MS Health Platform completely. Without Band I think it will struggle to have a purpose. You have to assume that users of MS Health are largely Band users.
  • I think that's exactly the case, which is why discontinuing the MS Health Platform wouldn't really come as a shocker. I don't think MS ever tried very hard to gain traction for the platform. I think they put it out there to see if they could attract interest, but then didn't really do much with it and the much smaller demographic of Band users were pretty much the only ones on the platform. Not long ago, FitBit announced they were dropping sync support for HealthVault (the core of the MS Health Platform imo). If you go to the MS Health Platform site, the only partners listed are "RunKeeper", "Strava", "MapMyFitness", and "MyFitnessPal". All of those services have alternatives to MS HealthVault and users really have no incentive to use MS HealthVault over something else.....unless they have a Band. And usually, they probably don't. So....yeah, I could see the death of this platform happening for sure. I'd prefer it didn't, but wouldn't be surprised.
  • HealthVault is/was about much more than about fitness wearables. It was supposed to be a way for patients to gather all their health information and share with and amongst all their health care providers. But, health care providers already have ways to exchange data with each other (via the HL7 standards), and when it comes to exchanging data with their patients they tend to use their existing processes. Microsoft found it extremely difficult to break into that part of healthcare IT. Near as I can tell they are gradually pulling out. Amalga was supposed to be a big win for Microsoft, but that didn't gain enough traction within healthcare IT.
  • I dont know if this is a Windows Central thing... I mean think a minute on it... First they told us that Spotify will no longer be supported... and next day App update...  Lumia no more but Surface this? n__n
  • A news site turning unconfirmed, secondhand rumors in to news? No, surely not!
  • sites only report.
  • This may actually be bad news. If Microsoft wants to discontinue the band, it is unwise to discontinue an app with the name "Health", cause that name is too big, general, and important that Microsoft could save for a very different project later. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They could have just name it Lumia then.
  • Or NIST
  • ^^This.  It just enables the Band app to be discontinued with the Band.  Probably nothing to worry about for at least a year though. Or, if you're a real go-getter: start panicking now!  :)
  • Yes I'm confused by this. I've got a Band 2. I thought Microsoft was going well with the Band. Or more accurately they were sitting as much as anyone else in wearables. But then to have these rumors that Microsoft is getting out of the wearable business and at the same time rename the software the same as the thing they're getting rid of? Huh?
  • They may have hit issues with build quality. They must replace as many Microsoft bands as they sell. I've got a Band 1 and a Band 2 and both have been replaced. So they've literally had a 100% repair rate if you look at my specific experiences alone. They handled it really well both times and replaced within the same week....but that's not very sustainable imo
  • I'm on my second and the strap is splitting and battery life is about 10 hours. It just dies through the day.
  • On my third band 2..
  • On my first band 2. No issues. Lasts a day and a half if I use it for golf,  otherwise more than 2 days. 
  • On my second Band 2
  • Microsoft is not in the top five companies selling smartwatch/fitness bands. Not even close.
  • Our definition of 'going well' is not good enough for MS.
  • You can't really buy Microsoft Band in Norway. I got mine from Amazone in England. Which is not so good. I prefer to buy from a Norweigan company, so it's more easy to get service and so on. When that's said I'm very happy with my Band and use it every day and night.      
  • If anything, it sounds like they are giving up on a general health aspect of the app and making it Band specific. It certainly doesn't line up with the idea of using "partners" to continue their efforts on the Health app. Also odd is that the existing Health app supports motion data from Windows Mobile devices. Are they to still use this app?
  • They're unlinking the Band from Microsoft Health. Rumors have it that Band has been axed, but they are keeping Microsoft Health. They're pruning band away from the MS Health service..
  • Microsoft Health has gone - now downloads and installs as "Microsoft Band"
  • The band was supposed to be a demo of the Microsoft health platform. They wanted to license the software and sensors. If they are abandoning the health platform, then they could rename the app to band to show that it is strictly legacy software for existing band hardware. Just one possibility. 
  • Because the legacy band products will be still be around but they are shutting down the MS Health platform as they no longer have a product line that makes use of it?
