Microsoft launches the Xbox 360 Super Sale!

Microsoft has announced a new Xbox 360 Super Sale for those still rocking the last-gen console. You'll be able to find a vast collection of games discounted, including the likes of Call of Duty 2 and the original Borderlands. If you still game on the Xbox 360 and wish to bolster your vintage collection slightly, this is the time to pick up a few titles.

There are a ton of titles on sale so prepare to unleash your wallet. Let us know in the comments if you'll be picking any up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I just purchased cod bo3 and warfare!!
    Awesome sales
  • Black Ops might be worth getting depending on its price as I noticed it's the highest played game on the 360 according to the Xbox One's most played now section with its backwards compatibility. Shame FarCry 2 isn't on sale. 
  • £8.24 is pretty good! I'll pick up the CoD games in this sale that are BC and probably any others that are already BC but probably won't ever go GwG - Just can't see a CoD game being thrown in
  • If you can find a copy of the game on disc, it's still almost always cheaper than the online store, even including sale discounts.
  • Yes, with the added negatives of it being on a disc, not being linked to your account and you having to physically find the deals.
  • That's part of what being a gamer is all about! Searching high and low for those rare treats and surprises ☺
  • While I would agree... As a gamer I'm much too comfortable in my couch. ;)
  • While I would agree... As a gamer I'm much too comfortable in my couch. ;)
  • Haha I understand, but the thrill of spotting a very Japanese vita game that you've never heard of behind 7 copies of Lego star wars makes getting off the "throne" well worth the while! I'm going game hunting now actually
  • Yeah, I got you :)
  • Yeah, I got you :)
  • There is a wonderful thrill I get when something like this happens. It's why I have credit card debt.
  • I have a friend whose house was broken into, Xbox stolen, games missing. Bought a new Xbox and re-downloaded the digital games. Physical games still missing, of course. Physical games have huge down-sides.
  • You sir, have played into my paranoia as a collector. I now see a very valid reason for going digital. Somehow, with this simple example, you have given me a stronger reason than any salesperson I have have ever met. Well done.
  • I had some rare games stolen before (chocobo racing, saga frontier 2 and bahamut senki) but they can be found again, I love physical, especially square Enix new way of packaging lots of extra trinkets with special editions, digital to me is just expensive code
  • Yeah, I don't think I will go digital unless that's the only option for the content available. But collectors like us are what help keep physical alive, since we like all the extras they make. Plus there are those games that have not or will not be brought to a digital format for whatever reason.
  • There's also nothing wrong with buying the physical copy for a collection and keeping it someplace safe, if you don't mind buying twice. I do think if you buy a physical copy it should come with a digital copy that gets tied to your account, and if it shows up on someone elses account, yours gets deleted (but i know there's ways around that). Anyway, I love digital, I have a Siberian Husky that still loves to tear up anything she can, and a cat that likes to show stuff on the floor for her. I haven't lost a digital game to the dog yet lol.
  • I wouldn't say physical games have a huge down side, if there is a game I want to lend a friend of mines I can do that. Plus with digital downloading you need space and there's always a change of losing your Data. Both digital and physical have there positive and negative's. It just depends on which one suits you better,
  • I still find good deals on disk, digital copy is cool, but I still prefer the disk.
  • Same sale to PS3 !
  • I wonder how many are BC. Is Far Cry 3 BC? I know Blood Dragon is (which might be something I pick up) and what about the Gears of Wars games? With the new one out I'm kind of interested in checking it out.
  • Oh gosh is Spec Ops: The Line BC? I'd love to pick that up for my One. I could probably look this up myself but I (should) be sleeping right now.
  • Oh and I'd love to pick up the DmC collection too.
    Okay shutting up now.
  • Bully! ... Okay bye.
  • Anyone knows if this goes for games bought at the physical Microsoft Store? I need a reason (excuse) to see what's new in there.
  • Just came from there last week. They have oculus demo and big screen Xbox gaming.
  • Can someone tell me which are the compatibles to Xbox one
  • The Xbox team keeps a master list of backward compatible games here -
  • The only thing about buying purely digital that worries me is how long will the games stay available? Microsoft have done a superb job at back compatibility, but physical will always be available as long as I have a working console.
  • And as long as the disc isn't damaged.
  • Seeing that picture makes me nostalgic for my first Xbox 360 with it's 20Gb hdd. It's great that we can still play all our favourite games even though the original hardware is long gone!
  • Hi, I don't have XBox 360. Can I buy and play these titles on XBox one as well, ofcourse which are XOne backward compatible or is there some kind of restriction?