Microsoft Lumia confirmed as new brand name for company's smartphones

It's not exactly a shock, but Microsoft has apparently settled on the "Microsoft Lumia" brand name as the new label for its smartphones that use Windows Phone, replacing the Nokia brand name following Microsoft's acquisition of that company's Devices and Services division in April.

The transition will take place slowly, beginning with changing over the Nokia Twitter and Facebook feeds around the world to the new Microsoft Lumia brand. The Nokia France Facebook page has already announced, "In the coming days, you will receive a message from Facebook on the renaming of this page. We are about to become 'Microsoft Lumia'! - Stay tuned to learn more soon...;)."

Microsoft has been busy redirectling Nokia website visitors to its new Microsoft Mobile page for the past month. It has also renamed nearly all of the Windows Phone apps that were developed by Nokia, replacing that name with "Lumia" in most cases. Microsoft may also be slowly phasing out the "Phone" part of "Windows Phone" in terms of marketing the OS to consumers in favor of a "Windows" effort that will cover all devices.

Do you think "Microsoft Lumia" is a good brand name for its smartphones or should a new name be used?

Source: Nokia France on Facebook via The Verge

John Callaham
  • Ughh.. Too long, they should've gone with just "Lumia" instead.
  • Exactly. Quite apart that the MS name has negative conotations with alot of people.
  • So does Windows. Lumia Phone perhaps?
  • Your have it wrong it's windows that people don't like Microsoft is Ok with regular consumers, the tech press is another now hates them.
  • The way I see it, it's the other way around; people use Windows every day and are happy and content with it as a tool, but view Microsoft as the "big, greedy cooperation" who spy on them and squash competitors.
    Actually, I think the everyday Joe doesn't have too much of an opinion about either.
  • The everyday Joe also doesn't have a clue. You just described Google today and Microsoft decades ago.
    Microsoft gives rewards for using Bing(I haven't paid for Hulu) in months and that's horrible of them to give something for free as incentive for using their product. Yet Google gives a product for free and takes your information covertly(who really reads those privacy policies?!) buy again it's ok.
    I don't get it.
    I do like Microsoft Lumia though. People that haven't seen them before or heard the name will learn fairly soon once a true flagship appears.
  • I don't know anyone who thinks of MS as a spying company. They might hate IE, but all use Skype, Word, and Windows. You only ever hear positive things about Bill Gates too, so that helps too.
  • That's very true...though IE is the best browser.
  • I agree
  • That it is.
  • Visit gaming forums, you'll run across quite a few haters still calling the X1 a spybox due to Kinect.
  • Their lewd naked selfies with the Kinect won't go unpunished!
  • If only Bing rewards was offered in Canada =/
  • As opposed to Apple, who doesn't squash competitors
  • They're both hated. They had to be tolerated until recently.
  • Actually based on market research, surprisingly its Microsoft that resonates most positively with consumers, compared to windows, Lumia, Surface and even Nokia.
  • Our whole dream of seeing a surface phone is gone. This is practically the surface phone. Creating a "surface" phone is like creating another video game system. XboxTwo
  • The "Surface" brand is tainted, and Microsoft knows it.
  • Xbox Phone :v
  • Yes, but I would have called it the XPhone.
  • People should suck it up they will come back to there senses some day like this company did
  • Yup, just Lumia.
  • What? How is that to long? The iPhones official name is also "Apple iPhone". If they went with "Lumia", it would still be "Microsoft Lumia". Just like "Windows" is also "Microsoft Windows".
  • Yeah, seriously. This IS just Lumia, like it was with Nokia. People hurt my head sometimes.
  • > People hurt my head sometimes. If I could, I would upvote you at least 10,000 times.
  • Don't waste your time trying to figure it out... People like to complain just to complain nowadays... Smh.
  • No doubt man, wtf.
  • This
  • At least people aren't wanting it to be called the Microsoft Nokia any more lol.
  • Must be different coverage in different areas. Never heard it as just Lumia, I have always heard and said it "Nokia Lumia" 
  • When people ask me what phone I have, my response is always "a Lumia 920".
    I don't think I've ever said "Nokia Lumia 920".
  • Because they are planning to put "Microsoft" on the phones bezel which a little too long imo.. "Lumia" sounds better.
  • Maybe not, surface doesn't have microsoft written on it..
  • Wasn't there a leak which showed Microsoft written on top?
  • Hopefully the leak is wrong. There's no "Microsoft" plastered on the front of the Xbone...
  • only 2 letters longer than samsung and the same length as samsung galaxy S
  • Isn't Microsoft the manufacturer of the phone ?
  • +920 I really don't understand what people are complaining about here
  • True that. Same thought process here too. Its just right size and rhymes well with Nokia~Lumia :)
  • Just like Google Nexus. People just refer to the iPhone as the iPhone, not the Apple iPhone. Same with Galaxy S5, Nexus 6, etc. Microsoft Lumia is fine. Everyone is going to refer to it as just the Lumia.
  • +929
  • Yep : Should have called it lumia and The os Windows Phone ( not Windows )
  • It is called Lumia!!!!
  • The OS is Windows Phone.
  • not for much longer. windows 10 is coming. All will be simlpy Windows. As long as it all works and integrates as seemlessly as they say it will, im ok with it. 1 OS, no differeing incompatible variants.
  • Although it is sort of frustrating to see the Nokia brand fading away, I like the way Microsoft is approaching this shift. Just hope for the best and a worthy Lumia 1020 successor! Peace ✌
  • Your post is too long, you should have just posted nothing.
  • Go dig some snow in Canada
  • Little hard to do that when its twenty degrees out but I'll try.
  • At least I know where you are! Another month for you. I lived in South Dakota for a year, holy crap!
  • Little hard to do that when its twenty degrees but but I'll try.
  • +1520
  • I'm still thinking Lumia for the low to mid range and Surface for the true flagship's
  • Microsoft Windows Lumia Phone...;) guess it will be branded "Lumia" in the front like "Nokia" is today. Pretty good!
  • I'm sure the devices will only day Lumia on them, however they will be know a Microsoft Lumia
  • They're still "Lumia" and that's the only thing that matters. Even in countries like mine (Italy), where Nokia was hugely popular, Lumia is already established as a brand on its own so I think customers won't have negative reactions.
  • What do you think "Lumia" on the front, and "Microsoft" on the back of the phone ??
  • Don't need "Microsoft" anywhere. The box of four squares logo like they've been doing is sufficient.
  • I've never seen an iphone user, who dont like "Apple" on the back of their phone.
  • I've never, ever heard an iPhone user mention the Apple logo at all.
  • Agree... They should just replace Nokia with Lumia on the front of devices, and put the logo on back.
  • That's the perfect phone mullet! Haha
  • Windows phones already have the 4 tilted tiles on the front which also light up. So Lumia on the back or front, to replace the current Nokia placement as currently on the 930.
