Microsoft Launcher now lets you adjust theme transparency

Mircrosoft Launcher
Mircrosoft Launcher (Image credit: Daniel-Rubino/Windows Central)

Microsoft Launcher for Android only just recently shed its preview tag, but Microsoft is now working on adding a little more customization to the experience. The latest Microsoft Launcher update to head out to beta testers includes a new transparency slider for themes, allowing you to dial in the opacity and blur to your liking. Prior to the slider, transparency could only be toggled on or off with a static look.

While the transparency slider is the only big new feature included, this update does pack in the requisite bug fixes and performance improvements. Here's a look at all of what's new, as detailed in the release notes:

  • Bunch of Crash & Bug fix per 4.1 feedback
  • Performance improvements on Memory & smoothness
  • Add slider for theme transparency

Microsoft Launcher Transparency

We found Microsoft Launcher to be a pretty solid experience in our hands-on time with the launcher, but it does have some room for improvement and added customization options are a step in the right direction. Currently, this update is being tested as version 4.2 with beta users, but it should roll out to everyone before too long. If you'd like to try the slider out ahead of time, anyone can opt in to be a beta tester on Google Play.

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