Microsoft is rebranding Microsoft Wallet as 'Microsoft Pay' in Windows 10

Microsoft is changing the name of its built-in payments framework on Windows 10 from "Microsoft Wallet" as it was originally known on Windows Phone to "Microsoft Pay," following in the footsteps of Apple and Google with Apple Pay and Android Pay.

The name change comes via an update from the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab), which updates the Wallet UI to say Pay instead. It's a small change, but one that I'm personally glad to see. Microsoft Pay just looks and sounds cleaner than "Microsoft Wallet" ever did.

Although Microsoft Pay has been a part of Windows 10 since the Creators Update, not many sites or apps are taking advantage of it yet. You can test out the UI yourself at Microsoft's own test site (opens in new tab), but outside of here I haven't seen any real use cases where the payments framework is in use. Not even on the Microsoft Store.

Hopefully Microsoft has big plans for Pay. Now that the Wallet app has been updated, perhaps Microsoft is planning a bigger push with its payments framework. Only time will tell. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you've found a website or app that uses the payments API!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • New name...still just as useless
  • Agreed. I wanted to use it on my 950XL, but was disappointed to discover that it just doesn't work the way I had hoped. I don't know how MS intends to use this, when they don't have any Mobile devices that people will carry around with them daily. No phone, no Band, and no smart watch. What would be the point of having MS Pay, without devices to use it that have NFC capabilities? Forget MS having big plans for MSP, MS better have big plans for Mobile. Otherwise, MSP will continue to be useless.
  • But the new app is not avaialble for the did you even try it?
  • MS thinks you can just carry your laptop to the grocery store and place it next to the card reader.  Simple!  I've tried Wallet on my 950 but none of my banks participate.  How in the world couldn't MS even get this to work, years ago.  I cant tell you how nice it was the first time I put my work iPhone up to a cash register and pay for something.  So simple and seemless.  MS = Sad!
  • none of the banks or credit unions outside of US are supporting the platform so why would anyone bother. Here in Canada, the only worthy payment systems are from RBC Pay, CIBC Pay, and Apple Pay. Not even Google's stuff works properly - utterly pathetic support I'd say from Google and MSFT for not wanting to expand beyond US.
  • Google works out side of the US. Google pay works just about every where here in Australia.
    Microsoft is the one that only working inside the USA which is sad.
  • Have just tested those UIs on my Galaxy S8 on Chrome and it looks clean and neat. Really hope it becomes a thing! 
  • wait a banks even support MS wallet????
  • Maybe, Bank of America, since they still have an app in the Store.
  • I use Microsoft Pay with Bank of America.
  • I do too. I don't have any accounts in other banks so I didn't even know it was limited to Bank of America. But it works fine with Bank of America.
  • Neither my bank nor credit union support it, but they are both all in for the other mobile payment schemes. So much for the single industry standard that was touted way back when, not that it matters anymore.
  • US Bank also does.
  • Never mind banks, ONMSFT says "Not even the Microsoft Store is allowing you to pay with Microsoft Pay yet." Bet none of you saw that coming, right? Right?
  • It works the same way UWP apps work for internal Microsoft development..... oh wait... even MSFT internal developers are using Win32 and Bridges...
  • yeah when not even Microsoft is wanting to support its own UWP W10 apps and APIs then why would we expect other developers to?
  • but wait for the surface unicorn,  Jason will explain y its a good thing tht MS doesnt support its own stuff
  • hahahaha
  • Not my bank
  • I hate to say it, but If there's one product Microsoft has nailed, it is Microsoft Rebrand.
  • I think AMEX and Chase support Microsoft "Pay" but I never figured out how to use it. OTOH, I now have Apple Pay and don't know anyone around where I live that accepts it. None of the online sites I buy from use it. So I am not sure this pay by device is a real thing. Maybe in CA?
  • Amex does not, unfortunately. I switched to iPhone last month and Apple Pay was by far one of my favorite features.
  • Apple Pay is probably *the* feature that compels me to use iOS.  I love paying with Apple Pay using my watch or phone at gas stations, groceries, almost anywhere now.  All but one of my credit cards support it. Checking out is much faster than chip transactions. Hands down.