  • My guess is the other way around.  Health is going Web-only, since there won't be any need to connect to devices with it, since the only devices that connect to it are Bands and Bands are dead.  So, rename the Health App "Band" and kill it when you kill Band.
  • no sense, still making stupid mistakes. MS why????
  • Perhaps it's a typo and they meant to call it Microsoft Disband? Since they are purportedly laying off the whole team? :-)
  • Good one bluetoothfairy.   I think you hit the nail on the head.  But I think its more of dis"band"ing consumers.....the whole team has probably already gone!  
  • Probably Band 3 is going to be on Android wear
  • Maybe because they want to get rid of the app when the band dies? In any other case they would have to justify dropping their support to the Health concept!
  • This is band 3 all rejoice! =P
  • Probably because the app will also be going the way of the Lumia and Band hardware product lines.
  • My first thought is that they decided they didn't want to continue supporting the application after they stop making Bands, so by renaming it as Band, it lets them just say, "We're done with Band" and then it's clear that they're stopping development of both the hardware /and/ software aspects.
  • Hmm, interesting rebranding decision. Nothing like attaching something to an anchor and throwing it overboard!
  • Makes sense that service is named after discontinued hardware.
  • I still think there is something in pipeline for band, but unsure where to go within the band range, maybe the next band which will release will be a year after! once they gone through drawing boards.
  • Maybe they dismiss band and health app too... Hope not of course
  • lol maybe they'll go the Apple way and discontinue the "band" to come out with a "watch"
  • Yeah! Surface Watch is the future!
  • Sure is Th34monk3ys,   the pipeline however is the sewer...thats where Nutella is flushing microsoft!
  • So either MS has given up on their Health focus ever having the broader scope originially intended - or they still want MS Health to be a thing, and integrating it with the Band is too limiting. Definitely short on some necessary details here ...
  • The Microsoft Health app was originally geared as being a portal for health data from various services/devices, akin to Google Health and Apple HealthKit. I think this has more or less failed. My guess is that none of the other wearable OEM's have decided to integrate into the app portion of the service. As a result, the app is being renamed as what it is, the Microsoft Band app. They'll probably keep the health services group going, as it's used by researchers, and possibly even by other companies on the backend,
  • That's my conclusion too.
  • Microsoft already has a health aggregator/repository with Health Vault.
  • If this is true nadella is a good ceo and should not be resigned..
  • -edit: misread the comment. Please disregard-
  • Nobody is going to really use it without Band. Apple watch users in general will just not be interested.
  • Exactly,  apple's health alternative works need to use Ms' version that is terrible. 
  • MS Band Everywhere? Like Xbox Play Everywhere. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Talk about irony
  • I really hope those rumors aren't true. Granted I'm on my second Band 2, that was given to me by Microsoft with no hassle, but I'm loving the way it works. The GPS, the calorie counter, steps, texting, news updates, beautiful software for syncing on my phone, my computer, and on the web. I've been using it since April of this year, and I rarely take it off. Whether they develop a Band 3 isn't a concern, what concerns me is whether or not they will continue support for what I wear right now.
  • Mine has cracks all over the rubber. Does it count as physical damage. Still on warranty, but I may have to pay $200 if send back. What's wrong with yours?
  • Take it into a Microsoft Store. That's a known issue. Happens to almost everyone. They'll swap it out for a new one on the spot. No receipt required.
  • what about us in the uk
  • If you don't have a local store, then you can always arrange replacement through the online store or Microsoft Support (online or phone).
  • YMMV. Some managers may request a receipt. 
  • Yep, I just had to get mine replaced. I got it on day 1 and it started to tear on Sunday. I simply contacted the band support team and the arranged for replacement. Had to send faulty band back but no hassle at all
  • Microsoft Band support in the UK is very good. Replaced both my v1 and v2. My v1 was just falling apart from light use ans my v2 stopped turning on completely. Both turned around the replacement within a week
  • Choose "other" as the problem. They will replace it for free if the rubber has cracks.
  • No, you don't need too. i have got my band replaced twice already for free. just choose "other" and write about the issue you have
  • The band 2 Is $175 in stores
  • good to know. I'll send mine back then.
