Microsoft releases Network+ update for Lumias

Network+ has been updated by Microsoft, releasing version to the Windows Phone Store. As is the norm with these system apps, there's no up-to-date changelog attached to the store listing, making it difficult to decipher what's actually new in this latest version.

All we do know is it's new, it's available, and you should probably download it. Aside from probably bug fixing, we couldn't spot anything new after updating on one of our test devices (because Network+ kept crashing prior to downloading the update). Should you happen to see anything new, do let us know in the comments.

Also, Access Point received some update love too ( But again, we're not sure what's new. The store listing reports "updated operator settings and general performance improvements," though we're not certain if this is accurate.

And no, they don't "seem faster" – we know you guys too well!

QR: Network+

QR: Access Point

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Its fast
  • "faster" comments begin!! Let's have a drumroll for it!
  • Fastest
  • Its bullshi t .... The UI seems old and big fonts are junk. Not compatible with big screen phones ... Hate new update both suc ks ... L1320
  • You are quite the ray of sunshine!
  • Bah humbug.
  • Buy a smaller phone?
  • Why buy a smaller phone when the flagship have either 5 or 6 inches (930 or 1520)? Also they should support the newer hardware and make it better not making it look ugly on the flagship's.
  • Seems faster :)
  • Haha yup it really seems faster.. :D
  • Hope it'll fix my 730 s network issues
  • Funny u Rich... LOL
  • Jealous. u Rich
  • Access point was also updated
  • And you didn't read the article ass..
  • He is not an ass. The article, when posted, didn't mention about access point. But after several people commented about it, the article got updated, including news about access point. I am pretty sure who the real ass here is. Lol. :P
  • When I read it..It was there..Still believing you..
    Sorry @Kotesh Chintakunta
  • Hey... You are cool. Not an ass. ;) sorry if I was rude. Have a good day. :)
  • You're an Indian no..??
  • Yes I am. Just like you. :)
  • Asshole you mean..?? :p :p  
  • Haha, I think I made it pretty clear that you are not an ass, but a cool person. And am just like you. :P
  • Hmm like your way of replyin (mostly same as mine)..!! Stick around bro and have a blast..!!
  • Why they are not providing the option to lock 3g network. Is that hurts them?
  • There must be some reason..It isn't like they haven't read the reviews in the App Store..!!
    My Take--If there is no 3G available in a certain location and the networks' switching from 2G to 3G and vice-versa rapidly..It could result in loss of network in between and would be a bad consumer experience..And believe me Microsoft doesn't wants that now..!!
  • I agree with that! Even I feel its the same reason for no 3G lock.
  • Seem faster. (You want us to say this, really)
  • Why r u saying 'Seems faster' ?
    When he said no 'Seems faster'
    Can't u understand wt no 'Seems faster' means
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    It doesn't 'Seems faster' when u cmnt 'Seems faster'
    So no more 'Seems faster' now :P
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  • Wow who rattled your cage today? Its a joke... Even on the article they are joking... Chill
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  • I was laughing so hard already then unknownguns replied you lol.
  • faster is only download !  
  • Hmm,  Seems Faster!
  • Seem Fasters
  • Yeah, seems faster! It's like telling your kids not to do something. They immediately turn around and do what you told them not to do. We're all Windows Central's little knuckleheaded kids!
  • Access point also has an update, seems slower
  • Aslo access point
  • Access point also updated
  • Access point too
  • Haha. It seems like it's an update.
  • seems the same :P
  • lol seems faster :P
  • Seems loads faster!
  • Seems updated.
  • Daniel access point is not listed in Lumia 535
  • Should be listed under your Settings menu under "system"
  • I liked the third last para of this blog.....
  • Lol you guys kill me. It's good Microsoft is updating on a regular, but dam were is my denim update that was promised to me last year?
  • Somewhere in between anywhere and nowhere... Right in the middle. The same as my denim. Lumia 520 got the update in Germany. Lumia 1020 waits the line:)). Now that's funny as the sound of a furtz.
  • Just like the promise of Xbox music app getting updates regularly, yeah, wherever that promise is that's where you'll find Demin. Prolly next to the Zune corpse that got taken out by mysterious forces at MS.
  • :))). Good one. This guys are just crazy, i just can't understand this behaviour. This is the biggest software company and the slowest. Or they jist don't give a f**k about wp developement. Thing that Nokia complained allot of times. Nokia got it wrong when they went with microsoft, really wrong.
