Microsoft Edge for Android just got a major update, here's what's new

Edge Android Opentabs Sync Lede
Edge Android Opentabs Sync Lede (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge for Android just received an update to version 92.
  • The update brings the Android version of Edge in line with Edge for desktops.
  • The latest version of Edge has several new features, including a new screenshot tool, page translation, and a built-in adblocker.

Microsoft Edge on Android recently received a major update to version 92, which is based on Chromium 92 (via Techdows). The update brings the mobile browser in line with the desktop version of Microsoft Edge, which also recently bumped to version 92. It also marks a significant jump for the Android browser, which was on Chromium 77 until this update.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it would unify its Edge codebase across all major platforms. The recent update to Edge on Android is a major step in that direction. Unifying the Edge codebase means more features for the browser and less work for Microsoft.

The latest version of Edge for Android brings:

  • A new screenshot feature
  • A new way to send webpages to devices
  • Built-in adblocker, which is powered by Adblock Plus
  • Sync passwords, open tabs, history, collections, and favorites across devices
  • Edge can also now translate pages using Microsoft Translator

The update appears to be rolling out in stages. I don't see version 92 on my device at this time, but it is available for some people. You can check the Google Play Store to see if an update is available on your device.

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  • The ad blocker is not new. In fact, it's been there for as long as I can remember.
  • Translator is not new as well. I've been using it for quite some time.
  • It is relatively new in the Chromium version, so maybe the author got confused about what was in the old version.
  • Damn, the iOS version is now for iOS 13 and up 😥
  • And the update made all of my pinned web links disappear on MS Launcher! I have to manually recreate each one again. It is great to get an update but there is frequently something that breaks because of either Edge or Launcher getting updated.
  • That would be because, despite it appearing as an update, this is a totally new app.
  • Thanks for the info. Is it an Android limitation or a MS Launcher limitation that the links can't be reconnected after such an update?
  • It appears that they may be staging the rollout in the stable channel. I'm not seeing the new version yet and I've seen comments from others saying the same thing. I'll keep using the Beta until I see this update, then I'll uninstall that.
  • This article is triggering a "Windows Central is running" notification on my Pixel 5.
  • Great news! Unfortunately, the major feature still missing from Edge is the ability to force dark mode on web pages—which is why I'm staying with Samsung Internet on Android.
  • Or you could use an extension like DarkReader or something lol.
  • I don't believe this supports extensions. (It's not available for me yet.)
  • There's a force dark mode flag in Edge Beta, so I bet you'll be able to force dark mode on stable Edge after update.
  • Does this update fix the random auto refresh when scrolling down pages? Firefox on the other hand just works fine. I have seen this before on Android and Sailfish X.
  • I can no longer open two instances of Edge on my Surface Duo. I reported this back when they first rolled out Canary and they did nothing with it. Extremely annoying.
  • Is this the edge beta. My playstore is showing edge version 46
  • It's the general release, but it's a staged rollout, so not everyone is seeing it right away.
  • That would explain why I still don't see it available for my Duo.
  • But I've had version 92 since July 25
    And it was probably out before then cos I don't use auto update.
  • The Production release on Android? Seems unlikely.
  • Finally got the non-beta update on my Surface Duo earlier this week and a surprise update last night on my Xbox One to the same new Chromium-based browser with the "wave" icon! Finally a real browser for Xbox!
  • I just got an update for Edge today and it's still version 46. I guess I'll stick to the Beta ring a bit longer.