Microsoft may not launch a new Surface Book until 2018

A couple of weeks ago, news broke that Microsoft was planning to unveil new Surface hardware at an event in London at the end of October. Immediately, fans began speculating as to what Microsoft could possibly be announcing, and Surface Book 2 was high on peoples list of things they wanted to see. As it turns out, however, we may have to wait longer than anticipated.

According to Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft's next Surface Book, commonly referred to as "Surface Book 2" won't be launching until early 2018. While fans were hoping to see a new Surface Book unveiled later this year, it appears all we might be getting is the new Surface Pro with LTE that was originally announced back in May. Outside of the Surface Pro LTE, we won't be seeing any other Surface devices launch this year.

That means if you were holding out for a new Surface Book, or the rumored Surface phone, you'll have to keep waiting. Windows Central understands that Microsoft isn't planning to release any new mobile devices until 2018 at the earliest, and that's assuming those plans don't get postponed or canceled. Still, a new Surface Pro with LTE will be a great addition to the Surface line-up and will make Surface Pro far more portable than previous.

Of course, none of this is confirmed that this time. Microsoft may be planning to surprise us, but we're not holding our breath. Similarly, Microsoft will be holding a Mixed Reality Event on October 3rd, where it will detail its mixed reality plans to journalists and analysts. We're not expecting to see any major product announcements at that event.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • We knew nothing about HoloLens either, it caught everyone off-guard. So I wouldn't completely write off a Surface Phone announcement or some other device.
  • Trust me on this, no Surface phone this year.
  • Or ever, actually.
  • The " No Surface phone phone this year" was so previsible. I mean, it's Microsoft.
  • Is it even possible for a modern tech company to move any slower? Nadella's new Microsoft culture appears to be slothful apathy. After his "Hit Refresh", the next CEO needs to write "Ctrl Z".
  • Nadella and Myerson are both awful at the hardware business. Myerson has now failed so many times (Windows phone, Windows 10 not reaching a billion users, dying hardware business) I have no idea how Myerson and Belfiore have not been fired yet. Nothing personal against these guys, but what kind of company promotes people who seemingly do nothing but fail at everything they touch. Edge was supposed to be the savior of IE, yet all it did was kill market share for both. Ballmer was by no means the greatest CEO, but at least he oversaw the creation of Azure, Surface and Xbox and was overseeing growing market share for Windows in mobile.
  • Good points! We need serious help in the hardware department!!! And when it comes to software, i think they should slow down!! i do not think 2x a year updates is necessry. Slow it down, and do it RiGHT. Simple.
  • Microsoft should be splitted into two companies soon as HP has done.  One is Cloud & Enterprise which is to be headed by Nadella and the other is Windows & Devices which demands a new visonary and aggressive CEO.  I'm having less and less confidence toward their Windows and hardware business led by the current leadership.  Mis-management over the years is the main reason for their mobile failure since the introduction of WM.  It looks like their other hardware ventures except Xbox would also either progress slowly or even deterioriting.  Without a mobile play, the long term future of OneWindows and UWP is quite uncertain.  They need a major overhaul on the top management.  The current MSFT performance due to the Cloud and Office 365 business has covered up the issues on the other sectors of business.
  • As a shareholder, I couldn't disagree more.  At it's core, MS is a software company that delivers software solutions, first and foremost, for the enterprise.  Just like consumers, enterprises use many different endpoint it makes perfect sense to make sure that your core products work on any/all of them.  You need look no further than the company's financial results (GROWTH) since Nadella took the the helm to see evidence of the success.  "Mis-management" in what regard?  Because they have not seen wild successes in the consumer market?  That is not the core of their business hence, it is de-emphasized.  Because they have not had a successful mobile strategy?  While I agree they have been slow in this all too important market segment, I still believe the current path they are on will be the successfull one...delivering a solid mobile experience for the enterprise and pro-sumer FIRST with a consumer footprint as a bi-product.
