Microsoft publishes KB article on upcoming WP7 update

Everyone loves the Microsoft knowledge base, rebooting your PC after a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) to look up potential causes. We now have an article based around the process in updating Windows Phone 7 (opens in new tab) that has been published.

Although this sign is a positive move by Microsoft in displaying their continuous effort to ensure customer satisfaction with maintaining a good self-support system, one can't help but hope that this KB article will never be accessed. Containing the usual error code descriptions, there is also information present that covers the installation of Zune software. 

What's exciting about the approaching updates (and ones in the far distant future) is the ability for Microsoft to update devices directly, something that Android has been criticised for.

Excited about the upcoming updates? What are your thoughts on how the OS will develop after the first half of 2011?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); via: wmpoweruser

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Come onnnnnnn update!!! looking forward to see what the update has to offer!!!
  • Socket support damnit, socket support!!!!!!!
  • CDMA? Verizon?
  • Man this added delay has to be due to carrier testing for sure, there's no other explination out there, because MS doesn't want anyone to delay the very first update for some stupid reason they're taking extra time to test everything out I bet.
  • Well there's that and there's rumors that the CDMA process is slowing things down. But from the looks of this KB article and other things going on, the update could come out next week.