  • YES❗ That's exactly what they should do❗❗
  • I don't think it's too bad, but one major problem with Lumia that i've heard is people calling it Lumina. Associating a phone that doesn't sell well (but is awesome), with one of the crappiest GM lines ever is not good.
  • Only you remember that car.
  • Dont worry.... they will change the name again. Like they always do. MSN->Bing->MSN  Windows Live->Live ID-> Microsoft Account.... Just dont know how long Microsoft Lumia will be around... but I am quite certain it will change. Just ask SkyOneDrive.
  • They didn't have a choice regarding SkyDrive, but slapping MSN on everything again is weird.
  • Agreed... Just "Lumia".
  • As long as it has Lumia in it. Consumers will only be saying Lumia.
    Ads will be like: (the new Microsoft Lumia 1616 with Windows10... The phone version by Microsoft)
  • Huh? It's from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia. Not sure why it's "too long" when it's the same ordeal - company name followed by brand name.
  • well...Nokia Lumia was long too , but most people just call them "Lumia" anyway
  • Which is why this whole discussion is rather humorous and pointless.
  • Hopefully it will be just Lumia on the phone, replacing Nokia.
  • Full name is Microsoft Lumia Smartphone powered by Windows for ARM processors, telephony edition.
  • Apple iPhone. Microsoft Lumia. Not long. Lumia is the name same way people just say iPhone. pretty soon, people will just say Lumia.
  • Exactly
  • Ya me too .... Quiet big... Only Lumia would have been best
  • Totally agree - more retained equity in Lumia rather than adding the master brand Microsoft.
  • They'll just end up being called Lumias anyway. No one says the Microsoft Xbox or Microsoft Surface. It'll lapse into just the model after a while.
  • Yay for Microsoft Lumia! :)
  • I think sticking up with Lumia is a good choice by MS because both "Lumia" and "Nokia" has same number of letters and same way of sound... So if they want to rebrand Lumia is a good option...
  • So they only technically have to change 3 letters on the phones front right?
  • I don't know. Might not be a good idea. Nokia is a household name , especially in developing countries. Time will tell though..
  • Yeah Nokia is a great household name but the name Nokia was not part of the take over of the mobile division sadly. No idea why.
  • Cause Nokia is still a company!!
  • That itself isn't actually a problem.  The name is just a trademark, and trademarks can be licensed just like any other property.  As an example, Rolls Royce is a massive global company; their car business had long since become a distraction so they sold their car business to BMW; as part of the deal BMW acquired the rights to use the Rolls Royce name on automobiles and automotive parts and accessories.  The same kind of trademark licensing deal could have been struck between Microsoft and Nokia; but for whatever reason it didn't happen. Another example is sports gear; the NFL doesn't actually make the NFL gear, it's made and sold by somebody else (e.g Nike or Reebok) under license.  It's the same sort of deal as the Rolls Royce/BMW deal.  
  • It's not that hard to think of a reason why it wasn't if you consider that the deal had a very small and specific hiatus regarding Nokia's reentrance in the phone business. If Nokia had no plans to return in some form to it, they would have licensed it.
  • Please no more I like Nokia and it will be a bad idea, this has been discussed to death and it is a fact and has been a fact for months that MS cannot carry on using the name Nokia, its a done deal end of.       Bob
  • your right ! the times have changed and time to move on, As long as the build quality there and specs we really should be happy.
  • Nokia sold their phone division with a licence that lets Microsoft used the Nokia name during the transition period. Nokia is still a company involved in communications.
  • This had to happen, Microsoft had no choice but to move away from the Nokia branding.  Nokia, under the terms of the deal, are entitled to re-enter the mobile phone market from 2016 if they wish. I hope the handsets simply say Lumia on the front and back.
  • I wish they would have a plain front and then on the back the Microsoft logo or the word Lumia, like on the Surface it says Surface. They already have the Microsoft logo on the front in the home button and that is all they have on the Surface,
  • Couldn't agree more.
  • Bingo. Looking at the Surfaces I suppose Microsoft will do the branding the same way.
  • I agree!
  • Nokia isn't a household name in the US, it's still more of an old name that recalls nostalgia instead of innovation. Glad to see it go.
  • Same here. I've a mixed feeling regarding this move, I mean I knew it had to happen some day.... And its actually a good news for many living in the States as I've heard Nokia's song isn't sung. Instead, people know Microsoft better over there. However, in developing countries with emerging market opportunities like India, Nokia is still considered one hell of a brand (in fact most of the Lumias sold here are more because of Nokia brand than people's choice in WP). I'm not sure how it's going to affect people's interest. Name matters a lot. However, if the product quality remains the same (won't bet for better though!), people will find it out sooner than later. That said, only time will tell.
  • I still have have a theory that Nokia will buy HTC once Nokia and Microsoft's agreement is complete. When Nokia and HTC settled their IP dispute, I just got the feeling that there was a little handshake wink wink agreement going on. HTC and Apple (and maybe Sony, now) are the only companies that can rival Nokia's build quality and craftsmanship, and HTC has been underperforming in the sales. Along with the money Nokia received from Microsoft, they're making money off of licensing, and they haven't been spending all their money on research and development. Nokia and HTC would be a great combination that actually makes sense.
  • Didn't most of the mobile patents go to Microsoft when they sold the movile phone division?  I thought I had read that somewhere. HTC phones arent the great in the build quality area. More on par with LG. Nevermind they don't support thier product form more than a few months after release.
  • Exactly....this may result in reduction of sales in many countries.
  • Microsoft can't take nokia out in our hearts
  • Yes it can. It will.
  • They are doing it now
  • No they can't. And they won't. ;)
  • Then it gonna lose a big market share in India.
  • I feel a Braveheart quote is coming shortly....
  • Freeeeedooommmm!!!
  • Awesome
  • It's sad that we won't see Nokia as a phone brand anymore. We will always remember that without Nokia, there will be no Lumia and Windows Phone like today. At least if I switch to Android someday I am gonna install Z Launcher :)
  • I will always have the Nokia brand on my 930. I'm so proud of them.
  • Farewell Nokia!
  • It was never there.
  • Still nothing for the Microsoft Lumia Icon, day 98.
  • Stop counting, nothing is going to happen
  • That's what you get for buying carrier exclusive phones, my condolences.
  • Yep my 930 couldn't agree more! Sadly...
  • Arthjar, it the only place we can get the icon. And since the US wireless industry uses two different technologies, phones that work on two of our carriers don't work on the other two.
  • Will ye have a cake cut on the 100th day??
  • Sour pus pie
  • The cake is a lie !!
  • Why can't you guys sue Verizon??? All the other carriers released/relessing the updates. But no update for Verizon's flagship WP. These kind of updates actually makes me wonder whether customer is the king in US...
  • Don't you think that firmware update or software update,should be the software maker and the OEM's job instead the carries?
  • However it is the carriers whom are blocking it, that's a fact.
