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Microsoft offers $100 off all Surface 2 configurations

Microsoft is now offering a $100 off promotion on its Windows RT-powered Surface 2 tablets, including the model with built-in 4G LTE connectivity. With the $100 discount, the 32 GB version of the Surface 2 now starts at just $349 and the most expensive configuration, the 64 GB model with AT&T 4G LTE, retails for just $579 through Microsoft's online store and at its retail locations.

All Surface 2 tablets come with 200 GB of OneDrive storage as well as unlimited minutes and WiFi calling for Skype.

If you're interested in picking up the slate, be sure to visit the source link below for more details.

Does the price drop make the Surface 2 more attractive to you, or are you saving up for a more powerful Surface Pro 2 or Surface Pro 3 tablet that will power full Windows 8.1?

Thanks, Gerard and Nawzil, for the tips!

Source: Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

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  • What the serious f***.?!!
  • Didn't think an i3 SP3 could hurt it?
  • The latest it's mostly better
  • After the bs MS went through with the xbox's gpu contract ive never bought a NVIDIA product yet
  • What does this have to do with anything?
  • The Surface RT uses a Nvidia Tegra chip. The original uses the Tegra 3 and the Surface 2 RT uses the Tegra 4
  • Any noticeable performance difference??
  • Between the Tegra 3 & 4, yes.
  • My Surface 2 never bogged down on me. Been rocking it for nearly a year now.
  • What bs? By all accounts Nvidia lost themselves the contract with both MS and Sony.
  • Yes. Already down in price at the Best Buy I work at. Seems to have piqued some more interest.
  • +1020 for spelling "piqued" properly! :)
  • Glad to know there's Microsoft promoters working at Best Buy. Thank you for your work, I salute you!
  • Microsoft needs to get the act together ay Best Buy. In the Samsung section, there's everything in the Samsung ecosystem. In the Microsoft one, there's the Surface and some laptops and desktops. The Xbox is somewhere else, their mice and keyboards are in another location and there isn't a Windows Phone in the store. How does MS expect people to buy the product when it can't be had. Every time I am in Best Buy, there's always people asking questions about the various phones, Windows Phone isn't even an option. Same for Radio Shack. I should work for MS, I feel I care more.
  • It shouldn't have to be Microsoft getting their act together... the retailers need to be. The retailers are the ones hurting MS’s business. With uneducated sales associates, broken demo units, and poor product placements (like you mentioned). I’ve noticed these problems pretty much everywhere a Microsoft or a MS Partner’s product is being sold. It should be a collective effort from these partners to fix this. Right now, in my opinion, it is piss poor business practices and Apple along with Google and others are capitalizing on it (with inferior products).
  • If what you say was true, then the Samsung and Apple sections should have the same problem, yet they don't. This is 100% on Microsoft.
  • The future of Windows sales rests on your shoulders now. You have been marked.
  • I saw that as well, which is very good news for me, since I have a $250 BB gift card on the way.
  • Surface 3 incoming?
  • If surface 3 is coming it should have a 16X10 aspect ratio and not 16X9 that is just not right on tablet.
  • Well, we're 1 week away from september and the S3 would normally launch mid October... yes, I'd say this discount is of the "start clearing stock" kind. In fact, the offer actually says "Valid August 24, 2014 until September 27, 2014, or while supplies last". That's as clear evidence of the S3 release as you can get. If the world went crazy and the S3 wasn't released in October, we would know way sooner than 9/27, so you could literally wait until 9/26 at 10pm and buy one cheap then. But this is crazy. There will be a S3 released mid october.
  • Personally hoping for the Mini with 4G, to be honest. #couchdevice #wifeatwork
  • I found myself using a first gen Surface RT and was really pleasantly surprised that I could do pretty much everything I could do on my Pro 2 except for Steam.
  • Exactly. I've been using my OG RT as a daily professional driver since launch as a college professor.
