Microsoft improves pen support in Windows 10's Remote Desktop

Using a pen on a touchscreen Windows 10 PC should be as good of an experience with a remote connection as it is when using a mouse, a keyboard or a finger. That's what Microsoft has in mind with the improvements it is making to the Remote Desktop software when connecting from a Windows 10 client to a system that's also running the new OS.

Windows 10 Remote Client with Pen app

Microsoft says:

"In Windows 10, the pen is now a first class input method, at the same level as your mouse, keyboard and touch. This means you get the same great experience using it with applications in a Remote Desktop session as you do with local apps. What's even better is that there is no special configuration needed. If your device supports pen locally and it is running Windows 10, simply connect remotely to a PC also running Windows 10 and you can write or draw in the session."

Microsoft adds that the the Remote Desktop client can detect if a user is pressing harder on a touchscreen with a pen which will allow some apps to change the thickness of the line. It can also detect the angle of the pen or if it is being used in an inverted position. These features are already available in the current Windows 10 preview versions for Windows Insiders to test out.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham