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What you need to know

  • Microsoft launched the preview of Feedback for Microsoft Teams, which is a new experience for sharing and following feedback.
  • The Feedback portal lets people submit feedback, look through feedback from other users, and track responses from Microsoft.
  • People can star feedback to keep track of their favorite ideas.

Microsoft has a new experience for submitting and tracking feedback for Microsoft Teams. It's simply called "Feedback," and it's available now in preview. Through Feedback, Teams users can submit feedback, look through submissions from other users, and keep track of official responses from Microsoft. People can also star ideas, which allows them to follow the status of a submission.

Microsoft highlights that since 2017, feedback from users has driven the completion of over 500 features and improvements. In the Tech Community post announcing Feedback, Microsoft says that it hopes to add thousands of new features and improvements in the future.

You can check out the Feedback portal by going to https://aka.ms/TeamsFeedback. Microsoft also has a document on providing feedback for other Microsoft services.

In addition to commenting on submissions in the new Feedback experience, Microsoft posts about upcoming features on the Microsoft 365 roadmap. The roadmap includes entries for all of Microsoft's services, including Teams. It recently received a refresh that makes it easier to navigate. The same refresh also improved the ability to track feedback on the roadmap.

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Microsoft Teams is a popular app for collaboration, meetings, and video calls. A new experience called "Feedback" makes it easier to submit and track feedback to Microsoft about Microsoft Teams.

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