Microsoft to host a 'Windows 10 devices' press conference at IFA on September 4

After Computex, the next big trade show for the consumer electronics industry is IFA, held every September in Berlin, Germany. In recent years Microsoft hasn't had any real show presence, with any press events being held separately. In April, we learned Microsoft would have a presence at this year's show and today the first official Microsoft press conference has been announced.

Nick Parker, VP of the OEM division, will be delivering a keynote entitled, "Windows 10 Lights up New Devices," where we're told to also expect new, Windows 10 devices. Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, Parker isn't involved with Lumia, so his presence does not say that there will be new phones. Parker also doesn't work on Surface, so don't expect anything on that front, either. Any Lumia news would come in a separate press conference, which wouldn't be unexpected since last year saw the launch of the Lumia 730/735 and Lumia 830 in Berlin.

Parker delivered a similar presentation in Taipei at Computex, and besides rehashing much of what we already knew, he also introduced some incredible new Windows 10 devices. Not least the brand new Dell XPS 15. So hopefully we'll be seeing more impressive launches in Berlin. Windows Central will be live at IFA the entire week, so you won't miss a thing.

If you're taking note, Parker's keynote will go down on Friday, September 4 at 3 p.m. local time.

IFA 2015: Microsoft CVP Nick Parker to deliver keynote showcasing new Windows 10 devices

*BERLIN, GERMANY and REDMOND, WA., USA, 13 July 2015** – IFA today announced that Nick Parker, corporate vice president, OEM Division, Microsoft, will deliver a keynote at IFA 2015, the global tradeshow that moves markets and inspires buyers.

In a keynote titled "Windows 10 Lights up New Devices," Parker will demonstrate a breadth of new Windows 10 devices, including tablets, 2-in-1s, premium notebooks, gaming devices and all-in-ones that will light up the Windows 10 experience for customers.

The international keynote by Microsoft is scheduled for Friday, 4 September, 3 pm, at the CityCube event hall on the Messe Berlin fairgrounds in Berlin, Germany.

"It's about the software and the experiences it enables on devices!" said Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive Director. "Windows 10 is coming – with new capabilities and experiences for consumers and businesses. "We are excited to see Microsoft take the keynote stage at IFA to give us a glimpse at how its partners plan to incorporate that future into the devices we rely on for work, home and play."