  • Also as a shareholder I totally agree   
  • I remember reading a few years ago that some "financial analysts" recommended Apple should split itself up into 2 companies.  Spin off the Macs, and keep iPhones, iPods (or vice-versa). Whilst there is still some relevancy today regarding that (In the last 5 years, Apple's great "innovation" has been the Touch Bar), it's been a nice money maker for Apple to have Desktop, Laptop, and Palmtop computing.   There is nothing wrong with a software company making hardware, and nothing wrong with a hardware company making software.  It's how it is all executed.  Google is a good example, it's primarly an advertising company, BUT what good is advertises if you don't have any where to put them???  Google makes numerous products, including hardware AND software, to get people using their services, which makes advertisers attracted to Google.  
      But, perhaps instead of physically splitting the company, the company separates the hardware division out, as it's own standalone division. 
  • Completely agree...that is a viable business strategy to pursue, if they want to go that route.  All I was pointing out was that people are so quick to say the company is 'mis-managed' just because they are not executing on a strategy that delivers what they want.  It's just as viable a strategy to stay as focused as possible just on enterprise software.  The market is there, they have proven they can deliver revenue growth and continued business in that space.  They don't NEED to do hardware to be much as some of us, myself included, would like to see them do more in that market :-)
  • "nothing personal against these guys" laughable. Like they really care what a nerd dubbed cool8man thinks. Hysterical.
  • Couldnt have said it better my self. This is insane how slow they move, and how much they try to cram in to incremental updates. They need to slow down the software development so it can "just work" and speed up the hardware. Not to produce something every year per se, but just make sure they stay in mobile and dont get left behind, which many would say already happened!
  • You so funny, name any CEO that still has a job that would rush into losing the next  8 Billion dollars. 
  • @Zac ..well thanks for confirming it will be coming next year ..good enough for me 😊 
  • Ummm, I don't think that was his point.
  • lol uhmmm I know his point was; simply not to expect anything this year for sure but I was just kidding, hence the smiley.   Hope you got my point though.  
  • I was actually talking about an announcement, maybe some tech they are working on, maybe a prototype. Not a release necessarily.
  • No Surface Phone this year...Look for it around October 2018! Sorry for the bad news but good things are worth the wait!
  • Exactly.. If there is a Surface Mobile device I wouldn't expect it to hit before Build 2018.. But, if one does come next year it will be a very nice ultra high end device.
  • You really are new here aren't you?
  • It looks like they are holding Surface Book because of the hololens. They are waiting for the market to gain momentum in AR/VR. Because that surface book definitely will be able to handle AR/VR. Or may be they just focusing more on the hololens as hololens is already running behind schedule.
  • I have a Surface Pro tablet.  I'm not jonesing for a stinking laptop.
  • I'm not interested in popsicles!😒😒😒
  • The Surface Pro is a nice laptop with a removable keyboard. It is a poor tablet at best. When was the last time you saw a Surface Pro in the wild without a keyboard?
  • To be fair, most iPads I see in the wild have some kind of protective casing with front cover. The Surface front cover just happens to have a keyboard on it. I'm usually using my onscreen keyboard on mine unless I'm going to write alot, and just now I'm in my bed with my Surface, keyboard bendt backwards/under, writing on the onscreen keyboard. Hovever, being so thin and light, I see no reason removing it. And when I need it, it's there. And yeah, it's a great tablet as well as a laptop. The best actually. In it's usage category.
  • I agree, most iPads I see have a cover/keyboard thing going on. I know a lot of people hate on the tablet part of windows 10 OS but I honestly don't find it bad. Of course there are things to improve on but all the negativity I read about it on here doesn't match with my experience.
  • you heard it here folks, ScubaDog has a Surface pro.. cancel all laptop events from now on.
  • Lol
  • Surface Book is a 2-in-1 with a detachable tablet screen. Pretty ignorant to call it a laptop. Surface laptop is an actual laptop. Surface Book is both tablet and laptop; hence 2-in-1. Educate yourself please. 
  • It would be great to see a refreshed Surface Studio.  I love my first gen Studio, but one with the latest i7 and incorporating an SSD standard would be welcome.
  • How much did that thing cost you?
