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Microsoft opens Insider Skip Ahead ring enrollments for Windows 10 19H2 testing

Windows Update Insider
Windows Update Insider (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft has opened up the Windows 10 Insider Skip Ahead ring, once again allowing enrollments ahead of testing for the next big feature update. Like past enrollments, the Skip Ahead ring is limited in space, but you'll want to be sure to register if you want to be among the first to test out Windows 10 19H2 builds once they're ready to roll out.

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Microsoft is starting to wrap up testing on the current update Insiders are testing, 19H1, which is expected to launch this spring. The next update, expected to go under the codename 19H2, will likely launch this fall like past releases.

If you're ready to hop on the Skip Ahead train, you can enroll by heading to your Windows Insider Program setting and choosing "Skip ahead to the next Windows Release." If you opt to stay on the Fast or Slow rings, you'll continue to test 19H1 builds until its broad release.

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  • In the middle of #bugbash?
    Interesting move 🤔
  • Well, given they're just about to button up 19H1, and opting in for H2 doesn't mean you're getting an update yet, it's not a big deal.
  • Does anybody's ring show custom? Fast says fast, but when I select skip ahead it says custom.
  • Yes. Even I saw that "Custom". There is no button for skip ahead too? I thought they will remove everyone from skip ahead. Start new enrollment like last time.
    I just don't want to miss out any skip ahead builds. 🙈
  • I'm sure the manual registry edit will still allow Skip ahead builds. I think mine is still active from last time
  • They didn't kick out the Skippies first like last cycle.
  • If we're already on skip ahead do we have to reenroll?? I'm stuck in the hospital and I don't know when I'm being released... I really hope I don't miss my chance to move to 19H2 builds... Who do I write about saving me a space? #priorities
  • It's already closed? In 5 hours! Somehow managed to get my desktop into skip ahead, but now both laptop & tablet have stopped showing skip ahead. Fixed it. Went back to slow on both computers & then switched back to windows insider settings to find skip ahead enabled. So happy!
  • Is there a feature list of this new 19H2 feature update ?