  • I'm guessing you live in the United States?  In Canada we check out using tap with our debit or credit cards.  It takes literally 1 second.  Why would I use my phone to pay?
  • @vincentwansink for 2 reasons. 1) Your phone is always with you  2) Its more secure. (tap to pay with card just needs the card, phone needs the phone _and_ your fingerprint or PIN)   Tap to pay in the UK is limited to £30 [not sure if its per day or per transaction] Apple Pay is unlimited. So you cannot pay for a full tank of fuel with a normal "tap" card (you can with card and PIN). Or just press your phone up against the terminal with thumb print <ping> done. Or even cooler with Apple Watch ;)  
  • Chase never supported the wallet. I was just going to double check on my 950XL now, but wallet no longer seems to even offer the option of adding credit cards. It only will let me add loyalty cards.
  • Chase was supposed to but never did.
  • Not even going to upload my info. Ms is just going to abandon it anyway.
  • Not worth bothering with it. MS will soon kill it, because why not? What's the use of a 4rd payment framework Nadella is used to say.
  • And he would be right. Industry should come up with a standard that all Banks can use then they can implement it in Google, MS, Apple, etc.
  • except that will probably never happen.
  • Microsoft Pay... Just like Apple and Android Pay except nowhere supports it, no banks support it, no devices to support it and the tiny minority that can is only available in the US for.
  • Even in Russia Apple Pay works in the metro, supermarket, restaurants, but for now Android Pay doesn't.
  • In Europe the link to credit cards make A/G/M Pay more expensive and therefore prone to failure.
  • Is this like how they added the wallet and NFC to Windows Phone on the Lumia 920, but you could never actually use it until the Lumia 950 years later?
  • yeah pretty much and then blaming on manufacturers for putting in the wrong hardware. like even the Lumia 950 cannot do it because of so called "incorrect NFC protocols and incompatibilities with universal standards". and I'd say yeah right cause MSFT and Google don't really support any other country beside US.
  • Dunno, I used the wallet (NFC payment) on my 920 some 3 years ago.. Stopped working at some point though..
  • @pallentx, on the face of thing it may appear pretty simple but it is not, the tap to pay that was included in the 920 for example relied on the secure element (for payments) to be embedded on a sim card thus relying on carriers. This was interfaced with an app that was integrated with the wallet, that flopped because Microsoft only partnered with Orange in france out of every single carrier at launch. In the US it was a consortium of the big three carriers, that technology was later brought by google so that perished there and then. The implementation on the 950XL and beyond has the secure element embedded inside the phone therefore it only needs software to access it and does not rely on carriers or an additional app as a go between to function. But this, was only isolated to the US so therefore not many retailers, banks etc ever picked it up. Then you have the whole Windows Mobile saga and what not... so yeah.. not as simple as it sounds lol.
  • What happened was, Microsoft was working with US carriers on their mobile payment systam, ISIS, later renamed Softcard. It actually did work. However, shortly after Softcard admitted defeat and sold their payment system to Google, which in turn killed the WP feature.
  • Are you supposed to hold your laptop over the NFC terminal at a coffee shop? No mobile ecosystem makes this a non starter.
  • Haha.  Exactly.  You beat me to it.
  • Bahahaha. "I'd like to pay with my computer. Here, let me get it from my bag. Hope you don't mind the boot time."
  • Your laptop is going to fold into a cube that fits in your pocket and powers the Hololens you are wearing. You just tap the cube on the terminal.
  • Cube is too will be a 24" touchscreen that folds to the size of a business card.
  • If you're wearing a Hololens, can't you just hand then AR money?
  • This is just a stop gap until everyone accepts augmented pay.
  • They could probably make this into an Android app. iOS probs not because Apple locks out NFC to anything but Apple Pay IIRC. However it's not just about mobile payments. How many places on the web do you use PayPal, Amazon etc to pay for things. I'd love this to take off. Less places to put my credit card is better.
  • except that Microsoft Pay similar to Google Pay will never be officially supported outside of US and everyone else would not bother cause VISA PAYPASS, Maestro Pass, and Chip transactions are just faster and widely supported.
