Microsoft releases Halo Channel for Xbox One

Microsoft has released the Halo Channel app for the Xbox One, just in time for HaloFest, as well as tomorrow's launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The channel plugs you in to all things Halo, with different sections for different aspects of the Halo franchise. Halo Channel gives you access to original programming, gameplay, and behind the scenes videos.

The app is divided into a number of sections. The Featured section includes videos from behind the scenes of the Halo 2 Anniversary edition. The News & Community section gives you the latest in Halo news. You can queue videos to watch whenever you want, and the Originals area holds original Halo programming, such as the new Nightfall live-action series. Halo Channel also lets you launch Halo games that you have installed on your Xbox, and watch Twitch streams of Halo matches.

You can download the Halo Channel from the Xbox Store right now, either directly on your Xbox, or via the SmartGlass app on your mobile device.

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Joseph Keller