  • And that's why I never went Verizon...
  • Hahahaha, what if we just get denim on release day???
  • If it weren't for DP 8.1 I would have sold this phone long ago.
  • That's because that phone doesn't exist.
  • Why are you a retard? Use PREVIEW FOR FUCKIN DEVELOPERS
  • Yep, what double m said
  • You cant get cyan anyway lol. It still has Togo through the carriers to hit your phone PfD or not.
  • We have that, without the cyan firmware, some of us have weird glitches like: the phone takes 5 seconds to wake up, and wifi just stops working. We don't have Bluetooth 4.0 and cant use treasure tags either if we have the preview.
  • Maybe it's because it's a *PREVIEW* for *DEVELOPERS*?  It's not meant for the general consumer.  That release is Cyan.....which Verizon hasn't released. Who's the retard now?
  • But the pd program is the closest icon can get. A retard may not figure this out
  • Blaah :( Will Miss Nokia
  • Nokia :'( :'( :'(
  • What a weird name..eeuuww..
  • I was expecting Surface Phone.
  • That sounds better.
  • +820
  • Soon, always soon....
  • Soon™
  • Thank you, I didn't have a PC to do the tm, well it wouldn't look as good as yours from my 1520
  • Doesn't bother me once we get updates faster,quick launches of phones and quality that Nokia always give their customers
  • Long live Microsoft Lumia! But it's still not a suggestion in the word flow keyboard.
  • Just perfect . But Lumia By Ms seems more chic.
  • I like that
  • There's no Xbox by Microsoft or Skype by Microsoft. I personally prefer just Lumia though.
  • Not bad
  • Thanks alot elop , it was all part of a master plan a few years ago to put elop as CEO for Microsoft to take over Nokia . I swear to god I had a feeling the moment they announced elop as CEO of Nokia. Disgusting I swear. Way to go for ruining a super innovative company like Nokia
  • Take your meds...
  • Wait are you my doctor ?
  • I am a Dr, but not a physician
  • Can I get some of those meds?
  • I'll have to check my stash, be right back...
  • Daniel show your magic on this comment!!
  • There is no such thing as magic
  • Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
  • Magic is a word used to describe anything occurring for unexplained reasons. And we know how the most advanced technology works so I'm sorry but they are distinguishable
  • Are you feeling alright?
  • Yeah man I'm fine, its just this guy is telling me to take my meds , he thinks he's my doctor ...
  • I don't think Elop will be reading this... So if you wish to thank him, better find some other channel where he would visit often :-P
  • Comments option is there for people to express themselves , so I am allowed to say whatever I wanna say whenever. You got nothing on me. Stop being so judgmental
  • I'm just playing
  • How can you play in the comments section ? I mean there is a reason its called the comments section and not the playing section. If you wanna play you can go to the store and get a few games from gameloft or something , know what I'm saying ?
  • Really? You are off your meds. As if I'm the only one who makes a comical remark. At least I took a moment to say I'm just playing. Do you want me to delete my comments? Usually, Windows Central does that for me. More than once I have been called a foul mouthed idiot but I'm not boo hooing
  • Yo man just chill , why so serious , I thought you would play along with me. Love you man and its nothing personal I swear. You're chill
  • Oh, I'm good, I love you too windows phone comrad!
  • Hahahahahah
  • :)
  • Yup.. I agree with the comments section is for the readers to express themselves. But it is for expressing opinion related to the article/post. Please do not say that Elop topic is related here... It is more like commenting on how visionary Ballmer is, on an article about Satya Nadella.
  • Get real dude. Are you wearing your tinfoil hat?
  • I am real bro, you think a ghost can comment on wpcent... Oh wait its windows central now
  • Rubbish, Nokia looked for a new ceo and hired one. He wasn't forced upon them.
  • No... Apparently to the genius above....Microsoft implanted a mole as CEO.
  • That's actually what happened and you cant deny that. I mean what are the chances of elop being appointed by Microsoft as the new head of devices division in Microsoft after it acquired Nokia. Besides I don't think you're following windows central as much as me . Editors here wrote an article a while back about how this is all a conspiracy so if you are gonna be sarcastic and call me the genius , know that I'm not the only genius on this website. Our very own editors are "geniuses" according to you
  • Really?  "What are the chances" of the CEO of an acquired company becoming the head of the division of the new company that the acquired company was for?  Pretty damn good.  And even better when the CEO of the acquired company used to work for the acquiring company.   Get over it.  Your phone won't say Nokia on it anymore.  Boo hoo.  (I'm starting think the Nokia fans are worse than the Apple fans)  
  • for the love of god just think for a second. in its last days, Nokia was dying and the reason for that was Elop. now lets look at the situation from Microsofts point of view. its very obvious that Elop brought Nokia down (the whole world agrees, you cant argue with the whole world) and they still chose him to be the head of the division. dont you find this a little bit odd ? you know whats even worse than both of them ? humans. they just forget all the good a company like Nokia gave them . nokia is one of the pioneers of mobile phone technology and people seem to have forgotten all about it. im proud that my lumia 920 has nokia written on it. its an honor to have my phone made by the gods of mobile phone. learn how to be faithful amd loyal to something maybe then youll be able to get a girlfriend
  • Nokia was in trouble before Elop got there.  And CEOs becoming employees in acquired companies is very common. (Yes, even running divisions.)  If you want to blame Elop for Nokia's troubles, have at it.  If you want to claim Elop and Microsoft conspired together, have at it.  But him becoming the head of the Devices division is not something outrageous or uncommon so, yes, the chances are pretty good for that to happen and it doesn't prove anything.  And we don't owe 'loyalty' or 'faithfulness' to any company.  That's why we pay them money for their products.  That's what we owed them and they got it.  In return, we got a product.  If the product is good, I'll be back.  If it's not, I won't.   But, really, thanks for the tip on getting a girlfriend.  I can't tell you how long I have been searching for the answer to that.  Now I know!  You are a lifesaver.  Unfortunately, my wife might get pissed so I guess I'll just have to keep being unfaithful and disloyal to my tech companies so I don't accidentally get a girlfriend.   
  • U can't be so shithead
  • Im sorry but I find it sooo hard to take someone named Double M seriously. What does the M stand for dawg ?
  • nokia was already down when MR Elop took over ! would android have saved them ? we shall never know.
  • Never said anything about android, your argument is invalid
  • The Elop play by Microsoft was pure genius!!!!
  • Yeah keep lying to yourself buddy
  • NIST
  • ??? So you think Symbian can fend of iOS and Android? Or you would want Nokia to go die with Android because of Samesung?   *Edit: Ok I totally forgot about Nokia X* :D
  • Im just mad at how this all went down. Symbian was definitely on the right track in its last days. And the moment they got it right , Nokia abandoned Symbian
  • We'll never know I guess. Symbian is getting good but its... "Market" was going down because of Apple's/Job's ... eehh what do you call this? Reality bending/Marketing crap i dunno. :)
  • Microsoft Lumia !? Sound pretty good to me
  • Lumia is fine, I'm not entirely sure why they seem to be putting so much attention and focus into it when it probably could have just been a simple switch but I dunno, maybe they feel they should ween people into the change rather than just slapping everyone in the face with it. That's a long sentence.