  • The original surface RT was very much helped by the 8.1 update. Performance went from "pretty sluggish" to "quite reasonable" for most tasks. I actually just bought my mom a 64GB RT with Type cover 2 for $250 and consider it quite a deal. All the people that dumped on it (like Thurott) never went back and reevaluated the performance.
  • I nearly bought a Surface 2 over the weekend. The old Surface RT has seen better days and unfortunately am starting to see a bit of lag on the simplest of tasks.
    The OneDrive and Skype deals are still very appealing at this price.
  • I'm seeing the same on mine, tempted to take advantage of this deal and upgrade. But I have a feeling I should just wait for Surface 3.
  • If you do buy at this price, you will get your money's worth, for sure. Great device.
  • Really considering taking the plunge and to buy this thing
  • Damnit, I just bought a used one with Type Cover for $460. Oh well. Looks like they are trying to clear shelves for the next iteration.
  • Yes
  • I'm hoping to get the surface pro 3 although I'll only be able to afford the i3 version
  • Grab the sp3 i3. has plenty of power! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I'm waiting until the sp3 i3 is available in South Africa. Although i think I will pre order it with that student special going on since I'm 16 and in school
  • Surface 3 maybe. I would like to replace my surface 1 with that device. I know surface pro 3 is great but is expensive and cheaper models have poor specs. Besides Windows RT would give huge amount of battery time. For full windows task i use my laptop. On RT i am just web browsing and watching videos or reading something.
  • We're on the same boat, looking to replace my S1 too. I have zero need for the SP3 at work, the ARM version does all I need (= Office). Can't wait to get something speedier in the S3 and give the RT to my parents.
  • "huge amount of battery"? Windows 8 has been shown time and again to be effectively identical in that department, unless you compare a 5W SoC to a 15W Haswell, in which case its still close.
  • Agreed, love my 1st gen RT but it's starting to show its age. Been holding out for S3 announcement, a new Lenovo laptop 4 months ago precludes the need for a Surface Pro
  • Same. Looking to upgrade my Surface 2 to a Surface 3. I use my PC for my Windows Tasks
  • Get the LTE version out of US! Several friends in Sweden who are interested in the Surface 2 wont buy it without LTE. IPad is the only alternative for them over here :-(
  • They can buy the Nokia Lumia 2520. It has 4G.
    Written on my Nokia Lumia 2520 :)
  • Pft.
  • Does your 2520 have the sleep bug drives me nuts!!
  • No, my Lumia 2520 works just fine, love it! :)
  • C'mon where's that 12" surface 3
  • Surface 3 won't be 12". That's why we have SP3 which has been retargeted to professionals' needs: a bigger 16:10 screen. The non-pro Surface lineup will remain 10.6 and 16:9 because it's a consumption tablet (aka it's designed for people consuming music/video, and the latter is predominantly 16:9). If they change to 16:10, it'll still be 10.6" anyway because they won't just kill compatibility with the current covers.
  • SP1 and SRT have the same screen. SP2 and S2 have the same screen. Why would they not put the same screen on the S3 as the SP3? It already is going to be cheaper and there is going to be a Suface Mini as well. Also, it's a 3:2 aspect ratio not 16:10. The screen wasn't just for a larger size but a better size for portrait mode. The screen is about the same in width as a sp2 but just higher. Why would they change it when its clear they changed it for a good tablet experience. An iPad is a consumption device and its has a 4:3 aspect ratio(slightly more square). They didn't just put a 3:2 1440p screen for productivity reasons only. It's better balenced when holding at this size and other reasons. They are going to keep it the same to keep a similar design between the two. The surface mini will probably also have a 3:2 ratio. It bring unity and if it is a good idea for the higher end then its good for the lower end for the same reasons. Every reason why they changed the ration makes sense for the whole surface line.