  • Except that US credit cards with chips don't support the PIN protocol used in Europe.
  • Android pay works everywhere I've tried to use it in the UK...
  • I'm using Android Pay at every EFTPOS in a retail, supermarket or food shop here in Australia that I've tried. Subway, McDonald's, Woolworths, Coles, etc. Anywhere PayWave works works for my Xperia XZ Premium. However, only one of my banks has signed up to Android Pay but it's my main bank.
  • Good point Richard.  However,  paypal has been in the wild for YEARS so MS doing this now is not going to take many users away from that system.  
  • LMAO. I can't stop laughing thinking about how ridiculous that would look.
  • I can't wait to bring my "14 Surface Pro up to the counter at my local coffee shop and stick the corner of it in front of their card reader.
  • Haven't got this update on my 950 and the link in the article takes you nowhere!
    MS is famous for killing...they may as well kill this app too...
  • Anyone else not seeing this being available for Apple and android and then MS pushing it for enterprise expensing, payment accounts, etc?
  • What's the point of it? With no Mobile platform, it's utterly useless. It will not survive on Android or iOS because of far superior Apple Pay, Android pay (or whatever its called) ans Samsung Pay. And it will definitely not survive on desktop because of PayPal and others. 
  • There is no point now, but there will be some type of new mobile devices in the future.
  • Don't hold your breath
  • There is no way Windows on ARM will not lead to mobile devices, whether by MS and /or their partners. They may not be traditional phones, but they're not doing it just for laptops.
  • keep dreaming on your so called surface phone. it will never come. I've been waiting since 2014 when it was rumored but 4 years in and nothing yet. So give up and move on!
  • We are a week from Black Friday and WoA is still a unicorn. We haven't even had any solid leaks beyond an expensive HP warranty plan and some crummy benchmark numbers. I won't be surprised if we don't see devices until spring, if ever.
  • Satya will kill that product as soon as it comes off the production line
  • Ah yes, the mystical future devices.
  • mythical....not mystical....
  • Too late for me. I'm giving up my 950XL for a Note 8 tomorrow.
  • I wonder if MS will roll this out to Android and iPhone. If so having this feature makes more sense
  • That's a good point. That's probably in the pipeline.
  • Windows has a wallet feature?? When did that happen?
  • Started way back in 2012 in Windows 8 but never fully utilized or supported outside of US. In Windows 10 they expanded it to laptops and desktop PCs but still nothing new here.
  • One can say that it was not fully utilized or supported in the US as well.
  • since windows 98        
  • On my laptop running Windows 10, I open the Start menu, type "wallet", and the only thing that I see is a link to the Store to download "Wallet", whose full name is "Microsoft Wallet" and which is only available for "Mobile" (I don't know whether that means Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile). I open the Start menu again and type "pay" and don't see any relevant results there either. Am I doing something wrong?
  • Are you on an insider build?  My old notebook that's running production build pulled down Microsoft Wallet this morning when I checked the store for updates.  Meanwhile on my desktop machine that's fast insider, wallet is no where to be found.
  • whats the point if there is no mobile phone to use this for? i find im using my tablet less and less these days and my iphone more and more, at times i need my tablet for some things but more often than not i would use a wallet for a mobile phone not my pc tablet
  • Another half ass Microsoft service, renamed in a half ass manner. Anyone noticing a pattern?
  • It's fullass not halfass!
  • "Although Microsoft Pay has been apart of Windows 10 since the Creators Update, not many sites or apps are taking advantage of it yet."
    Sorry to be that guy, but this is a huge pet peeve of mine. This literally means that Microsoft Pay has been separate from Windows 10 since the Creators Update, though it is grammatically incorrect. You mean "a part", not "apart". 
  • It has been completely useless and without function since forever, so either spelling could work
  • In 2 months the Massively Screwed-up dys-Functional Team will announce that they killing it and will pay to migrate all 37 users of Microsoft Pay to their choice of either Apple Pay or Google Pay!
  • 37? Optimistic aren't you?
  • How long is that going to be available? Two weeks?
  • Less.