  • Basically they'd rather make it public and in your face rather than pull a Windows 8 on the people.
  • Nice
  • It don't dislike it but they should have kept Nokia in there somewhere for brand loyalty..
  • No. Had to ditch Nokia name. MS could only use it for a specified period of time
  • They had a year more to use the Nokia name according to the deal..So the changes had to come one day!! Better sooner than later!!
  • Microsoft Nokia Lumia?
  • They can't. Nokia is still a company, can return to smartphones in 2016 and can release other consumer products even before that. And they intend to. Which is why Microsoft has to change the branding on the things they can. Microsoft will only be able to keep using the Nokia name to promote the current Lumia phones. But all new phones will have to ditch the Nokia branding because, well, they're NOT Nokias.
  • Blah blah blah. Maybe Microsoft will buy the remainder of Nokia by next year. It fits with their mobile first cloud first (network infrastructure, maps services) mantra...and they could have the Nokia brand. Who knows...
  • That won't happen. I've enumerated the reasons why in a reply below. Go search for it.
  • They are somewhat still "Nokias" because they got the whole Nokia Devices division that creates those "Nokia Devices".
    The existing Nokia company will have to hire other personell to create nokias then?
  • Well, they did, but didn't Microsoft just turn around and *lay off* most of them?   A large part of those cuts that happened some weeks ago, were from that Nokia division.
  • Well maybe, still its like Adidas getting Reebok, reebok shoes"hardware" will still be reeboks I guess, or well they also manufacture it in China I guess. :)
  • Well...yes and no. Couple of things: - Microsoft fired half the staff they got from Nokia and closed a bunch of factories; - Nokia retained all the patents AND the R&D teams that created the cool stuff you have on Nokia phones. - Nokia is already hiring people through their Technologies division to return to consumer hardware. Plus, they've helped financing Jolla...which they could simply acquire back to Nokia since Jolla is made of ex-Nokia folks.   Having ex-Nokia employees won't make the phones a Nokia. There's an entire corporate spirit behind hardware production. Otherwise a Jolla would also be a Nokia and it isn't. No, these phones will not be Nokia. They'll be Microsoft and they'll be as good as Microsoft's willing to invest in them being good. As for Nokia, it's not crystal clear that we will have Nokia smartphones back in January 2016, but it's a possiblility and a completely do-able one. The only thing Nokia has to reconstruct is the distribution chains...which they could always do in a smaller scale (for example, a return of Nokia could see markets like the USA left out of the picture)
  • boss if the microsoft lumia 535 is damaged where should we take the mobile to nokia company???????????
  • They should write just Microsoft at the back of the devices just like Apple!! Both Lumia and Microsoft won't look nice on the fronts!!
  • It's those stupid Verizon and AT&T logos which look worst on the fronts.
  • Want a microsoft logo on the back :/
  • They will probably write Microsoft on the back and Lumia on the front.
  • Might be other way around looking at me 1520...
  • The branding will be standard on all the phones. The "1530" could have Microsoft on the front but no other phones would be able to pull the same. So it's better to have the smaller name on the front and the bigger one on the back.
  • I like MS flag
  • I sure hope you're EXACTLY right❗❗❗
  • They could also create a new distinct logo for those Lumia phones. Just like the XBox console has its own logo, and I don't see any Microsoft Logo on the XBox One Hardware... (Is there?)
  • If it's like the Surfaces, the phones will only have a label on the back. There's allready a Windows logo on the front.
  • Now update the Icon...
  • Download the preview for developers
  • That wont get you Cyan anyway lol.
  • IT doesn't matter. Just release lumia 1530.
  • They won't!!
  • O yes that will be pretty pricey, I'm sure won't be much to upgrade though. It's already quite up to spec with the 1520
  • Just wait a year :-(
  • Lol!!! That's the device I'm waiting for as well...
  • Am waiting for a Snapdragon 801+2 GB RAM+HD Screen+SD Supported WP!! My dad gifted me a iPhone 6 but am sticking to my 520 only!! #BeLoyalToWP
  • I knew they'd pick this name. :-)
  • Lumia is fine. Now they just need a flagship device that will make someone notice.
  • Microsoft Lumia is a great name. Nokia is a great brand. With them both they shall prevail.
  • Who's "they"? Nokia and Microsoft went their separate ways already. Nokia has no more connections with Microsoft apart from the commercial ones which are now in the same level as the connections between Nokia and Samsung etc.   Microsoft is on its own now.
  • Yep, what dcjbs said
  • Was there any doubts?
  • I hoped they would keep it as just Lumia. Keeping a very big name for small devices is beyond me :-/
  • Kinda odd they went with Lumia, I remember reading that Microsoft wasn't fond of the name when Nokia came out with. Anyway wise choice ... Some recognition is better than No recognition at all.
    I hope they kill Nokia's stupid naming system as well.
  • Well like it or not their naming system works. You can distinguish phones, age, and likely specs with it without ever using the phone. :P
    5xx - entry level
    6xx - high entry level
    7xx - lower mid range
    8xx - mid range
    9xx - flagship
    10xx - camera beast
    13xx - extra large entry level
    15xx - extra large flagship
  • Pretty good list, till someone comes along and blows it up because we forgot something.
  • Stop making so much sense.  We need goofy phone names like Icon, Epic, and Desire. Those kind of names tell us... nothing.
  • create a better Facebook app Microsoft!!
  • Yay!
  • Indian nokia fans will be disappointed.. :'(
  • thats true. im scared how fans will react
  • Yesss, won't be good. I'll ask for them: When for India?
  • Most people will refer to the smartphones just as "Lumia"..most people don't say "Apple iPhone" or "Samsung Galaxy S5" ..they just say "iPhone" or "Galaxy S5" :)
  • That's why Windows Phone make it so special. I like the name. Why not? :))
  • Yup agreed ;)
  • i hope Microsoft are behind the remaining nokia to takeover them. they wanted it but nokia refused to do so
  • The Finnish Government opposes..
  • 1 - They aren't 2 - They lack a Trojan CEO at Nokia to sell them stuff cheap after driving things to the ground; 3 - The Finnish government wouldn't allow it; 4 - The Chinese government wouldn't allow it; 5 - Google would move the Earth to prevent it; 6 - Microsoft is not interested. If Nadella had been CEO on 3rd September 2013, the deal would have never happened.