As corporate vice president of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Division at Microsoft Corp., Parker oversees worldwide sales, marketing and licensing of pre-installed Windows operating systems and Microsoft applications and services on mobile and embedded devices, personal computers, servers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices produced by hardware manufacturers.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Date is set in my calendar.
  • Its time for some flagshipy devices .!!! XD lets rock and roll just a wait little more .!!
  • Get ready them flagship phones!
  • Doubt it, would be cool though. But windows phone is not even close RTM. I expect xps 15 infinity :3
  • I'm pretty sure that's already a thing, the infinity XPS15 was unveiled in taipei a few weeks ago I think...
  • Windows 10 Mobile build number 10166 is remarkably stable barring a few app centric issues and UI polish; and that is only the last build that has been released.  September 4 is still a long while away so I'm quite optimistic.
  • Excited! Curious! Happy!! :)
  • Someone in the comments section will ask if there will be any Lumias announced at IFA
  • If there are going to be any new Lumia phones at IFA, this keynote isn't where we'll hear about them.
  • i thought there is no more phone division explicitly? its all merged under windows devices, so there is a good chance some phones might get unveiled too.
  • This is an OEM partner event. Any phones unveiled won't belong to Microsoft. They'd be from partners like Lenovo, or HP, or Dell. Lumia doesn't fall under Parker's remit. He said the same thing to a room full of press in Taipei.
  • That's fine, but still should be phones.  If Microsoft is determine to go into the enterprise with phones, and if devices with Continuum Mobile are capable as a basic PC for most workers (email, office (word, excel powerpoint), browser, etc.), then Lenovo, HP and/or Dell should announce Continuum capable phones with wireless (QI, bluetooth, miracast) docking stations for business.   Let's hope they are onboard and make some announcements. 
  • True :(
  • I thought Daniel scooped that the 940/XL will be announced there.
  • Did you read the post? If there are any Lumia phones at IFA they will not be announced in this event. There would be another event. This event is about OEM partners. Not first party hardware.
  • Yes I did. Did you read my comment or Kabo's comment? :) Nor he or I refer to this specific event, but IFA in general.
  • Well we don't know about that. But we know this isn't a Lumia event.
  • Yes. However, Daniel did say he expects 940/XL to be announced in IFA.
  • So Richard, will there be any new Lumias at IFA? ;)
  • Hmm, so no separate event for Win10 mobile? And what are they going to do with the launch of Win10? I haven't seen them announce anything yet, which is odd as its only 3 weeks away. I suppose they won't do some kind of presentation to show off what they made like they previewed stuff earlier this year? And we have yet to see some ads as well
  • They've done enough announcements about Windows 10 OS. All that's left is the rollout on July 29.
  • Maybe they want to leave something for the imagination
  • Like a stable and functional build of Win 10 Mobile?
  • Nice =))) Live streaming? BTW, wasn't there MS announced 730 and 830 last year?
  • Unknown. This is an official IFA press conference, not a Microsoft doing their own thing press conference. We'll let you know closer to the time. IFA is usually pretty good at keeping press informed of what's going on. German efficiency :)
  • Cool. Thanks Richard.
  • Sounds great! Will be tuning in.
  • Thank you. As I am german. LOL
  • Haha! IFA is my favourite show of the year. This year will be my 4th, prefer it to CES and MWC easily. Just wish I could find time to see more of Berlin!
  • *German....
  • German people rocks. Nice people.
  • We're also in Cologne in a few weeks for Gamescom!
  • Can't wait
  • There will be no Lumias long as they don't set a launch date for WM 10, no new phones will be launched. They will probably hold a press conference of their own to showcase the new phones
  • Why wouldn't they? They are windows 10 devices. I think there's a chance. Even to show off continuum and tablets and phones are suppose to be similar so I dunno I wouldn't write it off yet
  • There won't be any Lumia's in this event because the guy delivering the keynote isn't involved in Lumia. At all.
  • Microsoft Mobile is effectively shutting down. There will be a few phones already in the pipeline but that's that then. And most likely a soft launch for them, don't see Nadella putting any marketing effort to products he is busy killing.
  • Rubbish. Xbox was dead and so was the Surface too, but both make a profit now. The phones will be I profit within 2 years and as Mobile is the future growth, Microsoft will want to be a part of it.
  • @vhyr, Wish people like you would stop spreading fud, do you honestly think OEMs want to compete with flagships devices with a platform provider who owns almost 100% of that platform? Prior to the D & S acquisition, for WP8 and beyond it was all Nokia so without them Wp8 wouldn't be where it is now in terms of market share. It cannot be compared to the efforts put in by the OEMs previously with WP7 as thanks to the snafu of using Windows CE (thus killing any chance of progressing the than current user base forward - the OEM's got burned and understandingly were skeptical). Which is why we have seen tepid responses from them  (OEMs) at best. However things have come along way since then, a lot of internal (MS) re-org, complete re-think of their (MS) strategy etc etc. Which is why at present MS is moving to a surface-ala-nexus approach with phones and in my opinion is what they have should have done in the beginning as model lines have become convoluted and overlapping. If they did, the media wouldn't have been so quick to proclaim the demise of Wp; they are putting emphasis on the unfortunate redundancies of 7,800 people... as end of the day doom & gloom sells when it comes to Microsoft. When it comes to Apple almost everything is doused in maple syrup and a moon tonne of sugar.
