Microsoft may bring 3D emoji to Windows 11 after all... maybe

Emoji Faces
Emoji Faces (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft may still have plans to ship 3D emoji to Windows 11.
  • Passionate fans criticized Microsoft when the company shipped 2D emoji to its new operating system over new 3D designs.
  • Microsoft has sent mixed messages regarding if 3D emoji will make their way to Windows 11.
  • A recent blog post by a designer at Microsoft outlines the process of creating 3D emoji.

Microsoft's emojigate looks like it's set to have another chapter. When Microsoft shipped Windows 11 last year, many were upset and confused that the operating system did not contain Microsoft's new 3D emoji. Now, it appears that Microsoft may still plan to ship 3D emoji to Windows 11.

In a LinkedIn blog post (opens in new tab), distinguished designer at Microsoft Nando Costa shares a history of the process of making 3D emoji. Twitter user Ethan Alvarée said, "lovely. Wish they actually looked like this on Windows 11" in a tweet to Costa about the blog post, to which Costa said, "thank you and agreed! We're working on that."

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Back in August 2021, the official Windows Twitter account shared images of 3D emoji and specifically mentioned that they were for Windows 11. The Windows UK Twitter account also mentioned the new 3D emoji for Windows 11.

Twitter user Mon accused Microsoft of scamming people, which Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc rebuffed:

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In October 2021, a blog post authored in part by LeBlanc highlighted new emoji in a Dev build of Windows 11, but they were 2D versions of the emoji.

Emojigate seems to draw out the passion of Windows users and Microsoft fans. While there's a chance that critics are simply passionate about emoji design, many comments center around the fact that Microsoft seems to have mixed messaging regarding its plans for the 3D emoji.

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