  • Yep, on most points
  • agreed Nadella wouldnt have let nokia acquisition. hes a guy more focussed on cloud and that how he should be
  • google would move the
  • I like that one too
  • In fact, I wouldn't doubt it if Nadella is already moving to 'undo' the acquisition by writing down the cost (which could give a short boost to Microsoft's stock price), and selling off the division to one or more OEMs. I don't think he's interested in being in mobile hardware, at all.
  • That's the feeling I'm getting too. I think if it depended on him, even the Surface line would face the axe. The problem is, it's easier to sell the mobile phone division off than to sell a tablet division. I also think that's the reason why the ex-Nokia D&S division was moved into Microsoft Mobile - a separate company - instead of being moved to Microsoft itself like the Xbox and Surface divisions. It's easier to sell it off without impact on Microsoft's own share value than to get rid of it if the division is part of the main company.
  • Admittedly a bit too long for public consumption. Just the logo of Microsoft with Lumia following it would have been good enough
  • On the 626, 820 and 925 there is also no LUMIA on the phone just Nokia. So I do not see the problem with a "long" name. Just replace Nokia with Microsoft.
  • Agreed SIr.
  • thas why i hate microsoft
  • Xbox Lumia would be better
  • Hell, no OTG or Bluetooth stack to support a controller is ridiculous in my opinion. Ms is/ has been missing the boat for the Xbox franchise on WP.
  • No!!! That sounds corny, and it would isolate the entire WP platform to a single demographic.. That's why you will NEVER see tho happen...
  • Sure, just don't call it that in public; call it Lumia...
  • Surface Phone is better than that "Microsoft Lumia"
  • Will it still live up to Nokia quality?
  • It's just a name change :)
  • Of course...not.
  • Seriously makes me wonder. We haven't seen one MS phone yet....
  • Given that half the ex-Nokia staff was fired, factories were closed and Microsoft doesn't seem that interested in hardware, I think it would take real blind faith to assume that nothing would change.
  • Yeah, I do believe now that something's going to change... But, I honestly can't tell if it's going to be good or bad... No new 1020, or 1520, isn't a good start.
  • Lol!!!!! You don't know that yet... Quality could actually increase.... Now, I do kinda fear for innovation now, but only time will tell.
  • Absolutely yes, the team behind phones is just the same, and MS already showed what is capable of with the Surface line. Given that HW and SW developement are from one company, things are going to get better.
  • The team behind the division is not the same; most of them were just let go by Microsoft in a series of cuts.
  • Overlapping figures maybe, I didn't read anywhere who these people are and what role they had. But even if you were right, as I said MS already knows how to make brilliant HW by itself. You won't find anyone arguing over Surface line quality.
  • The word Nokia means alot behind the band. MS no need to replace it
  • It a money thing. Nokia still is a company. Microsoft just bought a part of the company. And probably Microsoft did not want to pay much more to also buy the name Nokia.
  • Yes they need to replace it. They do not own the Nokia brand.
  • Microsoft has been busy redirectling Nokia website visitors to its new Microsoft Mobile page for the past month.
    I like this one - sound like there's sitting an army of redirecting-monkeys doing this manually for every user opening a nokia website :-D
  • So Microsoft Lumia for all low end, mid range crappy 512 to 2GB RAM phones that wont always have everything. Annnnd Microsoft Surface for all high end, full blown 3GB+ RAM phones that will be Surface quality, packed with full HD everything, 64 or 128GB + expandable storage, Glance, double tap, colours, Hey Cortana and all the bells and whistles. REAL Flagships = Microsoft Surface. Everything else = Lumia. Awesome!
  • And amoled screens or super amoled , and just amoled to get the perfect colors , no IPS LCD anymore...
  • Forget the "Surface Phone". It's a silly idea. You don't see Apple mixing the iPhone and the iPad brands. Microsoft would have to be really really really stupid to start mixing the Lumia brand with the Surface brand.
  • You don't see Apple making one OS for all types and brands either.
  • Actually, they're moving in that direction too.
  • Dear god dcjbs, we've witnessed worse naming schemes from MS, look out!
  • Apple mixes bands all the time. iEverything, MacBook Air and iPad Air, etc. Also Samsung with Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab, etc. Google with Nexus phones and tablets. Nokia with Lumia phones and Lumia 2520. No reason why Microsoft couldn't do the same, expecially with all the marketing they have been putting into the Surface brand (NFL, commercials, etc). If you have a strong brand, why not use it to your advantage?
  • I like the the idea. Also I like name; Windows Phone Lumia or WP Lumia or MS Lumia or just Lumia. All we need now is just a microsoft logo instead of the nokia on phones and that's it.Perfect for my opinion. I only hope they keep nokia design, colours and optics (Carl Zeiss instead Canon etc)...
  • They could have called just Lumia.
  • Lumia by Microsoft?
  • It is just called Lumia.  Lumia has a manufacturer whose name is Microsoft, just like Samsung make the Galaxy S line and Apple make the iPhone.  I expect that the on the back, it will simply say Lumia following what they did with the Surface products.  Conceivably, they could put Microsoft on the front but I can't imagine that it will say "Microsoft Lumia" on the front or back.
  • Microsoft windows for PC.
    Microsoft surface for Tablets.
    Microsoft Lumia for Smartphone.
    Sounds great! Congrats! Seams we are raiding a new leader for making a best history in the world. Sure expecting that Microsoft gains its prestige back.
  • Nokia Lumia sounds better than microsoft Lumia
  • MS has the worst fans. Ever. Always complaining about everything. Not saying some complaints aren't valid, but the problem is, complaining about everything devalues the valid ones. Please, be moderate.
  • + 10 Totally agree
  • Agree !
  • If u want to use mix radio than why the hell u still need nokia account?
  • Shitty desition MS :/, we should stay on nokia lumia, not microsoft blahblah
  • I probably wont agree with you , untill when Microsoft will still naming. It's phones with "Nokia" Lumia ? , the Nokia brand are now. Gone , but no. One will forget it ;)
  • You can't stay on Nokia Lumia because Microsoft does not own Nokia nor its brand.
  • It's amazing how many people don't understand. They have to rename, they don't have an option.
  • A lot its all the media fault. It's because of headlines like "Microsoft bought Nokia" and "Microsoft to kill Nokia brand" that people assumed Nokia disappeared...when it couldn't be further away from the truth.
  • It's been well documented, under the terms of the deal to purchase the devices business, Microsoft have no choice but to transition away from the Nokia name.  Nokia has the right to re-enter with their own mobile offering again from 2016 if they so wish.
  • By keeping the Lumia name, Nokia is still very much involved. Now can we get an all in one phone, 4.8-5inches with all the best features from Microsoft and Nokia, maybe Vapormg and not polycarbonate, a Zune style music app and sell it unlocked straight from the Microsoft store and I'll be happy.
  • That'll be awesome
  • Uh...Nokia isn't envolved AT ALL now. The little they were - through HERE - has already seen a focus shift towards Android.
  • So the Lumia 830 may be the last Nokia-branded phone. Glad I bought it!