  • +1 I also read the recent announcements like you. Even having 2 phones for each of the three lines, thus decreasing the total number of devices, I believe Microsoft's phone strategy is to move forward, despite OEMs partners efforts on phone's front, "not counting on them (OEMs)", so to roughly say. We could be wrong here though, as analysts mean Microsoft is trying to woo OEMs with those moves (sorry for my english).
  • Vhyr, you know that wisdom "don't believe everything you read on the internet"? Your post 150% applies to that logic. Windows Phone devices such as the Lumia series having a paired down is arguably the best and most economically successful strategy since extending the lifespan of one Surface device rather than releasing a new tablet every year. The number 'six' is magical for business (as well as R&D) since you'll have two choices per range. Heck, Microsoft may improve the Low-End entry budget line with features the business-centric hardware bolster. The 520 is one of if not the most successful budget line but its time we had a future proof high end flagship. Preferably 5''-6'' as it stands likely. In other words, equalizing your hardware and software tiers matter in the long run.
  • Hmmm, if not Lumia then surface pro 4...
  • Nope. He looks after the OEM division. He doesn't work on Surface any more than he works on Lumia. He looks after the likes of Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, and so on.
  • so is it possible we can see flagship devices or any windows 10 mobile devices from OEM's?
  • Entirely. Anyone but Microsoft's own first party hardware could be featured.
  • The surface pro 4 is hopefully coming out before this event... I'm getting impatient ;)
  • Last week I read some news with rumors that the Surface Pro 4 will not come out before second half of 2016. They have reasoned this rumor with another rumor of 20 million ordered SSDs by Microsoft. And these shipments from Samsung are said to be completed in the second half of 2016. I would love to see the Surface Pro 4 in October 2015, but its too quiet right now.
  • I think new Windows 10 Tablets from Dell and maybe Asus.
  • ASUS always takes stuff to IFA, so you're probably on the right lines there. Toshiba, HP, Lenovo all have a presence at the show, too.
  • Maybe even a Xiaomi partnership, they're trying to be more internacional :)
  • I would be so happy if that became a thing.
  • Reads title, jumps out of chair, reads article, slumps back into the chair. I was fully expecting it to be a mobile device announcement.
  • Haha..
  • more and more waiting....guess I'm stuck with my 2 year + old L925 this summer... too bad 
  • 2 year old 520 here. High five!
  • Same with me.
  • 2 year old 620.
  • 1 year 7months old 1020 here!
  • I understand that you make comparisons with iOS or Android, and it is definetely Microsoft's mistake. But as a human I feel bad that people NEED to change phones in 2 years, don't you think that it destroys the planet's limited resources with next to no benefits for living?
  • Let's see what you got
  • Slightly unrelated, but after reading the article, and hearing them talk about 2-in-ones and All-in-ones, maybe MS should introduce a new 'buzzword' for the category of phones that are also desktop computers. They're not likely to win the smartphone war any time soon, but maybe they could soon have the world's best selling "PocketPC" for example... Maybe PocketPC isn't the greatest idea, anyone got any other ideas?
  • Others ideas (mostly crap): Phesktop, deskphone, pocketop, Transphoner - Computer in disguise... Lol. :D
  • Lumia 007 lol
  • The spy who binged me, Octocorey, Goldringer, Quantum of Office, Skypecall... Hahaha
  • You Only Live Tile, From Redmond with Love... Just amusing myself now! Lol
  • You've got one heck of an imagination
  • That's really funny, amused me too, thanks.
  • Yeah wanted to see new acer aspire line up.
  • I need a telepotoer Or a worm hole to Berlin !
  • A Portal Gun Works Well For This...
  • Hmm....
    I never think about that!
    Portal Gun is much efficient than above all, Thanks.
  • Only problem is that you need to fly to Berlin, shoot one portal, then fly home, shoot the second portal, and then you have a nice shortcut to Berlin ;)
  • Sounds like rollercoaster rid! With buch of monkeys
  • Whatever same old lame lies and promises just to drop everything fire everyone and bring out a lame ass phone with promises of a brighter future. Get some balls make a great device and shut the fk up is my thoughts. Talk is cheap.. No its 7,800 employees, dropped apps no apps, new leader, no Nokia, better apps AND apps on rival platforms (sway) and I still have my 1520 with nowhere to advance as an upgrade. Yep.. Fk Microsoft
  • How you can't upgrade? Every 8 device will be upgradable to Windows 10.
  • Upgraded device or better hardware. FlagShip the MotherShip. Win10 will be better as it should have been from the jump not after you fire everyone only gain 3% market, Microsoft name still is shit, much more should have been done from day one. Not make a smartphone and make a user wait on copy paste as a first update. It's been all talk from day one. They slept on phones for many years and tried to come back after apple and android gave people what they wanted. Who makes great windows phones at the moment, nobody not even "Lumia".