  • It was about $3,500 for the mid-range model that we bought before tax.  Then I put a 2 TB SSD in it for another $600 or so.  It was a business purchase for my pro photographer wife. ☺   
  • Wow! Nice. I was gonna ask you how you use it. I bet that screen is super nice. I'd watch Netflix on that thing. 😂😂😂
  • Yeah, the screen is gorgeous. Who am I kidding? The whole device is gorgeous.  It is a terrific PC, especially for photo editing, but I won't lie, my 5-year-old loves using it to play music with Groove.
  • Surface Fold b4 Surface Book 2...
  • 😂😂😂😂
    Cool name, though....
    Surface Tote
    Surface M1, M2, M3
    Surface.. Lol IDK
  • They are totally not building an incremental upgrade for Book if it's taking this long for them to announce it. I wonder what they're planning.
  • Right
  • Of course they are ..after this long it's atleast going to be incrementally thinner, lighter, more powerful, better screen, better inking and battery improvements.    Rumor has it though, that C-shell is working out so well for MS, that it not only adapts the OS but entire Surface book 2 can fold into a mobile device that fits in your pocket 🙄 ...ok obviously just kidding about that last part
  • Like Filix, the cat....Lol
  • Of course they are ..after this long it's atleast going to be incrementally thinner, lighter, more powerful, better screen, better inking and battery improvements. 
    I was thinking along the lines of a new hinge, which would justify taking so long to release an updated model.
  • forgot about the hinge that seemed like one of the biggest complaints so Im guessing they will change it, though, personally, I liked how it made it look like a "book."   That said, I think the reason for taking so long also has to do with not releasing it close to Surface Pro and Laptop to ensure maximal sales of those products, while also spreading their line-up throughout the year;  Surface Pro and laptop beginning of the year - Surface Book and Studio end of the year ...Surface Mobile no where in the year 🙄  then again, they did say they only release Surface devices when they feel they're ready, so god knows but that is the dumbest strategy, considering consumers like to know when an update to their favorite product is coming out ahead if time, so they can know incase they need an upgrade or their product is broken and need a new one.  
  • Still waiting for a Surface Pro with Thunderbolt 3. No Surface device is worth buying with proprietary ports.
  • So there wont be a Microsoft branded W10 on ARM device this year? Does this also mean that we wont see Windows ARM tablets from other OEMs?
  • No, why would it mean not WOA from OEM'S?
  • Because the last few times they released a new OS variant they also released Surface products to act as reference devices. I'm just wondering if the lack of an ARM Surface means that the W10 on ARM release was pushed back (perhaps due to the legal concerns intel had)
  • Oh, I see what you're saying.
  • It takes the Surface team a long time to make anything. 2 years to design & produce a thin & light laptop, it's doubtful they'd have something close to being finished by the end of the year.
  • The long design wait most likely lies on simultaneous developement of Surface Fold, Surface Studio 2, Surface Book 2, Hololens 2, etc.... I bet the core software part of Surface Fold is done, but there is only a few hardware design engineers at microsoft to work on all of those devices.
  • Fact is that we don't know how long a potential Surface Mobile device has allegedly been in development. It could be completely done, receiving minor tweaks, waiting for the right time to be unveiled. It could be in the early stages. It could've never started.. Nobody, but those on the Surface team, knows... Another thing to consider is that if there is a Surface Mobile device in development I doubt if it will get canceled like the Surface mini, and other devices. MS should've learned their lesson not to waste resources developing a product that they might not use.. I'm sure extensive product feasibility research was done to determine if a "Surface Phone" was logical to move forward on. If yes, then MS most likely is full steam ahead with development, and has full intention to release the device when they are ready.
  • Right, I was referring to an actual product like a tablet or laptop or 2 in 1. Some new version of the Surface 3 perhaps, available with an ARM SoC would make for an even thinner & lighter device. Also that SKU was not really meant for high powered computing so an ARM processor might make sense there. Not sure if they'd revive the 3 though.
  • Not even a Windows 10 on ARM device coming form MS?
  • I would be surprised if we see any WoA devices this year. It is getting late and there has been no news about them at all. My money is on performance issues. If they are unable to run legacy software well and consistently, what is the point?