  • Yes. The last Nokia-branded phone. But the 930 is the last true Nokia phone. The 830 was only started by Nokia but it was already finished by Microsoft Mobile.
  • I think it would be disastrous for Microsoft to sell their mobile division off now. You bring valid points, but the main issue for Microsoft is that they keep switching directions every few years and all it does is restart the entire process. I highly doubt they're planning to sell in the future.
  • Yeah!
  • Perfect :)
  • Lumia. Nice.
  • I can understand why Nokia is no more before Lumia but Microsoft Lumia?? What an odd name...
  • I like it, they want they're name to become household like.
  • I also cant able to nokia india website
  • Wonder if they'll add the new smartwatch into the Lumia branding?
  • Maybe
  • And people will tend to call it Lumia. I don't say Nokia Lumia 1020, just Lumia 1020. No change for me
  • Woohooooo ! :)))) Lumia name is the best name for phones ever !
  • After a monthy of boneheaded choices by Microsoft (Windows 10, changing Bing apps to MSN, etc.) this is some welcome news.  I was afraid they would continue down their path of stupidity and call them "MSN Phones".
  • No Nokia, No Trust
  • In India this is valid
  • As well as in Europe.
  • Let us wait and see how nicely even without Nokia, Windows 10 will boost the stagnant 3% that we've managed with Nokia. I L.O.V.E. evolution.
  • Yup, let us see. I L.O.V.E. being right ahead of time. =)
  • MS fanboys will be happy.
    Should have just left it as Lumia.
    Another MS marketing fail.....
  • Not sure why ppl are losing it about the Microsoft Lumia branding being 'too long' Like the Apple iPhone (usually just iPhone), it will just be referred to as Lumia I suspect....
  • Just Microsoft would have been fine.
  • OMG the amount of whiners here. For months I read "Lumia should be the branding" and now that it is the tears start flowing. And no they can't use Nokia, MS doesn't have the rights. And no, "Microsoft Lumia" is not to long because it will just be called Lumia just as the Apple iPhone is just the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S is just the Galaxy S.
  • Well said.
    It's a good fit for MSFT and people already know the "Lumia" brand.
  • Lumia with model numbers will be just fine. Like *Lumia 1525*.
  • No more Lumia for me .. Time to switch
  • why?
  • RIP nokia(for phones)
  • I think, this new name is good. At least not worse than previous.
  • Apple - iPhone
    Samsung - Galaxy
    Microsoft - Lumia Make then model series, it really is that simple what do you expect them to do?
  • iPhone was started by apple and iPhones are bought by fanboysso they know it.
    Samsung started galaxy and marketed well.
    Microsoft lumia ditching a powerful brand NOKIA im scared coz its the most still reliable brand in the market
  • They have no choice but to drop Nokia branding? Lumia is the next best thing to keeping a quality brand name. The Lumia has been Nokia's premium phone series for the past 4 or 5 years and have all featured the WP operating system. It's logical and the best option. As for saying iPhones are only bought by fanboys that's just a childish comment because iOS, Android AND WP all have blinkered fanboys whether you care to admit it or not
  • I think only microsoft is enough no need of lumia required if it required then they can keep it back sides.....
  • Lumia by Microsoft sounds better but ill miss nokia. The name is still powerful
  • That sounds good to me. Microsoft Xbox and Microsoft Surface are simply referred to as Xbox and Surface respectively, so this shouldn't be any different. I'm sure most people will still call it Lumia (even Microsoft). And hopefully future phones don't have branding on front; just put "Lumia" on the back where "Nokia" is currently.
  • Nokia Lumia was awesome and always will remain ! I might buy the last big Nokia or wait until they resume making handsets
  • I don't think Lumia is a good brand name. I don't get it. Why do they stick with it, I mean did names suddently finish and there's no names to choose from? No one in Microsoft can come up with a better brand name?...
  • I mean even if they named it Surface Phone that would've been better...
  • Doesn't sound right
  • Wouldn't this be great? ​
  • Good concept
  • I like it!
  • Stay tuned. I love this sentence
  • Awesome news! Now, where's the "Lumia One" phone?
  • Microsoft is killing there self
  • Hmm, think you meant "itself".  But no, I don't think you're right.  It's fair to say that Microsoft has taken some missteps, particularly with the US market thus far (since the 2010 reboot) but in other markets, WP is growing, slowly, but growing.  And make no mistake, although it pains me to say it, (being in the UK), the US market is the key to making WP a success so in that sense, even if they had the option to keep on using the Nokia name (which they did not), the US doesn't know enough of Nokia as a smartphone brand, it simply doesn't get it.  It does understand Microsoft - it's that simple.
  • Just focus on your OS, Android lollipop is on developer (soon to be released). Watch out on YouTube. Though, sounds good.
  • what's taking so long with the phones??????
  • Still think Microsoft should be pit a surface phone brand. Leave the lumia crap for the low end markets.
  • Doesn't sound rhyming
  • It's good move from Microsoft Windows phone
  • I guess it would have been NOKIA LUMIA...the way it was...the charm of the word will be gone..
  • Can't wait until I start owning phones with Microsoft brand
  • May be now they should start pushing the firmware as part of the developer preview
  • It will be just Lumia, like Microsoft Surface. It's just Surface on my device.
  • If they must keep the Lumia name, Microsoft Lumia works. Now if we can do something about these numbers for model names and just do names for phones like Microsoft Icon it'll be just right.
  • C'mon. Another re branding? I feel Microsoft will make Nokia extinct.
    NOKIA has unexceptional hardware and Microsoft the best Software. NOKIA LUMIA was best title.
  • Microsoft does not have the rights to continue to use Nokia.  Nokia is still a sovereign company. And because they can no longer use "Nokia,"  rebranding was inevitable. 
  • Surface phone, anyone?
  • If they say all windows. Ok.
    Suppose I go to a shop and ask, give me a windows.. The shopkeeper will definitely get confuse what I'm asking for.
    So it's utter nonsense,as I have to make it clear to shopkeeper that I'm asking for windows ""phone"".
    So making all windows doesn't make sense according to me.
    As each time I have to say.
    Windows ""laptop""
    Windows ""tablet""
    Windows ""phone""
    So just making it windows , is awful.
  • So, should I buy a new phone or wait for new MICROSOFT branded devices (if coming) ? Your thoughts  :) ?
  • If both companies are operates separately,why Microsoft want to change Nokia brand to Microsoft Lumia or to whatever name they want to use?
    Facebook and Instagram are operating separately,but Facebook didn't change instagram name.
    Another Microsoft stupidity,if Microsoft could name their phone Lumia,that would be better than Microsoft Lumia,because Microsoft Lumia doesn't sound right,Microsoft Surface doesn't sound right either nor Microsoft Xbox.
    Microsoft will need to think twice if they are going to change Nokia brand,it's better not be Microsoft Lumia and then lacking off of updating their phones with software fix and firmware fix,because I would laterally go to Android,for the reason that Microsoft don't listen to his users.