  • Very simple: because the professional market spoke and said the SP2 was powerful enough yet too small to get any serious work done. I disagree with this point of view, I'm telling you what users have requested. That is why MS made the SP3 12" and 3:2, because professionals want a bigger and more square screen.  It has nothing to do with following suit between pro and non-pro lineups. We don't know there's going to be a Surface Mini, in fact now that OEMs have created quite decent options, chances are there will not be a SM. You can believe what you want, but MS said very clearly that Surface hardware is there to create new markets and they have no intention to compete where OEMs have created healthy products. What you mention as "good tablet experience" can be many different things to many people. For pros, they want 16:10 and 3:2 gets close enough. For regular consumption use, 16:9 is good but since the market is used to squarer screens it is likely MS will make the S3 3:2 too, but they will most likely not make it a bigger screen and retain the ~10" size as it's (in their own words when launching S1 and S2) the perfect balance between size and portability. Whatever you may think, SP3 is not better balanced for being bigger, but for being 3:2. Notice how I said they may make S3 3:2, just not bigger than its current 10" size. Finally, to your point: Microsoft DOES NOT want S and SP to be super similar. That is a disservice to them, which has led to - not ours, but - the general consumer's confusion, who do not understand why one Surface runs normal apps and the other doesn't, why one is fatter and the other one is lighter. They buy the cheaper and lighter one, then realize it's not what they wanted = horrible experience. 12" makes more sense for work as you get more screen space while being still light enough. Apply the same manufacturing prowess to a 10" ARM Surface and we'll get a much thinner and lighter tablet with a screen that is big enough for consumption, which is what the ARM Surfaces want to be: mostly play, some work. SP3 is mostly work, some play, aka content creation. Seriously forget about the Surface Mini, at least for the remainder of 2014. They cancelled it because there wasn't enough diferentiation (which runs directly counter your argument of "bringing unity", which still needs to explain what unity one more model would bring). Surface is not lower end. Surface is premium. Stop this illusion that we'll get mega cheap Surfaces. That's the OEMs job. OEMs make Microsoft's market, most of it. Surface is a premium product to serve as inspiration (for now at least). Your logic that the changes to the Pro line make sense for the whole Surface hardware range is ridiculous: the same error that was made with Windows 8, put the same eeeeeeeeeverywhere, and see how that worked out. As much as I like it, people don't and indeed it doesn't work well everywhere (aka mouse and keyboard). Again, believe what you want, but what makes sense, not just because I said so, but seeing how Microsoft has been evolving over the past few years and specially since their reorg + new CEO + business decissions (like firing 20k employees), this is what we might get: 12" Surface Pro line (with new accessories that are bigger) 10" Surface line (probably also 3:2, keeps compatibility with current accessories) No Surface Mini, unless OEMs destroy that market. Just wait and see.
  • I love comments like yours. To the point and educational
  • @Xabier Hold on, on that small screen...if you are a power user, you will get the dock and get a much larger screen and have your dual screens as needed...
  • Yes, of course that is an option, but that's not good thinking/design. Surface is a hybrid device design that is supposed to blend a few devices so you only need 1. Of course you can get all those accessories for a 10" Surface but then you're transforming it into a desktop of sorts. When you're not on your dock, what then? You have the same space constrains and no 2nd monitor. That's why SP3 became bigger, so that it could me a fully mobile work machine that makes no compromises (or as few as possible, like the keyboard) when you can't be sitting at a desk with a dock and extra monitors attached. And to your logic I would also point out, I'm a power user and I would never use my Surface with a dock and extra monitors. I can and I have done so, but it's not what a power user like me bought it for. I have my triple monitor desktop for extreme productivity. I bought the Surface so I could have a light, mobile machine that I could take anywhere, would last all day on a charge and would allow me to do Word/Excel/Powerpoint work. For that, on the go, I need no extra monitors nor dock and the ARM Surface is just perfect. If I needed more, more x86 apps, more than Office on the Surface, then I'd probably also want a bigger screen to manage Photoshop and Acrobat, which I don't, but that's the rationale behind the recently released SP3.