  • The fact that banks and credit card companies failed to adopt Microsoft Wallet is exactly why they've re-engineered the platform as Microsoft Pay. Wallet required banks to opt into the service and then meet a variety of security requirements. That presented a considerable barrier to entry for banks, merchants, and consumers. This me platform should be more transparent and seamless, so merchants should just be able to accept it like any other mobile payment.
  • The name change wouldn't make any difference....
  • I think what he meant is that besides the name change, there is also some under the hood security differences and less barriers.
    One thing I don't understand is when Windows phone adoption was so low back in 2014 and they were thinking of revamping the app, then why not go with the MSFT Pay system back then?
    Why do they have to go with the one with more strict requirements to drive people away and then finally come back to an easier system for everyone???
  • Microsoft's marketing is trash.
  • Marketing is really hard when your products are trash.
  • Not all were trash...
  • just like google's android!!!
  • Yes...because selling billions of devices,  having more of the population on your platform than any other is  Trash...YES @neeraj Ashu,  you are correct....fanboys'  sheesh..
  • Quoting ONMSFT's article on this. " Not even the Microsoft Store is allowing you to pay with Microsoft Pay yet" That's about all you need to know about MS's committment to its own goddamn products. Though that shouldn't surprise anyone at this point.
  • The "wallet" app in Canada don't even let me load CC, if this is a w10 thing maybe I should power up my 15" laptop and tap at the terminal or haul my PC and monitor to the shop, ask for a power outlet and tap my PC to the terminal.  I am sure that's MS's plan. 
  • Microsoft Wallet was never supported outside of US and similar to Google Pay that even if you tried to, then none of the banks you wanted would be on the list.
  • How can they have big plans for it? - They don't have a mobile platform anymore.
    - Edge is being used by a small fraction of Windows users. This is a patent example of the delicate position Microsoft put itself in.
  • They actually have two mobile platforms: Android and IOS. WOA will likely be a third. I don't know if they have big plans for it or not, but killing W10M doesn't necessarily mean they don't.
  • Tarkus13,  why bother to download another app when "pay" services that actually work are already in IOS and Android?  no point for this...Also,  WOA is a pipedream for true mobile devices.  It will likely be used on low power tablets.
  • Why? Without mobile and place that will accept it? Effin useless.
  • Apple is pretty covered by banks but not so well by pay locations. I won't use a store's "app" as a method of payment either so CVS, for example, fails because they require their app on the phone to be able to use Apple pay. /fail
    So while it's nice to tout the other side as useful it doesn't work at a lot of places where it is supposed to. One store the devices can't register the phone. Another place it just fails every time you try to make a transaction.
    MS had the formula right in that you could keep all your store cards in the wallet as well, making scanning the bar code super handy and freeing us from cards. Apple can't get that right without going to a 3rd party app, which sorry not going to do. So in the end while MS may have more limited scope, it's not as big a difference in reality as you might think and the wallet itself was far, FAR more useful overall than the IOS equivalent, save that TouchID makes the whole process dead simple. But the HP phone doesn't support NFC so we are really back to square one. I think this news tells us they are keeping the "technology" alive in other uses, maintaining the engineering expertise behind it, and saving it for a time when they might make mobile devices that will expect it to be working.
  • yeah and by then Google and Microsoft will die and a completely new company called Samsung will rule the technology industry!
  • The rest of the world is not like America.   We have tap on our debit and credit cards...So ANYwhere you can tap your card,  you can tap your phone.   Keep the cards in your wallet and just use your phone for everyday purchases.   It's great.  
  • It's hard to understand Microsoft facination with renaming products without actually improving them. It is still surprising that this project hasn't been canned as there has been no evidence of anyone supporting or using it. Without a mobile platform the uses become even smaller.
  • Love microsoft.  Hey,  here's our mobile pay app...but wait...we cancelled our phones....DOH!
  • My opinion:  it isn't worth putting any more work on Microsoft specific payment services if there is no mobile use-case for it.  Websites?  Most shopping/billing have save card features. 
  • Well, they don't exist in Mobile. You're not going to knock your Windows Phone against the checkout, cos less than 1% of people have a Windows Mobile device. Good integrated thinking, Microsoft! 