  • I wouldn't be surprised if something was released in November, but I think these devices are going to be fairly underwhelming, at least initially. The Snapdragon has a ways to go before it approaches even the lower tier levels of x86 performance.
  • Yeah, I also wonder what conversation is happening between the manufacturers and Intel. Are they finding incentives for the manufacturers to not used ARM?
  • Baloney. There are some ways in which a Snapdragon chip may outperform recent i5 processors (such as 3D graphics performance).
  • Ohh! You have benchmarks for WoA outperforming Woi5? Link?
  • Just check platform independent GPU and CPU benchmarks. Snapdragon 835 should be close in multicore CPU performance and better in GPU performance compared to i5 U and Y series. Thats with native code of course not emulation.
  • We won't know until we have benchmarks and real world performance for an 835 running Windows and emulating legacy software. Comparing benchmarks across platforms and architectures isn't going to be reliable.
  • Well, we won't know how Windows runs on ARM until we benchmark it, that's true.  But plenty of other OSes run on both ARM and Intel right now, and benchmarks run on those oeprating systems conclusively show that Qualcom does not "have a ways to go" to be competitive with already is.  And the Snapdragon 845 will probably best the i7 U nad Y on some metrics. So, even if we see a 50% penalty moving to ARM, it should still be plenty fast enough to provide a reasonable Windows experience.
  • Runnign low level benchmarks like Geekbench is not dependent on the environment (platform) so they are pretty reliable. Emulation is another topic, where you typically see degradation - if you mostly running emulated SW you can chose to buy any of the available x86 devices. However if you mostly running native code and you just need the option to run x86 code under emulation now and then, WoA is certainly a very good option.
  • I will believe it when I see it. Hard to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt these days!
  • We've already seen it. Windows 8 ran on ARM, and it ran fine.
  • I have a Surface RT. It is the biggest piece of garbage ever created. It no way, shape or form does it run "fine". That isn't full Windows 8 either. That is Windows RT.
  • I don't care. M$ is a zombie still walking that doesn't realize it's dying already. 
  • Explain how MS is dying.. ?
  • Heres one...was working on removing addware on my grandparents comp and was totally forgetting how to do anything because its been so long since I used a comp ecpt for office. I was struggling to make bookmarks and remove extensions lol I mean who uses bookmarks still.
  • Here's another....I have 5 kids all use google docs. Son bought gameing comp. Used it for a month or 2 went back to ps4 almost exclusive. Daughter's watch YouTube on old iPods and use Chromebooks at school. None have PC experience. None want to deal updating drivers ect. The future is our children and none are choosing PC...sorry but I tried to get them windows phones and we all know what happened to that...
  • Although, I think MS's presence in the consumer market is sad, this is hardly an indication that the company is "dying", with so many other products, and services, MS offers besides Windows on PC, or even Mobile... Nevertheless, I do think that MS's position would be much better if they had a more visible presence with the consumer market,, especially with mobile devices.
  • I have four kids. They all have Windows 10 laptops at home and at school, they tried Chrombooks at school, but it sucks balls, multi user usage is a joke and it can't run the software they need. They use Office 365 at school, google docs just fell trough. They boys have their own Windows 10 gaming rig, we have a xbox 360 in each livingroom, we have one Xbox One S, and one Xbox One Scorpio incomming. The PC is so much better than anything but scocial gaming in the livingroom. I bought the Xboxes just for fun. Hovever, this have more to do with what the kids frends are using, if your kids friends play on the PS4 then he should as well. I have every PS as well except the last update, nobody uses them. Actually, I've seen them play the Philips G7000 more that the PS'. They all have iPads, and used to have Surface RT's, and the youngest still fires it up from time to time. They have, and love their Lumias, but the apps are forcing them over to the iPhones. I have W10 media pc's in both livingrooms and the movietheatre as well. All in all, they use alot of Windows 10 devices. And guess what. They have not needed to deal with a driver ever. Yes, the systems updates from time to time, but I hardly call it havng to deal with anything.   So, by your standards, my little text is a sure indication that MS is conquering the world.
  • The world STILL runs on Windows...... Which is another reason it's sad MS didn't save a perfectly good (great) mobile OS.