  • Waste of up a bit longer and get an SP3. It really is a tablet and laptop replacement. Posted via the WPC App for Android on BlackBerry Z30
  • For a tablet that does everything an iPad does and more, this is a great price... I don't see how you're saying it's a waste of money.   SP3 is targeted to people who want to replace their laptop and power users.  S2 is meant for casual tablet (reading, email, chatting, movies, games, etc.).  I'm definitely getting one at this price point.  Though I wish the keyboard came with it.
  • A bit longer? Dude, it's $350. The SP3 is $800 at a minimum. That's more than twice the price, I'd say that's way more than saving a little bit more for many people. Plus, there's many people like me who think the SP3 is a) too big for casual use, b) overkill for the consumption use we intend to use it for and c) unnecessary money spent on something we don't need. In my case, S1 serves my needs perfectly for work, I just want a S3 so I have the same but lighter and faster. No need for me to spend more on something I don't need and that will actually be a worse experience than I'm having now with the S1.
  • After owning the S1, S2, and now SP3. I can say without a doubt that it's not overkill, not too big, and perfect for casual use. I strictly use my SP3 for consumption only and absolutely love it. The kickstand allows you to consume so much better than the s2 and s1. Then when you need to, it's a laptop as well. The education discount and selling of your previous surface really makes the SP3 a steal. At first I believed the hype, that the sp3 is overkill for consumption, I can say without a doubt it's not! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Well, that's fantastic for YOU. I'm sure there's millions who think like you and for those, SP3 is perfect. Then there's people on the opposite camp, like me: many other millions for whom a 10" ARM S3 is all we need. Microsoft will serve both audiences, otherwise having similar hardware with similar functions differentiated just by size wouldn't make any sense for Microsoft as a manufacturer that does not depend on their HW sales.
  • Do you really think they'll keep the same screen ratio on the S3? I thought there would be no need for anything bigger than a 10" until actually using the SP3. I don't see any reason why RT users wouldn't want S3 in a thinner SP3 screen size. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Yeah, I think they'll keep the size but probably make it 3:2 to make lineups cohesive but still easily differentiated. Also think that the main criticism has been about the 16/9 aspect ratio, not the size (other than for professionals who wanted a bigger screen, thus they got it in SP3). Read through the web and you'll find plenty reviewers saying SP3 is a bit unwieldy as a tablet but perfect as laptop replacement. I didn't think this until I tried one and indeed, I wasn't comfortable with it, cos I use my S1 mainly as a tablet and the SP3 seemed too big to be comfortable to me. That's why for users like me, 3:2 10" S3 will be perfect, it will make the lineup cohesive yet still be plenty different so consumers won't get confused. Also, consider that by keeping S3 the same size but altering just the inner screens aspect ratio (not the chassis size) they'll keep full compatibility with current accessories (which can't be said of SP3).
  • I kinda agree with Xabier. I'm actually not that into spending that much money even with a discount on something I'll probably replace a year or two down the line. For 1) Lithium Ion batteries don't last that long(2-3 years) ...2) It has a fan which will make it run hot and also make it easier for it to collect dust, which will probably shorten its life span and 3) I use my Tablet mostly for consumption, my desktop takes care of everything else. I currently own a Thinkpad Tablet 2 and though I rarely use the Digitizer, I like having that option. If the Surface 3 comes with a Pen and higher resolution a la SP3, it will be my next Tablet ourchase.
  • I had the TP2 as well. I was in your shoes, well still am. I love having the digitzier as an option but barely use it. It's the same on the SP3. I use the pen mainly as a mouse and to invoke "on hover" actions on websites.  Have you thought baout the Thinkpad 10?
