Microsoft Mexico reveals Windows 10 Mobile set to roll out on Feb. 29

Microsoft Mexico has shared an interesting date on the official Facebook page. The social team has let it slide that Windows 10 Mobile is expected to roll out on February 29, though it's not clear as to whether or not this date is specifically for the region. Should you be one of many who are eagerly awaiting the release of Windows 10 Mobile, this could well be the date to pencil into your calendar.

For the time being, Microsoft continues to work on rolling out updates to those who are actively participating in the Preview program. Here's a rough Google translation of the comment in question:

"Hello, the update to windows 10 will be available as from 29 February, but remember that not all devices will be able to do so. Greetings!"

It's certainly worth noting that this isn't official confirmation from Microsoft for a worldwide roll out and things are always subject to change, especially with regards to how the company has continually delayed the release. That said, it could at least be an indicator that the launch isn't far off. We'll have to hold out and wait and see.

Source: Facebook (Microsoft Mexico), Via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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