  • It's actually less than 0.25% because this Microsoft Wallet thing only works on Windows 10 Mobile. WP8 and WP8.1 devices are out of luck.
  • Here we go people..
    Step 1: Put no effort in marketing the service (Status: Complete)
    Step 2: Rebrand couple of times (Status: Complete)
    Step 3: Close it out of the blue (Status: In Progress)
  • Lol this will die so soon without mobile devices.
  • It's been dead for years WITH mobile devices. Microsoft still has no clue how to market things.
  • @Kevin Schaefer, It failed because of carrier reliance (secure element on sim) a little research goes along way.
  • TechFreak1,  if failed because of a snowball of crap.  Not just one thing.   You had 1.  A CEO hell bent on destroying any consumer driven products and just focus on cloud, 2. Constant reboots from the design team forcing new hardware every year, 3.  Lack of anything close to marketing and sales programs, 4. Carrier exclusives, 5. Piss Poor developer treatment.   A shitstorm of death for a mobile / computing platform.   
  • later will be rebranded as andoid paid, like other apps already works better than in own platform.
  • Microsoft: quickly becoming that actor whom everyone thought had died years ago.
  • Like that home alone kid?
  • All dressed up and nowhere to go.
  • its an API
  • I'm going to look like a real idiot when I go to pay by swiping my Surface Pro to pay :'(
  • I'm convinced that Microsoft main focus has been mostly to provide sinecures for employee's deadbeat relatives.
  • Without a phone platform WTF is this suppsoed to be used for? I'm not going to carry around my laptop and smash on a checkout reader to pay for anything. Another reason dumbass MS should have kept a phone platform around
  • I will continue to tap my debit or credit card works for me and has done since 2007 when I got my first contactless payment Visa card with Barclaycard. In fact back then they gave a little mini one that I could stick on the back of my phone. Simples..
  • yes it is a better name for this application 🙂
  • What's the point of paying with a phone, when I can just pay with my bank card?
  • Not everyone carries a bank card or a wallet with them at all times but you can bet they always have their phone (like me)
  • Why is everyone talking about NFC while it would be mostly useful for the purchases you make on websites ?
  • What's the point if there isn't phones that can use it unless they plan to bring it other operating systems and make available across the globe
  • This used to work back in the WP8 days but it has been a waste of space on my 950 here in the UK.
  • How did you use it in the UK? I never was able to get hold of a secure sim myself to test on my daily driver at the time (L920) and the carriers really didn't make it easy since none of their apps actually integrated with the wallet properly.
  • Just rename it Microsoft Retrench, and have done with it... This software has never worked properly!"!! Absolutely laughable!!! How can MS continually screw up so badly? Whoever is making all these stupid decisions needs to be fired.. Cancelling great products and services and holding onto crap like this. A true facepalm moment.....
  • Latest iteration of tap to pay from Microsoft has been confined to the US, so it really wasn't given much chance to begin with. With something like this you need a larger sample size not a small dwindling one to find and iron out prospective issues.
  • Is anyone seeing this update? I don't on my 950XL
  • Accepted nowhere near you...
  • Samsung Pay
  • omg stop rebranding things unnecessarily all the damn time. This is part of the problem because it adds confusion and the other is how much time MS wastes rebranding things nobody really cared enough about in the first place as if an inane title was the problem. As much as I want to see companies like google utterly fail and be a smoldering crater in the ground, they beat you to the punch line with a product that for most intents and purposes wasn't a half-assed beta on release, the ecosystem is coherent/stable and extends well into everyday life, and it's usually marketed very well...notice that the name catches on with people after it's adopted by them and not the other way around. Names don't catch on by changing them. It works when big banks change their name and the customer base is locked in- that's it. It doesn't work for celebs - Ziggy Stardust may be the last case I can think of and even that was temporary. It doesn't work with "gender pronouns" because it just annoys people. Pick one. Grow and nurture it, stick with it. Microsoft has the weirdest habit of riding out the wrong things with little else than name changes while bailing out and strip attention away from things they DO invest a lot of money into at the first sign of any akwardness. It looks very streamlined for that very purpose...for the most part.  I DID see a long time ago how you tried treading into payment app territory and I humored it (more than once) and never came back because you guys just didn't try. Not enough partnerships, no perks to entice, and rather than process through the major creditors you dinguses went through individual banks so never mind actual shopping but I couldn't even add a damn debit card to buy crap DLC on one of your own stupid phone games that used your Wallet app rather than my Microsoft profile wallet balance.