  • I have and had originally decided between that and the SP3. But after much thought and checking out the SP3 at the MS store, I decided it was best to wait for "the next best thing." On the Thinkpad 10, I just don't think my screen resolution to 1080p is worth the upgrade. I know it's not the only thing, but it's probably the only thing that would be the most noticeable in my day to day use. As for the SP3...well, too many moving parts for my liking. Me no like dust on stuff not easily opened. Also, I had a desktop for like 5 years and towards the end, even though I had opened it and cleaned it, the fans would come on even on idle which made no sense to me. I guess it was just wear and tear.
  • Your sig was like a maze.. I found the combo intriguing lol..
  • Why wont they have this deal on the surface pro 2??? this is bull crap. These RT's should be this cheap If not cheaper as it is! they don't when have full windows 8.1 anyways!! Garbage!!
  • They won't have this deal on the SP lineup because they're the pro lineup. They don't come cheap. Accept it. If you don't want to pay for the premium of owning that lineup, get a non-pro or buy something else.
  • I paid around $200 for a surface pro 1 with a cracked screen. Very well worth it though,
  • I have owned both the first version of RT and Pro and now both of the 2nd release. I am using S2 as a home tablet and the sp2 as main computer office. So far i am not interested in the new SP3. What I'd definitely buy is an Spro as thin as a S2. So said, msft, please, stop compare the SP3 to the macbookair. It has his own personality, it is a new generation of device like nothing else before. What Apple is good is to describe its products as first of their kind, even when they are just copy if something else. MSFT we are proud of your products, so be you too. So getting to the post, Surface (rt) should be cheap from the beginning, to be an entry level like lumia 520. Then SP(x) must be rightly priced as a new breed of tab-top or lap-let! And please, no more mistake like wifi issues or so. And please please no more surface as gift to all the journalist at the surface events that are using a mac. Give them to your real supporters because they would act like evangelists. Those journalists would only laugh at the surface weakness.
  • Yo don't get it. They compare SP3 to MBA because they're trying to position it for that use scenario, that is, for professional work on the go. The S3 has a different audience: consumption oriented users. That's why the SP3 became bigger and why the S3 will remain the same size/aspect ratio.
  • It's ironic that $300 Smartphones are more powerful than many Macbooks. But I suppose there is a market for Apple's premium products.
  • Name ONE smartphone that is more powerful the a Macbook? Oh well you cant because a smartphone is so limited while a MacBook is a full fledge desktop like computer running on Intel based CPUs.
  • Your comment makes no sense. There's no smartphone that is more powerful or capable than any laptop, MacBook or not.
  • There are few if any $300 smartphones. You are talking subsidized pricing. Actually cost is $500-800 for new smartphones usually. And not a single one is more powerful then any MacBook.    
  • I live to amuse ;)
  • Surface is kind of in denial of itself, it thinks it is desktop (going as far as to include the desktop for Office) but can't actually run desktop apps. And we already had the ARM version of windows: Windows Phone (and windows mobile before it). Poor RT :(
  • It does what I need on a companion device. :)
  • +920
  • Not really.  Once the universal touch versions of Office for Windows comes out, there will be no need for the Desktop on RT tablets anymore.  Plus once WP and RT get merged both devices will have the same Windows.  It's not really in denial, it's simply growing :)
  • I just bought a Surface 2 at Best Buy on Friday.  Hopefully they will do a price adjustment if i go in. 
  • They should!  I think their price beat guarantee is 15 days.
  • If anybody out there has access to Corporate Perks, the employee cashback website, the Microsoft Store has 15% CB right now.
  • Great offer, but does it ship internationally? I can't find it anyware on the website.
  • I have a 32 GB Surface 2 now. Not impressed with the performance at all. Need to reboot it once or twice a day if I use it as my main machine, but I use it as a backup machine. Not sure if the LTE version would make it that much more compelling. This discount also hints that they are gonna be discontinued soon...
  • I have a surface 2 fir a few months and so far not a single problem. It must be something wrong with your device.