  • "Whether they develop a Band 3 isn't a concern, what concerns me is whether or not they will continue support for what I wear right now.​" Exactly what I think too
  • Found one thing they changed....... the added media controls to the list of non functional parts of the band to sit next to Cortana integration and text replies
  • The live tile has been broken for months and now they remove/break a feature on the Band... Great...
  • Don't believe everything you read here. The media controls are still there, even after the firmware update.
  • Please re read my comment. The update broke my media controls. A hard reset fixed the issues per my second comment. 8 months later they still have not fixed Cortana and text integration issues with wm10
  • what issues are you having? I'm able to use Cortana and text from my band 2 with wm10
  • Many people (including me) have an issue where after rebooting, speaking requests to Cortana from the Band will work once or twice and then it'll just stop working until next reboot. Incoming notifications continue to work, and the Cortana and Text tiles continue to work. It's just that the voice functions of the Band stop working (they try, but then fail). Rebooting both the phone and band seem to be result in the most success in getting it working again (albeit temporarily)
  • This has been my experience as well.
  • Ah! good to know, thanks! I personally have not experienced these issues, but I can understand the frustration of it not working and having to reboot. Out of curiosity has anyone experiencing the issue tried hard resetting the band?
  • I've done that a few times for various reasons. I've also recently replaced my band (split rubber issue), and it's still an issue on my new Band 2 (or rather, it's a problem with the Band 2 connecting to Windows 10 Mobile when locked and in standby... I believe that WP8 still works fine when locked in standby to allow text replies to be sent from the Band and to make requests of Cortana from the Band)
  • Hard reset fixed the media controls. Cortana and text replies still broken for going on almost a year
  • I didn't have this issue
  • Hard-reset of Band or phone? No way I'm doing a hard-reset of the phone to get it working, have everyting set-up the way I want it!
  • maybe has to do with the fact healthvault disappeared
  • Microsoft really needs to start getting better with damage control.  Why not just come out and confirm or deny the rumor?  Why let it run out of control until it is far too damaged to continue?  I know they don't have a ton of time to devote to sqashing every rumor that appears on the internet but something like this could be really damaging to future products and revenue.  They don't have to tell us exactly what they are making but just a "We are planning future Band products" type of statement would go a long way.
  • Can you imagine how busy that person would be?
  • what?? I really need a waterproof band hoping the third would be :( still unconfirmed, waiting for build
  • Not with this many sensors
  • how about this " they changed name because they want to sell band's in stock" :p 
  • Makes it easier for them to cancel the app after they discontinue the band instead of something broad like Microsoft Health. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Oh, what? You mean..... the Band isn't being discontinued?! ;) ;)
  • In my opinion, they rename it to make the name available for a future product. They did the same thing with Surface (table) and Pixelsense. Microsoft Health failed, it was a platform for OEM but no one used it, so they rename it "Band" and deprecate it, it's the end of Band IMO. During this time, they will work on a new product named Microsoft Health but not related to Band.
  • my band 2 just got updated
  • The email VIP list works again. Turning it on will no longer kill all notifications. The keyboard however is still dead....
  • Itll be MSN XBand by 2018
  • Lol. Right. Well, they have to change it to something!
  • I'm still hopeful for a Band 3. MS have said nothing, its just a rumour. They can also keep these things quiet if they want - no-one saw Band 1 coming, right?
  • The info is from a very reliable source. Mary Joe Foley stated no plans for band 3 this year, if not ever. All other journalists reported it as no band 3 ever. All based on her leak
  • Maybe, but it's still not official and who knows where the leak came from, could have been chinese whispers passed along many people before it even got out of the company. All I'm saying is people shouldn't just presume Band is dead because it was reported once and then recopied all over the internet - pinch of salt, like with any rumour, 'tis all.
  • Tells me that they have given up on the health platform for partner support :(
  • Rebranding it to show the imbecile androob trolls that live on windows central that band is not going away and Band 3 is coming. You know it is a little sad that androobs lot in life is just spent being negative about the world, when people like Microsoft reach out and support all Operating Systems.
  • Your mad for something.   Band is discontinued just like everything else that Satya neutered from MS.   