  • Considering flagships, currently there is only one phone on the market and it is called iPhone 6. Even Samsung's try to copy it with Galaxy S6 doesn't sell well. Yes, Nokia was a cheap phone manufacturer and it is hard to expect from it to make some top flagship phone aside from some hardraware features like the camera. I have doubt Microsoft will ship some great flagship device either, though they might have some use if they took the lessons from Surface team. Whether the OEMs will bite Microsoft's call this time, it is hard to say. It depends very much on what Windows 10 on the desktop turns out to be. If it turns out to be the hit it may push whole the story. But as said on the begining trying to fight iPhone 6 from Microsoft's position is futile. It has space in other areas to grow and keep the market share. Maybe people like you will leave (which is said but reallity), but maybe more people will join the ship. And it might make a ground that someday Microsoft may actually launch the phone that is better than iPhone, obviously if all cards turn well. What I wan to say is there are billions of people in the world and Microsoft may not chose to focus on the people like you. You shouldn't be enraged because of that. That's market and economy.
  • I agree and as we see making affordable cheap phones didn't help,and yes fighting apple and even android is foolish. Microsoft has been my phone since flip phones and I've never purchased an android phone and I've never used an apple product besides helping my customers. So people like me are people that have been down from day one through all the changes and BS. I went from palm/kyocera to Microsoft Ce. So people like me deserve what they should market and that's high end devices for Geeks business and professionals. Let android keep the low to mid level, iPhone is the top dog and windows needs to find its place is business and tech minded folks. Because my kids low end device doesn't even play the games available so that's a null and void, disappointment and a failure in my opinion. So yes a vaperMag windows phone with the iconic kickstand was the way to go 3 years ago. That's all they need because it would surely gain more then 3%. So don't take me as leaving because there's nowhere for me to go the sad part is ill have to stay and wait to see how they treat someone like me. A dedicated user of Microsoft products that's invested in a company with millions who continues to find its identity with a room full of people making decisions that probably use iPhones. So I wait to see what's next.
  • Microsoft doesn't have phones anymore, only Devices.
  • My body is ready
  • That's what she said :)
  • Um...should be series of Win 10 devices! From SAMSUNG, HTC, LG and Lumia
  • Not Lumia. I explained why in the post. If there are new Lumias there will be a different event.
  • How about vaporware as the new phones names.  Ha ha ha!
  • Not here then where?
    Any forum..same questions....
    When is the promised flagship comin?
    Aren't we in the third quarter already;( ?
    Just announce the w10m date already!
  • See below.
  • Maybe stil at IFA just not this particular keynote that was just announced that this article is about. There could be another press event @ IFA that hasn't been announced yet. Announcing one press event does not preclude announcing another.
  • I think Daniel has something to Say.. But has been mum god knows why.
    Share the info mann
  • I thought he already scooped 940/XL will be announced there.
  • This doesn't stop the chances of Lenovo, Asus and others announcing THEIR Windows 10 phones ;-)
  • Indeed, what MS would really need is someone big, e.g. HTC or Sammy, announcing a flagship and a mid-range W10M phone there. In particular since Nadella has neutered much of MS's own phone divisions' abilities.  
  • Daniel mentioned there will be some phones at IFA , am I wrong? And why say there is not Lumia, there is alot of keynotes and press events not just one , so just wait and see for any announcements
  • There won't be any Lumia in this press conference. I'm pretty positive of that. As I've said throughout these comments. If there are Lumia phones for IFA there will most likely be another press conference.
  • Aaah.. Gonna be a historic lovely day. Can't wait! :D
  • Bring a 8in-ish surface tablet!
  • This ^ IMO a tablet for factor should be 8" or 7" to be perfect to use as a tablet, perfect for reading books, magazines, comics and for education of small kids. I just purchased a 7" Windows 8.1 tablet for my little daughter and tablet feels so cheap, mediocre battery life, poor display, just 16GB of storage, but the OS is amazing, when I miracast this little thing to my large TV it feels much solid than an Android device. So Microsoft, is time to bring a small Surface tablet for this Fall (if it still comes with Windows 8.1, is great since the modern UI IE, split window, charms menu, works great with small tablets like a 7" or 8" device).
  • Think of it this way, this is just one confirmed keynote. No one said that there could not be another keynote. Maybe they are just waiting to confirm more once them know the win10 mobile OS is even more solid. I am not saying dont hope for the announcement of new lumias, i am saying think practically, this keynote is just not the focus of mobile phones, it will showcase dell, Samsung, Sony, Asus, etc.... Is my guess. That is a good thing. For example, if Dell shows off a new tablet with the same specs and capabilities as a surface pro, but for $200 less than the equivalent price point, that just makes it so MS needs to compete with a better price, better specs, better everything for the consumer