  • Well there's 2 big reasons here - You are using it more than it's intended for.  It's a tablet not a backup machine or a replacement for a main machine.  That's what the Pro series is for.   Surface 2 is great for an everyday tablet that does more than the iPad.
  • SP3 rules!!! :)
  • They should have a fire sale like HP did with the TouchPad
  • Why? Touchpad was being discontinued; RT is evolving. Big difference (also, HP is terrible).
  • Only down $50 in canada
  • Technically $150 down... it's $50 off + Free case (value of up to $99)
  • Eh, I'm kind of done with Windows RT. I've had my original Surface RT since September 2013 and I've just outgrown it's capabilities, not to mention that it is so bad with Flash video in IE (which is what I pimarally use it for), it really puts me off using it. I'm going to try to buy a used first-generation Surface Pro on eBay. They're cheap enough and they're still extremely fast and have a lot more capabilities than the RT.
  • And what Microsoft offers when you buy their device and it is defective as shit? Well since you wouldn't be able to guess. They offer none. Nothing, nada. Infact they over this thing called imitation of care. It is in relationship with playing stupid, asking same questions over and over, react slow, give answers slow, hide if it is inconvenient, pretend to do something real as support for example something other than clicking keyboards and sending mails. Yeap. I bought defective device and they refused to change it. No, they don't deny it's defects and I am not accused of ruinining it somehow. Plane denial of responsibility. Don't buy it. Lack of efficient support.
  • I think this would be a case by case scenario. My hard drive failed in my surface rt and if it wasn't for me being international I would have received my replacement tablet in a quicker manner. I had very minimum problems with MSFT support other than starting up late out waking up early to speak to a customer service rep within the time window.
  • I disagree with your comment, my type 2 cover acted up last month, it had an intermittent key error on it and the service was first class, done a online chat with support they sent me a ups label to ship my keyboard back and I had a brand new one in 3 days.. efficient enough in my opinion
  • Wait till you buy their phone
  • I'm on my third windows phone
  • I've had nothing but good experiences on 1-800-4-my-Xbox and at the MS store. My stuff was repaired or replaced when necessary. I had a refurb RT from ebay that they replaced for a new one at the MS store because one of the magnets came off. But it really depends on the rep you're talking to. Still a way better experience than dealing with the apple store for my sister's iPhone (talking to 3 different people about the same thing and same questions, in 3 different waiting places, until finally speaking to a "genius"; or the time when they replaced my few month old iPhone with a refurb back in the day).
  • I'll just hold out for now. I just replaced my Surface RT with another because of hard drive failure. Also to see what will be shown for a Surface 3 and if a Mini will surface by fall of 2015.
  • Surface mini = 1520 when Windows9 hits lol
  • Perhaps. I prefer RT for the mini.
  • Why are people still under the assumption that the MS Mini is still a possiblity??  I thought the rumour was dispelled back in July?
  • I know, ignorance is annoying. I understand, however, that many (most) people might not read and keep up as much as you and I probably do. Oh well, patience. There's still people who think the WP Dev Preview is beta software... We just gotta keep educating people I guess.
  • Ignorance? Seeing as how the surface mini was never really announced, the only things we have to go off is leaks from reputable sources. And those leaks strongly suggest that surface mini has been delayed to wait on touch office (Gemini), and possibly windows 9 (threshold). I guess you don't read or keep up as much as you thought. Obviously, since nothing is official, anything can happen. But to read about what I said, check our Mary Jo's or Paul Thurrott's sites.