  • This is fasinating, indeed. So many possible angles to this.  Seems to point to them giving up on their Health platform as a service to any devices other than the Band.  But, perhaps not, as it could be the start of combining features of this with HealthVault, while keeping the currently working Band app working as is until they work out what they are doing with their overall health platform. Combined with the rumors they may be giving up on future Band devices it get even more confusing. 
  • Decouple the Band from the Health platform, then either slowly retire both or retain the Health platform or elements of it (including our data) for future use. That seems to be the likely course of action to me.
  • My Band 2 got updated too and now several problems exist:
    1) Cortana tile is greyed out and can't be enabled in the new Band app
    2) Cortana does not connect to phone when you try reply to a text or give a command
    3) Replying with the keyboard from the band is also met with inability to connect to phone Anyone else get these issues?
  • Works fine for me. Could be an issue with the app. I had a similar issue awhile back with not getting SMS or Phone notifications on my Band 2. Try uninstalling & reinstalling the app, that fixed the issue for me. 
  • Part of it is working fine. Cortana tile is still active and updated my news stuff bau. Trying to connect by holding action button tells me my phone is busy, even after reboot of both. "your phone is busy, please try again". Message replies just sits on connecting. Worked earlier today.
  • Thanks! I tried that now and it seems to work now. I had to do it several times though and found that you have to unregister your band, then delete the app, then also reset your band to factory settings and start completely from scratch.I'll keep testing to see if it acts up again. Hopefully not. Thanks again!
  • tested a few texts and seems to be working almost as expected now. Thanks again @TheMoonbeam!
  • What phone and build number are you guys using? Health app hasn't worked on my BLU win HD LTE since W10M AU (14393.67).
  • I'm on 950XL with latest insider fast build
  • i think with changing the name to Band that it is sticking around a while.  DOPES
  • Just got the update.  App is now named Microsoft Band, but there are still references in the app to "Microsoft Health," for example the social tile says "Connect with your friends on Microsoft Health...", why not update those strings at the same time they go through the trouble to rename the app?  What about 
  • Poll: I think the keyboard/Cortana issue is strictly Bluetooth-stack related. When I receive text/email notifications on the Band 2 BEFORE it shows up on my 950, the keyboard replying works. But if I start receiving notifications on the 950 first, then the keyboard gets stuck at "Connecting..." Interested to see if others experience the same. I haven't been able to figure out how they are related. My presumption was that the B2 was stacked higher in priority, thus would work the keyboard...
  • Waiting for..."Band is evolving into a multi-platform software solution." Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember Microsoft claiming Health was a platform that OEMs could integrate into their hardware... I assume since no one has decided to do so, they're only using the app for their Bands, and if anyone decides to use the platform they'd need their own app that accesses the Health platform. The only integration was partners adding workouts to the Band and such, but no OEM has actually used the platform on their hardware in the way Android Wear is used by multiple OEMs.
  • Installed this update on 14393.67 BLU Win HD LTE......still CRASHES after splash screen. Groan! This makes my Band2 a glorified fitbit with no usable
    "smart" features.
  • Not sure if it helps, but you're not alone! I resorted to syncing with my pc via the charging cable instead...
  • Backup. Then go to ABOUT in settings and do a full reset of phone and reload your backup during the reset process. It usually fixes all the little bugs. Always has for me anyway.
  • "What's New?" Name and "...everything else is the same." Restarted both and Cortana working for the moment.  
  • ...including the fact that it's still worth SQUAT on a BLU Win HD LTE running 14393.67, i.e. still crashes after the splash screen.
  • Health was better (very generic). I don't know how the simple 'Health' could conflict with Health Vault and this feels like a dedicated app for the Band although the future of Band is hanging on a thin line. There are ppl who work to get use of the Health app without the msft fitness device, but this is more or like asking ppl to buy what's left of Band in the market so they can properly say goodbye to the Band and Band app eventually.
  • Microsoft and their lack of communication at least you could have given us the heads up ,but only time will tell what this rebrand means
  • The only way for Microsoft in my opinion to really get oems to start using their health/vault as a platform is for ms to get their band/ smartwatch windows 10 iot together just like how android has many partners making watches we could have a hp or acer windows 10 band/watches,but needs to get their ducks in a row and start looking for ways to save their products and services not discontinuing them because they wouldn't have an Xbox brand or surface if they didn't take a couple losses and keep pushing on
  • Was the band a loss leader though?
  • It was a poorly assembled / untested piece of junk. Just check the main forums about everyone suffering the exact same issue. I've had 8 exchanges in my house, and the same issues still occur!! I guess the band brand, like WP, has become toxic, and as there are no real inklings of other OEM's releasing devices, I guess a re-brand and release of something different could be slipped in. As a consequence of the build quality issues, I would guess MS are getting burnt. Global escalations swapped my 1 for a 2, and I've now had two of them. Son has had 3 band 1, wife is on 3rd band 2!!!!
  • OMG! are you eating them?
  • It's true... my Band 1 barely lasted the year, got it replaced under the extended warranty (was just about to fall apart), then the replacement lasted about 6 months and the screen died... replacing it with something else now.
  • Look into how many of the android partners are not releasing new watches this year.
  • maybe this is an attempt to help sell the actual BAND hardware?????
  • Ok so when i track my steps on my phone I use the band app. Stupid rename.
  • Had me wondering if they plan to release a Microsoft watch and have an app for that as well, with the Health service tying into each of the apps instead of having its own app. Maybe the watch will run W10 and that's why they aren't going to try and get the band on it anymore. Watch to be a proper smart watch with W10 and the band to be a simpler entry level non-W10 sports band.
    This rename would be a good time for it as October isn't far away and the watch could be released then?..
    Thoughts anyone?
  • What ever they *potentially* release, MUST be tested for durability, unlike previous attempts. Fed up with exchanging those in my house!
  • Bit surprised to see this article today, last week it wouldn't surprise me at all!
  • Does this mean the app will now:
    A) Bubble up on the edges, and cause an allergic reaction to the nickel Or, B) Split where it meets the screen. Just asking ;-)
  • I hope MS knocks everyones socks off with a big surprise that's been under raps in October with a new or udated Band and 2 Surface phones. Surface Phone and Surface Pro Phone.
  • Keep hoping my friend cause it has been stated time and time again no new hardware till spring 2017 in time for redstone 2
  • OK I will. No new hardware till spring 2017? So the hardware event in October is? Only a Surface all in one? Did anyone anounce ahead of time the Surface Book? Just sayin. :o)
  • Next week:  Microsoft OneBand Following Week: Groovy Band
  • Forgot the Band Anniversary Edition
  • Firstly the launch of the surface book should prove to everyone that MS (or at least some of its departments) can keep things secret. The infamous band quote also says: "We also continue to sell Microsoft Band 2 and remain deeply committed to supporting our customers and exploring the wearables space​." I am not sure how they intend to explore the wearables space unles they are prepareing wearables.  However, the in the last day or two Microsoft UK site has stopped listing the large band for sale and the other sites they state as selling Band largely includes sites that are out of stock - so if they are continuing to sell the Band 2 it is only for a few more days. So either the end of the road is very very near or a new band type product is iminent. I hope for a Band 3, but won't be suprised eitherway. With regards to keeping things secret I think this is esential for tech companies; folks savaged the 950 and 950XL before they were launched, but I got a 950 to replace my iPhone and I dont think I could ever go back to iOS now, W10M is so much better (especially with continiuum), (I never used many apps anyway).
  • Just didn't want him to get his hopes up. hope for the prepared for the worst I'm also about to buy a 950 how long have you had yours and is that much better than a iPhone in your opinion ?
