Microsoft job listing hints at exciting improvements to Windows 10

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What you need to know

  • A job listing from Microsoft lists some ways that Microsoft wants to improve Windows.
  • The listing discusses improving Windows Indexer, improving the Windows Notification system, and several other areas.
  • The listing specifically mentions supporting the "next major releases of Windows 10 and Windows 10X."

A new job listing from Microsoft (opens in new tab) lists several ways that Microsoft wants to improve Windows 10 (via Windows Latest). The listing is for a Software Engineering Manager that will manage the Application connectivity team in COSINE. According to the listing, the Software Engineering Manager that gets the job will help improve the performance of Windows Indexer, improve the reliability of the Windows Notification system, and "support the next major releases of Windows 10 and Windows 10X."

Microsoft is always looking to improve Windows, and it's always hiring people to achieve its goals, so seeing the listing isn't a surprise. It does, however, give some insight into a few of the goals from Microsoft. Here are all of the responsibilities listed by Microsoft:

  • Improving the performance of the Windows Indexer enabling end-users to rapidly find their files and information.
  • Improve reliability of Windows Notification system to support the needs of Xbox, Mobile devices and achieve 'dial-tone' reliability.
  • Work with other companies and contributors making changes to the ICU codebase and support the Microsoft wide needs of localization.
  • Support cloud-clipboard and application sharing.
  • Work as needed to support the next major releases of Windows 10 and Windows 10X

The listing seems to emphasize improving existing products from Microsoft, including Windows Indexer and the Windows Notification system. Since the job listing discusses Windows 10 and Windows 10X, it seems likely that at least some of these improvements will make their way to a wide range of devices eventually.

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  • This is great! Some of my biggest gripes about W10 are addressed here (search, cloud clipboard, notifications...).
  • It would be great if a notification was cleared on one device, it gets cleared on all linked devices. 1st thing I do when I pick up a second device is clear all my notifications.
  • Agreed. And that should also include notifications through Your Phone.
  • Cortana's synced notification dismissal between Windows devices was great, and is now missed. :(
  • Windows Indexer is the only thing interesting out of the list.
  • for you of course
  • While they're at it, it would also be nice if they finally finished a half baked tablet experience in windows 10. Many current features are only half finished, such as snapped apps in tablet mode not being able to rotate to portrait mode, not being able to choose snapping apps vertically or horizontally on screen, expanding support for being able to pin more filetypes as live tiles (currently limited to office files only), expanding functionality of the live tiles, inline ink to text conversion inline expanded more across the OS, expanded granular personalization of live tiles beyond the confines of themes, a date and time bar in action center, brightness and volume slider in action center, to name but a few.