Microsoft to host a 'Windows 10 devices' press conference at IFA on September 4

After Computex, the next big trade show for the consumer electronics industry is IFA, held every September in Berlin, Germany. In recent years Microsoft hasn't had any real show presence, with any press events being held separately. In April, we learned Microsoft would have a presence at this year's show and today the first official Microsoft press conference has been announced.

Nick Parker, VP of the OEM division, will be delivering a keynote entitled, "Windows 10 Lights up New Devices," where we're told to also expect new, Windows 10 devices. Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, Parker isn't involved with Lumia, so his presence does not say that there will be new phones. Parker also doesn't work on Surface, so don't expect anything on that front, either. Any Lumia news would come in a separate press conference, which wouldn't be unexpected since last year saw the launch of the Lumia 730/735 and Lumia 830 in Berlin.

Parker delivered a similar presentation in Taipei at Computex, and besides rehashing much of what we already knew, he also introduced some incredible new Windows 10 devices. Not least the brand new Dell XPS 15. So hopefully we'll be seeing more impressive launches in Berlin. Windows Central will be live at IFA the entire week, so you won't miss a thing.

If you're taking note, Parker's keynote will go down on Friday, September 4 at 3 p.m. local time.

IFA 2015: Microsoft CVP Nick Parker to deliver keynote showcasing new Windows 10 devices

*BERLIN, GERMANY and REDMOND, WA., USA, 13 July 2015** – IFA today announced that Nick Parker, corporate vice president, OEM Division, Microsoft, will deliver a keynote at IFA 2015, the global tradeshow that moves markets and inspires buyers.

In a keynote titled "Windows 10 Lights up New Devices," Parker will demonstrate a breadth of new Windows 10 devices, including tablets, 2-in-1s, premium notebooks, gaming devices and all-in-ones that will light up the Windows 10 experience for customers.

The international keynote by Microsoft is scheduled for Friday, 4 September, 3 pm, at the CityCube event hall on the Messe Berlin fairgrounds in Berlin, Germany.

"It's about the software and the experiences it enables on devices!" said Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive Director. "Windows 10 is coming – with new capabilities and experiences for consumers and businesses. "We are excited to see Microsoft take the keynote stage at IFA to give us a glimpse at how its partners plan to incorporate that future into the devices we rely on for work, home and play."

As corporate vice president of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Division at Microsoft Corp., Parker oversees worldwide sales, marketing and licensing of pre-installed Windows operating systems and Microsoft applications and services on mobile and embedded devices, personal computers, servers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices produced by hardware manufacturers.

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