  • I got my 950 last December, to replace my old iPhone 4.  My Ma has all new iOS devices and I am the IT guy for my folks so I still play with iOS.  I was nervous about making the change but I am glad I did.  I thought it would take a week or two to get used to the new systen... it took only hours.  Althought I was still finding new features ages later.  I find the navigation to be smother and more fluid with the back navigation arrow having a significant degree of context sensitivity, it was strange at first but after a couple of hours I knew I would miss it if I went back to a system without it.  Now iOS feels like a toy for tiny tots or technophobes.  I also play about with android devices, but I have always had problems with apps haning and closing unexpectedly on Android (duggy and laggy).  W10M on 950 feels fluid and smoth.  I have noticed that at times (usually during charging or when I am using continuum) it can get quite warm, but still seems to work just fine.  I normally only use continiuum via a DVI port (HDMI to DVI adaptor) and this does have a few issues but I have not had any of these issues over a direct HDMI or wireless connection (although whireless conection is laggy for work, but great for video streaming to a TV!). I have to say I like everything about the phone and the updates seem to actually improve things, unlike with the iPhone where they just seem to make the phone slower and slower!  I have read of lots of issues with the 950 and 950XL but cannot remember having any of these myself. One thing I would do now... if I droped my phone in the bath or somesuch; I would go for the 950XL or at least consider it very strongly.  The screen on the 950 is supurbe (and there are colour saturation options etc if you want to tweek the way it looks) and the size of the screen makes it far more pleasant to use so it really is my first point of call for internet searches etc. However, I can see that the extra size of the 950XL would be great and because I am so deminutive a person the size of anything larger than an old iPhone 4 already feel cumbersom in the pocket so might as well enjoy the added screen size. I only recently got an SD card 128 Gb, simply to put music on it. Try doing that with an iPhone. So all in all I would say there are a few issues (some apps not avalable, not a problem for me as all the apps I want are available for it) and a lack of clear comitment/direction from Microsoft leave me wondering what the future holds. But I do think it is miles better than an iPhone (and currently much less expensive too!) and the real test if I lost my phone tomorrow what would I replace it with... Answer: A 950 or a 950XL (cant decied). Sorry about the ramberly reply, I am quite tired!
  • No its cool I'm using a lumia 930 right now. Got my friend to give up his iPhone 5s for a 1520 now he thanks me every time we meet. I was going for the x3 but decided I would save the money get the 950 and wait patiently for my surface phone .
  • I have a 950XL and all this doom and gloom, whilst I understand it, doesn't mean I am going to jump ship anytime soon.  I don't care that you cannot get the latest and greatest apps on this platform either.  My phone is what allows me to be productive and my 950XL is great at that, so, in that respect, I am happy with it. ​Now, when you compare it to an iPhone, the iPhone (and Android) trounces it for app coverage.  For 99% of people, that is all they care about, nothing more.  In that regard, Windows Phone will never be able to compete and for me, that's fine.  For everyone else though, iPhone would be the way to go in all honesty.
  • What's funny about those people is how they spew out marketing hype in those types of conversation that compares the operating systems. A billion apps are only relevant to them if they use a billion apps just as I would never use continuum as a ploy since I've yet to use it (too cheap to buy a dock lol).
    What my phone, and theirs for that matter, does for them is what's relevant and how people should make their buying decisions. Not the marketing statements, that they'll never benefit from. I don't want to hear about market share if you're not an investor lol
  • I have about 100 apps on my Lumia 950 XL. Some of them I use daily, otheres  not so often. If you can live without Snapchat, get a Windows 10 mobil. I'm pretty sure you will not regret it.
  • If the band is such a good idea and makes a lot of money why isn't there at least a small amount of OEMs lined up making these things? Why? Because these things are money losers. They are very niche. Yes. They're cool but the bottom line is profit.
  • Could it be the back end? Microsoft Health as a service. I'm guessing but I don't think the Band hardware could be a big money looser.
  • I think this second generation of the band might be a big money loser. I've have 3 now, first and second replaced under warranty due to strap failure. I've read others have had more than that. That's not going to be cheap, although probably not in the realms of the xbox RROD issue they had a few years back.
  • I have had more issues with the band 1 strap than the. Band 2 strap so I think 1 would be a bigger loss than 2 for me anyway.
  • Yes, the bottom line is profit but where that profit is made is could vary. They may lose money on the hardware as most hardware where there is little margin, which I believe Microsoft knew that considering the surprise release of the product line. But that is the price of engagement to tie customers into a service platform or ecosystem, which is the core of Microsoft's businesses.
  • All those reports about cancellation were repeats of a single rumor based on a "reliable source"
  • Microsoft "Band" no longer tracks your steps after yesterday's update.  The app doesn't show up in the Motion Data either.  Anybody else experiencing this this?  I'm on .187 Lumia 1520.
  • No such issue on 830. Check if the "motion settings" was disabled in the app's settings.