  • I find it quite entertaining that you think you're here to educate me. As respectable as Paul Thurrott and MJ Foley are, the truth is that you can't just read them these days, you also have to follow Brad Sams (Neowin), Daniel Rubino (WPC) and Tom Warren (The Verge) to keep up with what's going on with MS lately. What you're missing in your comment is the fact that the Surface Mini wasn't just delayed, if we get something, anything released (which, after the CEO change to Nadella, is anyone's guess, as he's made clear he won't compete where OEMs are excelling), it'll be a VERY different Mini. You know why? Ah, you also have to keep up with Taiwan and OEM manufacturing schedules (Pegatron, TSMC, etc). The reality is, had the Mini launched when the SP3 did, it was already half a year delayed: it was supposed to launch during fall 2013. The hardware inside those Surface Minis was appropriate for Fall 2013. A Spring 2014 launch would have ben feasible, if long in the tooth. Anything we get either this fall or next spring will require completely new hardware as the innards will be way too old. Seems like you should keep up with more than just 2 of the top journalists when it comes to all things MS. Just a thought.
  • It's assumptions that start misunderstood arguments. No one is educating anyone as this is a public forum where people express/contribute things they like/dislike, question, understand, etc. I just took exception to that fact that you called people, who didn't agree with a leak you believe in, ignorant. And I thought it was pretty obvious that those two were just examples and not the end all for Microsoft news, but I simply used those two as examples because they are typically so reliable (I'm an avid reader of many MS news sites, thanks). No one is arguing specifics or hardware innards, the surface mini is just a concept and that's precisely what I was referring to (a smaller surface). While many reports claimed the surface mini was cancelled, many reports afterwards came out and stated that it was simply delayed (what I put in my original comment). I also take exception to you saying my comment is missing the fact that the surface mini wasn't just delayed, when absolutely nothing is official or factual and anything can happen (as you and I have both recognized). My point was simply that it is not at all ignorant to believe that the mini may very well be on the way (eventually), simply because there are so many reports going both ways and anything can happen; that's it.
  • Fair enough. I'm so used to people in forums to be on attack mode I guess I've made defensive my automatic reply mode, specially actually ignorant people who claim white is black and vice versa and won't budge when you educate them. Apologies for that. You're certainly right in that all of this is up in the air and anything can and will happen. It's also part of what makes all of this so exciting lately, Microsoft is spinning around and nobody knows where each part will fall.
  • Thanks for the level headed response. You're right about attack mode on most sites, but my experience on WPCentral has been pretty pleasant (with the exception of a few people), and I try to give people here the benefit of the doubt. I don't even register as a user on other tech sites simply due to that fact (especially the verge), but I do read the comments. But tis truly an exciting time! All we can do is wait.
  • I wonder if they'll make a surface 3. I love my surface 2
  • Now let the pricedrop hit Europe. I would buy one at ones. 100 dollar means a Typecover for free. I allready have a Surface 2 and love it. Best hardware I have ever had.
  • Waiting for the Surface 3
  • Were it a Surface2 Pro, I would find a way to get the money... but being a Surface 2 with WinRT, nope nope nope. I want to develop in my laptop and then go to my clients with a 1lb surface instead of my 9lb laptop haha :P
  • Also, a free carrying pouch/case comes with the surface 2 when purchased at a Microsoft Store
  • I got my wife a SP3 i5.  Wow is that a nice machine.  Even the keyboard is great and the stylist/OneNote combination is incredible.  For myself I have been looking for a laptop in the 14" range, but I lose interest in the laptops everytime I research them - they just aren't the SP3.  Even for my daughter going into highschool - I have thought about upgrading her RT with an RT2, but again I find myself saying it's not a SP3.  The SP3 has ruined every other computer for me!    I just wish they made a 14" version.  ( I know! )
  • Who the hell wants old stuff,we have this offer in Italy through "Euronics" stores,€299.00,it doesn't sell unless to dummies that don't know what they buy.
  • That's the surface rt for sale in euronics at 299, unless your a dummie that doesn't know the difference?
  • It's the surface 2 on sale at euronics Dummy ! And you can get it at Mediaworld too,Dummy !
  • You cant get it at mediaworld for 299
    Can u read?
  • Check this link DUMMIE !
  • And you check this link
    The link you posted isn't euronics.
    Get your facts right.
  • Give me a link to the PRO 2 RT, merlin !
  • No problem, just try get it right the next time ;)