    Microsoft user voice websites that's set for each of its products is a waste of time.
  • End of nokia name.... No more windows phone for me... Jolla here i come... I hv an obssession for Nokia duh :(
  • R i p Microsoft ppl are going to stop by your phone ppl by window phone because of the Nokia name and it
  • So will we be getting a notice from you guys that Windows Phone Central being renamed too to Windows Central?
  • Good name, the logic choice.
  • Wait. Xbox One, Surface One, Lumia One. Yep, that's it. The first new (Windows 10 Phone) will be the Lumia One.
  • +920
  • Finally, now they can announce the new flagship that's been mysteriously missing for far too long - the Microsoft Lumia MH-370! (too soon?)
  • I'm still thinking Lumia for the low to mid range and Surface for the true flagship
  • "Lumia One"
  • Great it will Lumia, Microsoft Lumia it's just like Microsoft surface you will not see Microsoft brand on it
  • I think the name 'Lumia' is better than 'Microsoft Lumia'
  • Good name
  • It's fine. Cool to see MS owning it.
  • Im proud of Nokia brand on my phone.. ❤
  • Eh. It doesn't roll off the tongue naturally at all. "Nokia Lumia" has a much nicer and more natural ring to it.
  • Atlast!!! Waiting for this news for long time.. LUMIA is already synonymous with windows phone...
  • In my opinion, it should be "Lumia" on the front, and "Microsoft" on the back. It sounds good to me :)
  • It's good. The fact that Microsoft is there doesn't really matter. People don't call it the Apple iPhone, or the Google Nexus. iPhone, Nexus, Lumia.
  • Saw that coming a mile off. Obvious choice.
  • i think microsoft do nit change the brand and just stuck in Lumia.but lumia its a good name for brands.
  • Don't like it I'll just say Lumia
  • If Apple's phones are called "Apple iPhone", Microsoft's Windows Phone devices can also be called "Microsoft Lumia". Nothing wrong in it.
  • No harm..It's Nokia the reason for Lumia to be promoted and buyers to step forward to Lumia as a leap of get it..most of the Nokia fans have Lumia..when compared ..hmm lets see it was better to keep Nokia..because its a sleek look on Lumia phones
  • Verizon will not be changing the name to Lumia until 2017.
  • name the back panel of the phone with Lumia by Microsoft. they should not put Microsoft on the front. i would like it but not the avg consumer hime we want to attract.
  • Microsoft Lumia 1030!!!Everyone is changing their name?what's goin on?
  • Just 'Lumia' would've been fine. Anyway, when are the new flagship phones coming out, I wanna replace my Lumia 1520... :-)
  • Ugh, they should've dropped "Lumia" too. Lets just hope they start naming phones and NOT use that confusing numbering system. Get the Danger team in there, those guys don't seem to be doing anything.
  • Next year I will have two Lumias.One by Nokia(620) and another by MS(new 1***)hurrraah!!!
  • This could be a fatal move, as the Nokia brand, carries more strength in the mobile world, especially in 3rd world countries. However this transition will Microsoft name more exposer in the mobile world, as part as their mobile first, cloud first world transaction. All we can do is predict and analyse this coming situation
  • I don't mind Surface Phone and Microsoft Lumia.
  • How can a company choose so long name for its devices??? Lumia was just perfect.....
  • Microsoft Xbox with Windows (Gaming/home media) Microsoft Surface with WIndows (Tablet/Hybrid) Microsoft Lumia with Windows (Smartphone/mobile) Lenovo, HP, Asus, Toshiba, Dell, Acer etc. with Windows (PC/Laptop)   Seems like this is a bit more streamlined. I like it so far.     
  • MS will launch a Lumia Passport (8") in near future.So that they can write whatever they want on the phone.Microsoft Lumia 12325(Windows mentioned below)loll.
  • Good now about some nice high end devices II mean Lumias
  • Good choice as I was always supporting this name from the beginning.
    This also makes sense like this,
    Apple iPhone
    Samsung Galaxy
    Microsoft Lumia. Great choice.
  • Could we expect VaporMg casing for these upcoming MS Lumia phones??
  • I still don't understand why MS didnt just buy Nokia in it's entirety. Money? Regulatory concerns?
  • Why not just Lumia Phone??? It would be more simple
  • It's alright. Will be interesting to see how ex-Nokia team gel with Windows team. I hope we'll be able to see the result of the synergy gets translated into what we hope is a technologically "disrupting" Lumia 1030!
  • Well its good
  • Microsoft Lumia with Windows
    Google Nexus with Android
    Apple iPhone with iOS A good and obvious choice
  • How bout you say what ever you want, but the name is Microsoft Lumia... Ok, thank you - Management
  • I just saw this review a few days ago, it's a bit sad but it's true, if you wanted to own a Nokia this is your last chance because Nokia phones won't exist anymore.
  • "Lumia" would have been best
  • I guess that name makes some sorta sense. Could've been something worse. It's really not that bad as its being made out to be by some.
  • I just wish they would create and design their own phone already, be it a Surface phone or whatever, so I can buy it...
  • I have the new Microsoft Lumia 1030? Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
  • Who bothers with the company name in the general populace though? "Lumia 1030", "the new iPhone/iPhone 6", "what about the new Galaxy phone, is that a good one?". I hear that last one ALL the time.
  • I don't care what they call it - just make it!  ....and make it avaliable on all carriers!  
  • How about surface Lumia? Our Lumia surface? Or just surface? The os is windows and the different devices are just surfaces (tablet, desktop, table, phone etc)? Anyway, this was enviable, I guess
  • Whoo hoo! I'm happy about this as it means they will be releasing new product. I was not overly concerned they wouldn't be but since every other device says "Nokia" on it, the new branding has yet to be seen so something is coming. Flimsy logic at best but I'm holding onto anything while awaiting a more capable device than what they've been releasing.
  • I like the name, don't know why people are complaining :| I believe it a real good name and for people who don't think Microsoft is good brand. Well, Microsoft is working on that part badly and has been successful so far, should not take long when people start respecting Windows products too
  • Not bad but too long, who knows how it will look on phones
  • So will the Windows Phone division now become the Lumia Division?
    Will Windows Central headlines read, "Lumia Update 10.6 rolling out worldwide!!!"? Or "Tiny Dancer - A fabulously dark adventure game for Lumia!"?
  • Hell no! in India windows phones are just selling by the brand name Nokia if they do this they have a dark future here!
  • Yes its true. Cuz in India, people trust Nokia and their hardware That's why people buy Lumia phones In India than any other windows phone. Its like mudering Nokia :'(
  • Now that they have decided what to call it when do we get a new high end phone?
  • Don't cry, don't cry, Nokia you're in our hearts
  • Nokia Lumia
  • "Microsoft Lumia" is enough. If they stick with only "LUMIA" brand, many people would think that it is still own by Nokia and not by Microsoft.