  • I'm not but I have a Lumia 950xl
  • MS roadmap plan for its services and devices probably looks like those walls of crazy obsessive people in movies where they have stuff plastered everywhere on the wall with a million strings going back and forth. Basically MS is schizophrenic with its plans.
  • It s Myerson bad room lol
  • Um...what movies are you referring to? If you're describing the same scene, I'm thinking of, you should know that's not schizophrenia and your comment could be accepted as offensive but I could be wrong in guessing the scene you're mentioning
  • Nevermind me. Please disregard my last comment. Also, I want to clarify that I am not being sarcastic in any matter. Enjoy your day, friend
  • Now they can kill two birds with one stone.
  • I think Microsoft traded that stone for a machine gun a while back :)
  • To me, doing this sounds like Microsoft is segrating the Band from the MS Health platform.  After all, they said they are now focusing on MS Health, not the Band.  So, renaming the app is basically tying up the loose end and letting the Band die slowly in the corner whilst they come out with a brand new MS Health app for iOS and Android.  The Band meanwhile will be sadly forgotten.
  • Looks like either this or the Band 2 firmware update today made Facebook Messenger notifications start working again.
  • You are correct. Messenger does indeed work again on Windows 10.
  • Makes no sense whatsoever; even if they aren't cancelling future Bands as per the rumour, MS Health is used by all Windows phone owners, not just the tiny fraction sporting one of the Bands...
  • Whatever it's name, it's still unusable due to numerous bugs. Under Windows mobile anniversary edition on my Lumia 830 there is no live transparent tile to show the metrics, and no background syncing. Had to download and start using Fitbit app, even though I have no fitbit device, to continue seeing my metrics in real time.
  • Makes it easier to kill the Band brand. They can shut down the Band app without risking bringing Microsoft Health brand into the mess.
  • What a mess....
  • Microsoft store updated my Health → Band after latest WP10 system upgrade (latest production build).  
  • Still on my first Gen1 band (a few cosmetic dings, but completely functional) after near two years of constant wear and use. I'd be sad if they killed it since it is the perfect mix between a fitness wearable and smartwatch features to me. The only thing I really hope for is a water proof version. I put little stock in single report "reliable sources" since they kept telling us that the Surface phone was an X86 device and had no clue about the Surface Book.
  • Im using Microsoft band 2 and its gps is not working .
  • Have you tried to contact support?
  • This renaming was made for users to know what to download when they buy a MS Band. It is not intuitive to search for "Microsoft health" app when you have a wearable called Microsoft Band.    And as we know not all users are so bright.
  • Microsoft it's most strange company in the world. Changing their product names all the time and just killing some apps and platforms, what makes them differ from crowd is one thing. Most worst that they don't understand modern mobile communication at all. Stopping producing Lumia phones kill WM10 Mobile in couple of years. Idea, that they is focusing on business user is stupid. Mobile phone is so individual and personal device that everybody chooses phone by preferences. Somebody want expensive phone, somebody cheap. For somebody is camera very important, for someone else must phone be rugged and waterproof. I have seen some people with two phone but they look ridiculous. With only one option to choose in near future the market share of WM 10 Mobile will drop less than 1% and no app writer is interested to do apps for this platform.  I use WM phones since NOKIA joined WM platform, and now have third phone, Lumia 950. But after experience with MS Band 2, what worked for me about 15 minutes I have decided that my next phone is some from Android series. When looking to this wearbles coming from Samsung and Polar or this there is actually very stupid to sit and wait when MS brings Band 3 on the market. I actually don't believe anymore that will happen. And those wearables is on sales, looks good and they also work like they are supposed.
  • I can confirm the Band 2 update. New Build # is 2.0.5202.0 26 R
  • Any word on what the firmware change addresses?
  • If they kill the band or windows phone, im done with them all together. Im moving right over to apple hardware and software. I've been burned so many times by them. I own every failed device they ever made and abandoned from the zune to surface rt to the band
  • Are thry planning to bring 'Band' as a platform to join with the OEMs just like Holographic Platform? Then it may make some senses. 
  • I agree, it's getting old, MS is like a boat without a rudder. Would be nice if they had some sort of unified direction