Microsoft hits a home run with Surface Go chosen as official tablet for Law School Admission Test

Surface Go LTE
Surface Go LTE (Image credit: Windows Central)

When applying for law school, you'll need to sit for the Law School Admission Test. Traditionally, pen and paper has been used but it's going digital and the council behind the LSAT has selected the Surface Go as the official tablet for deployment. This is after it tested a whole range of competitors products, including Apple's iPad.

As reported by The Verge, the move to digital from pen and paper means administrators who oversee the test will need to be retained with the Surface Go. It's not known whether this move will raise or lower the price of admission.

It's planned the LSAT will go digital by July 2019. The writing part of the LSAT will be separate from the digital multi-choice sections. Both parties involved have failed to reveal just how many Surface Go tablets will be part of the deal, nor how much the deal is worth.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Nice little quiet win for the Surface line.
  • This is just awesome. I love how much of a good reception it is having.
  • Nice. BTW, the first sentence of article needs revised.
  • As does your second sentence.
  • Lol, yes, how bad is that
  • Looks like Microsoft's decision to not make Go an ARM device is paying off.
  • Looking forward to the first time the exam proctor says to the class, "Settle down everyone, open the iPads in front of you and enter your name, address, etc." Just like the NFL announcers did those first couple of games.
  • That was cold, but damn right. It cracked me up
  • If a proctologist is an ass doctor, what does that make a proctor?
  • Me, during finals next week.
  • Is this action "legal"? :-)
  • I'll make it legal.
  • I took the lsat over the summer I wish we had this! About time lol
  • Some trolls are nowhere to be seen.
  • Sssh, don't wake them up lol...
  • I'm curious about the implementation in regards to the writing portion of the exam, as in will they use a win32 application, web wrapper, use the Surface Go as sort of a dumb terminal with virtual instances etc. Usually the multiple choice sections in many admission tests are browser based. This is a good win for the Surface team, hope to see many more of these.