  • Well, Nokia is still better :)
  • In other parts of the world, Nokia = old-fashioned. Sad but true, so I'm okay with this MS Lumia name.
  • Yes, it is better but they need to change it or unless Microsoft needs to acquire the whole Nokia company to retain the Nokia branding to its Lumia Phone
  • It is not necessary... Did Lenovo change the Motorola name? After buying Motorola?
  • Fk u Microsoft give us back Nokia
  • I'm okay with it, so my Lumia 830 will be the last phone that have Nokia name on it. Looking forward for more great phone from Microsoft Lumia.
  • Terrible idea
  • Nokia was better.. a good brand to be relied upon... No more nokia, so no more Lumia phones.... Nokia 1320 is my last windows phone. Next gonna be apple's as I hate android :/
  • Microsoft Lumia is good, in the end we all will end up just calling it the Lumia phone anyway...That I bet...Dude, what phone you are rocking....Ohhh, It is a (MS) Lumia.....Nice..
  • Enough already, who cares really. Your going to call it Lumia no matter if it's Microsoft or Nokia. You don't walk saying I'm installing Microsoft Windows today, you just say Windows, like you say Xbox, or Surface, and now still Lumia.
  • Go Lumia go! When will the new 41Mp gonna be released? Can't wait.
  • Good job picking a name. Now how about getting some new phones out on the market in the US!
  • Sorry for being out of topic, but I like the "Nokia not connected" on the image. So creative. :)
  • Anyways, Lumia or not, Windows phone still. FTW!
  • How I wish the 830 came with the Lumia name printed on it.
  • Who cares I'm going back to android
  • bye
  • my next phone's gonna be Microsoft Lumia 1030 it is...
  • Just 'Lumia' would have been fine... Microsoft Lumia doesn't sound cool to me
  • I think just Lumia is ok... Many ppl hate Microsoft so just Lumia will suffice
  • should have stuck with nokia
  • Bill Gates can talk to phones, and they said they wanted to be called Microsoft Lumia's.
  • Just put Lumia..easy to say...
  • Finally! A logical branding decision by Microsoft! Is this real life?
  • Just Lumia
  • Our whole dream of seeing surface phones are gone. This is precisely the surface phone.
  • It's still Lumia. Not bad.
  • but I want NOKIA
  • It will be Microsoft Lumia.
    But the branding on the phone will only be Lumia and maybe a Windows logo. (From Microsoft Internal Sources) A close friend of mine. Just look at the Surface we had.
  • I only bought this phone bcoz it was Nokia.. If Nokia is no more... I would rather jump to other platform..
  • Microsoft lumia sounds good
  • Just Lumia ;)
  • Microsoft Lumia: Think its OK
  • Nokia simply best !!! Why do they need to change its name when the old name is well known in the market than the new one.... Nokia is also easy to say and more simply.... So where is the place for msft to throw the nokia name ?
  • Excellent choice we loved it
  • Now, just drop the "Microsoft" part to lose the baggage. The word "Microsoft" should not be printed anywhere on the device.
  • Maybe Microsoft just uses the Lumia branding on the front and their logo on the back of their phones. After sometime "regular" customers will associate Lumia with Microsoft and just refer to it as Lumia.
  • I wonder if Microsoft will decrease the number of Lumia's to 3 devices, low, mid and high end phones. Or have one Lumia of a different size a la iPhone?
  • Lumia, Microsoft, windows, what have you done lately? If I was in the market for a phone today, I would not get a Windows phone. There has been nothing new since 1520 came out. Samsung has s5 & note 4, LG has g3, Apple 6 plus. What the hell are you doing, Microsoft?
  • Bring Ballmer back, and put the good old fashion naming conventions back in place! "Microsoft Windows Telecommunications Cellular Deluxe Edition Telephone Version 10." Now THAT'S a real cell phone name, for real alpha nerds. No fruity logos on my phone!
  • Nokia Lumia is the best
  • MS should pimp out the Surface name....Surface tablet, Surface Phone, Surface watch
  • Microsoft Lumia, bit lengthy. MS Lumia is fine !
  • -
  • del
  • At last something to consumers thank god Microsoft don't go for another name... Thumbs up... Microsoft Name in front and Lumia in place in nokia it will be apt...
  • Nokia Lumia was perfect name with NOKIA written at the back and top right corner of the phone..
  • This is so sad
  • Look at the APPLE IPHONE, its called a "Apple iPhone" but the branding says only "iPhone". I'm sure on the Lumia device it will just say "Lumia" and not "Microsoft Lumia".
  • Microsoft mobile, windows mobile, I really think they could play with the name more than it seems that they did.
  • I wish brand Nokia, Im regret Nokia, Nokia conecting people !!!!!   I want implemented function videocall by network, no skype,no other aplication.
  • Lumia on the front or back and 4 tilted MS tiles on the front, which have always been there anyway, and they light up. Nothing further required.
  • PLEASE release a flagship now that this the chosen name. The Nexus 6 has what I need in my next Lumia minus a microSD slot. Just make it already! And release it with Emerald.
  • Well I believe that Nokia will go full android phones in 2016, they have hired alot of Androids folks on linkin, Camera specialist,programmers, system engineers and Here maps has been ported to Android devices (I believe only Samsung devices for now) and are developing a UI skin for android call zlauncher (dot) com... So ofcourse Microsoft have to get rid of the Nokia Brand..    
  • if nokia becomes ''microsoft lumia'' , what will other models be called ? Microsoft Lumia Asha ? I mean Samsung has Galaxy and others models .
  • Yes.
  • Somehow still prefer NOKIA shown on my phone.
  • MS Lumia sounds good!
  • Whatever market they have in India is due to Nokia brand... It could very well turn out to be a downer for them.
  • Yes it is
  • I want Microsoft logo to replace Nokia logo in my lumias
  • My understanding was that Nokia did not agree to their brand name being used by Microsoft on Lumia , only on their basic and feature phones . So it is Nokia's wish . Of course I could be wrong .
  • G
  • I am happy it's been changed.  In these 3rd World countries, Nokia is largely remembered for phones such as the 3410 and some in the symbian generation. So much so that whenever I tell someone here i have a Nokia thier faces fill with surprise, questioning why I would be using such an old phone and not a smartphone. I evenentually had to stop saying I had a Nokia and that it was simply a Windows Phone. Atleast Now telling persons i'm using a microsoft phone I beleive they would not have that association with the pre-smart phone era and think of something that competes with the iPhone and Android phones.
  • Lumia just isn't the right word because I doesn't sound catchy and it just isn't cool or anything. Also removing the Nokia symbol is not a good idea that's what gets these phones attention sometimes because when people think of Nokia the usually think of strong or durable and I just love that name Nokia its so fun to say.
  • I like the name and Lumia phones are such good quality, it ties Microsoft into quality.