  • microsoft will outlive you though.
  • Lol
  • Should we expect new gen cpu in surface pro etc?
  • "but we're not holding our breath." Oh yes we are! ;-)
  • I actually think MS has chosen pretty well not to cave in and spew annual updates only for the sake of competitive timing. Take a look at the other side. They still offer very little robust enough to compete with the surface line up.
  • Lauching a Kaby Lake Surface Book now would be dumb. A Canon Lake Surface Book would be much better (Coffe Lake doesn't exist on laptops)
  • Isn't Cannon Lake out already for laptops? XPS has announced they'll be refreshing their line with Cannon Lakes. HP will soon follow for their 360 series, so I'm sure it's not all that difficult for MS to update the SB with Cannon Lakes by the end of the year.
  • how about another new surface device? maybe another version of Surface Laptop running Windows 10 on ARM as a showcase device? 
  • This and half the price.
  • I doubt it'll be half price. 
  • Wasnt the Surface phone launching next year, too ? LOL
  • Nobody outside the inner circle knows
  • The Surface phone is always launching next year, no matter what year it is currently.
  • Damn, can we at least get the Dongle? Sheesh.
  • I thought there was a surface book refresh earlier this year? dont those count as surface book 2? i thought they were going to drop the # scheme.  
  • I'm still excited by this event and Panos being there. MS is doing very well considering that the mobile market has been so difficult. They are obviously approaching it another way, thank God! Have been using Android as back up phone, and God help us all if we have to use Android as a main driver...🤔🤒😷🤕 Terrible OS that is overly complicated, has bugs and is awful to look at. The apps are unimportant as most are rubbish fad crap. I hope Apple isn't as bad as this. Surface Ultra Mobile Device will arrive in good time. I'll be here waiting. Nothing competes with the Surface products, AND no mobile OS has surpassed WM for quality and awesomeness
  • I wish Microsoft liked Windows phones as much as I do. 
  • If you think Android is overly complicated, buggy and hard to look at, you must really hate Windows 10.
  • Is anyone going to state the obvious? Satya Nadella is awful at the hardware business. I feel badly for the Microsoft Stores -- Nadella is starving them to death by killing and delaying products (Lumia, Surface Mini, the regular Surface, MS Band 3, all Windows phones, etc.). I was waiting to buy a Surface Book 2 this holiday, but now I will have to look elsewhere to other companies. I am not waiting to 2018 as I already delayed my purchase for Surface Book 2 this year. I am also going to buy phones and fitness bands this holiday to completely replace my Microsoft products. Nadella just pushes me further and further away from Windows everyday. I wanted to be a Windows user, but this guy Nadella makes it increasingly impossible. I'm honestly not sure if Nadella even cares about Windows or the Microsoft Stores as neither are essential to his cloud-obsessed ambitions. 
  • I dont know who it is (pulling the strings) but someone needs to get it together! i agree that the Surface mini was not too ground breaking, but MS loyalist would still have bought it, as we did the band, etc. Fingures crossed for a Surface Mobile!!!!
  • Team Apple is waiting for you ! 13 MacBook Pro + iPhone 8 + Apple Watch + iPad (Pro if you want pen). $3525 :)
  • Remove the macbook pro and im that list right there.  I cannot use macbooks or anything with MacOS.  It's sewage.   I do have the iphone, watch, ipad however.  Since MS bailed on all catagories there.  The surface is not a good tablet because alot of apps I use on my ipad while travelling are not on Windows.  That being said,  that was before I found memu.  So,  I may give a surface 3 another kick at the can now.  As for windows dying.  I pray to (insert deity here), that it does not since I cannot use MacOS.  I guess I would go linux mint since it's close to windows in design.   
  • youre right about microsoft stores, they have put the windows phones in the back of the store and use Surfaces as their main attraction.  Next in line is the Xbox and high end PC's.  
  • This report actually gets me more excited. There is no way in the world that Panos is going to get on stage simply to say hey guys, here's the Surface Pro with LTE I promised you guys earlier this year. If that were the case, he would've done that for the color options of the Core I7 Surface Laptop. I think (& hope) they're going to announce a Surface Pro or Surface tablet running Windows 10 on ARM. Especially at an event called "Future Decoded"! Come on Panos, make it 11inches with all of the special features please! 