  • Too late for me and my wife. After Microsoft Wallet not picking up any updates and bannks not supporting it, we moved on to Samsung Pay. We were waiting on Microsoft Wallet web integration as well but Samsung has that as well and with the excellent Samsung Rewards.
  • Microsoft Pay on the web is actually a WC3 Standard known as "Payment API". If you're shopping in Microsoft Edge, one you click "Buy Now", you'll see Microsoft Pay appear, if you're using Chrome on that exact same site, you'll see the Google/Chrome Pay UI. For this use case, this isn't a platform that's dependent upon sites supporting a Microsfot platform. It's an open standard for the web, intended to replace dozens of companies needing to store your credit card information for quick checkouts.
  • Zac, really?
    "Now that the Wallet app has been updated, perhaps..."
    I mean, they just change the name and you make a whole articule on that? Updated? really?
    I´m sure you can do better... Ahh, btw, I bet you MSFT is about to shut it down, as usual...  
  • :)) Zac continues to be delusional, what do you expect.
  • Frankly all of these Pay apps are ******* joke. As users why should expect, no demand, that payment systems work universally.
  • Can't wait to go to Starbucks and slap my Surface against the reader.
  • It's from Microsoft!  Without any direction they will proceed then drop it.  They lack marketing skills. Seriously - Apple Pay, Google, PayPal...what is the point. If you can handle the mobile market, the payment market it not for you! Go back to the cloud....(which you will lost to Amazon and Asian giants)
  • What am I going to do? Carry my Surface Pro 3 around to pay for stuff. MS, you're so clueless if you think not having a vertical mobile stack with smartphones isn't necessary to remain relevant.
  • Microsoft is already out of Mobile, so Pay, IoT, car tech, Bing search, Edge, Maps, Outlook (email, calendar, contacts), OneDrive, OneNote, Cortana, Skype, music (Groove), TV & movies, VR, mobile gaming, etc. are mostly moot.  They are just waiting for Android and Apple to invade the workplace.  Maybe Windows Core OS on ARM...
  • So because Apple does Apple Pay, now all other companies have to use “pay”? Android pay, Samsung Pay, Walmart Pay, rumored Target Pay, and now Microsoft pay? Come on be creative other companies.
  • Why?  Just to be different.  It's what you are doing when you use these services....PAY for something.  Makes complete sense.  
  • Microsoft is out of innovation under Nadulla. Cloud is all he got.
  • It reminds me of the Microsoft Wallet in Windows ME
  • Microsoft Pay? Nadulla, you’re that desperate?
  • Does this pay thing depend only on nfc? In India Samsung pay is supported so what if I tap my Lumia during checkout? Does it depend which app I am using or it will work?
  • but, but, but...there's no windows phone initiative!!!
  • Hey Zac,  can you change the heading of this article to pay for NONE of the things?  thanks!   ha ha/.
  • I don't use any of these payment options even while having an android phone or being able to use apple pay.  Only thing I ever use while on the street is the starbucks app at starbucks and that's it.  I've given it a try at places to find that it's more of a hassle to use it than just pull out your card and insert it. The moment you wan to pay with your phone on most places you are greeted with a possible groan and puzzled looks from untrained cashiers, sometimes even the people behind you possibly thinking how much of an a-hole smug tech guy you are for paying with a phone. Besides. You still have to carry your ID, so you will never get rid of cards altogether.
  • REALLY?  I use apple pay for everything and its WAY easier and faster than rummaging through my wallet to get my credit or debit card,  then your other card like rewards and air miles etc.   WAY better.  MS has,  once again,  missed the boat!
  • What good is THAT with the death of Windows Mobile? Who's going to carry their laptop around to pay?