  • Agreed. He is usually only on stage for something new and not incremental.
  • Tis is too bad, and i hope not 100% accurate, as i have been personally looking forwad to a new Surface Book for my own self. Although, i must say, they should REALLY streamline the Surface line of products; there should be a Suface that comes in different sizes, and then here should be options for type covers, real keyboard bases, and performance bases. This should work across all Surfaces. In other words, you can buy  a (what is currently known as a Surface Pro) and then optionally add a Surfae Book style Keyboard base w/ battery or a performance base, or just opt for a Type cover, or of course, just use it as a tablet. So you just call it Surface and then the attatchments make it distinct. So a Surface with a type cover would be considered pro, or something like that. So the Surface should come in several sizes, ranging from Mobile (7/8") to Book (13-15") and then the customer can opt to add keyboards, as desired. I dont understand why the Book doesnt have a kickstand, as i would love to optionally use a BT keyboard and/or sometimes just use it as a tablett and watch movies. I dont know, seems to make sense to me. One Surface, just choose your size and accesseries! And then for Mobile, it can be WOA and Continuum could enable running legacy apps when the screen size meets or exceeds 10".. just a few thoughts from a frustrated MS proponent/constituent.
  • No Article from Jason Ward today?!
  • So what's the London event for? Launching something that was supposed to come out this spring and nothing else?
  • Eh, I can wait, I don't have 4-5 grand to drop on a 2 in 1 anyway.
  • They are going to release Surface Book 2. Why else would they be doing weeks long 20% off Surface Book sales right now? Historically, they only do steep discounts like this when a new device is not far off.
  • I was wondering when this article would appear. Here it is! Being a fan of the Surface hardware, I have mastered the waiting game, so no disappointment here.
  • maybe they'll unveil some Arm based devices at the London event
  • I have been holding onto my Lumia 930 in the hope that some kind of Surface mobile would, well surface. It always seems to be "next year", but next year never comes.  I really don't want an iPhone but needs must.
  • Great, Launch with an amazing feature.Thanks for sharring this.
  • After shenzhen event and running Windows 10 on an ARM proccessor, I hoped to see the briliant Surface Phone event with the spring #edu event. But an useless rubbish b******t Microsoft Laptop (shame on it) (which no one can call it as a Surface), was all I saw. So I relized that Microsoft has started to making us disappointed with Surface devices. After that big tragedy between me and f*****g Microsoft Laptop, I was still waiitng for a REAL SCHEDULED device like Surface 4 (light-weight and super battery life), I just saw an UNSCHEDULED new Surface Pro 5.   All of these, mean that Microsoft has started to leave briliant products because of people, a company like samsung or Apple after Steve Jobs. Microsoft didn't want to earn cash by producing Surface RT, they just wanted to create a revolution, even not a popular device. But the reality is that I loved Surface RT, even if it wasn't a good product. I love inventions, revolutions. Not a popular device like Microsoft Laptop, which is bulit to be sold only, without any revolutionary invention.   However, listen my friends, Microsoft has started to love bills, it means that we'll not see briliant devices anymore. Except than we see a Surface. I mean Surface without any other phrase: "Surface" A Surface powered by an ARM proccessor, light-weight with super battery endurance (which is not popular and common people won't accept it as a PC).   My only hopes, are stand on a real Surface, nothing less, nothing more.
  • Didn't the Surface Book 'just come out'?  I mean, how many times can you come out of the closet, in one year?  To be disappointed by a product not being released TWICE in one year - isn't that ... disappointing? Holo-Lens as a Phone - that would be KOOOL!, by the way. (db)
  • I don't think there's any need for a surface book 2, Microsoft should start releasing upgraded surface book bases, and sell them separate from the screen. I currently have a Surface book i7 with dgpu, that still runs strong, but in 2 years from now, it will be nice to pay even $700 for a more powerful base with say a Nvidia 1080.
  • No rush. Enjoying my SB still.