  • yeah, I used to think Apple was errogant, but even they brought back google maps after their customers bitched about their little IMaps scandal.  MS knows a larger majority of customers went up in arms and demanded Zune back if being replaced by such a sub-par software like Xbox music, and they don't seem to care.  Updates such as Demin might not be entirely within their power to release whenever they want, But Zune just being re-wired for 8.0 devices and launched was and it still is within their power.  The whole Zune situation is a mystery.
  • Ummm... I don't think you read the news properly. Long back the development team of xbox music announced that they were stopping the bi weekly updates now. Because their focus had changed to windows ten and some other stuffs. So before blaming someone, just know everything about what the case is. And dude come on, the guy in the next comment says that Microsoft is very slow and they don't give a crap about windows phone and all... I mean, where the hell is this coming from!? Microsoft is relatively much much newer in the phone market than android and iPhone. Give them some credit!
    18 months back I had got my Lumia 720, which didn't even have a basic feature of screen rotation.
    And look at what it is now!! Just in 18 months! And if you really wanna compare it with other platforms, tell me what they did with their phones? Coz of Microsoft, windows phone has a wonderful future. And I am pretty sure that there must be some reason why you are using windows phone yourselves.
    Think about it.
    Give Microsoft time and trust and support, and you'll be proud about it. :)
  • Well, if for you to have a proper volume and some other small futures in 4 years of developement is quick (not to say that this futures symbian had more then 10 years ago, and still has allot of them that wp just lacks way behind), then, what can i say my friend? You probably never used smartphones before...! While we are waiting mounths for some updates just to bring the system in a normal 21 century others go far away from us. Let's say that in thos developing stage we will always be behind others, just cause we wait 6 months for an update that bring folders to the freaqin' start menu and fixes some small bugs. Ot is just to slow my friend, tooo slow. And this is why Nokia stood no chance. I can safetly say mycrosoft killed Nokia with their ignorance and greed.
  • Access point wasn't compatible with devices post cyan. This should hopefully fix it.
  • Still not working.
  • Well that sucks. I had cyan on my at&t 1520, but my icon is of course precyan so I couldn't verify
  • Rich Edmonds seems faster!
  • It has 'operator info'.. I don`t know if it`s new, but I see it for first time.
  • It seems seem faster :D
  • Did Network+ always have operator info setting? I just noticed that.
  • Yes, under the ... menu.
  • Wat the f**k ..
    Access point is not getting opened..
  • what does this app do?
  • The replaced "nokia and connecting people are trade marks for Nokia" with "Microsoft and the windows logo are trademarks for Microsoft"
    In the about of the app
  • ZOMG
  • Operator info its nnot a new thing
  • I never need access point. Lumia1520
  • For mee neither faster neither works as it should..and No crash !
  • It is there in the old version under the ... menu. I know this for a fact as I haven't upgraded yet.
  • Seems annoying
  • Feems saster
  • Maybe they added 3G to network+
  • Are u drunk ?
  • Richie rich
  • Yeeeeeeeeeees? :-)
  • BT operator settings were added to EE, I think... I'm sure it wasn't there before.
  • Causes your reception to lose one bar. (joking).
  • Faster seems ;)
  • Seems Microsoftier!
  • Would have been nice if the article stated what these apps actually were for.  I was worried that I couldnt find them on my phone nor access them through the Store.  The only way to get to them was through the links in the article. In case anyone is wondering, these wo apps are only if your phone has dual SIM capability.  Otherwise, dont worry about them.
  • That's not true. Have them both on my 920. They aren't apps in your app list. Check settings. They are listed there.
  • If they arent just for dual sims, as the app descriptions state, then what are they used for on single sim phones like my 822?  I have Internet Sharing so I dont need a separate app for that.
  • Access point allows you to use your phone on a different carrier. That's how I used my 928 on att. Network+ allows you to change call waiting and call forwarding settings. Not just for dual SIM phones.
  • They aren't in my settings.
  • Also Internet sharing.
  • LOL! I like the last part where he says "And no, they don't "seem faster" -we know you guys too well!!"
  • Yeah:/ everyone did
  • Seems.... Normal
  • Maybe it'll make MMS work on a Icon being used on AT&T :)
  • That would be awesome.
  • I think its for Lumia denim update's wider rollout....!!
  • Thread full of so many failed attempts at humour.
  • Can I uninstall AccessPoint? It says not compatible with my setup (930 Cyan).  
  • Same here, 930 Denim.
  • Same here, when I open Access point it says "These settings are only available for earlier versions of Windows phone, and won't work on this operating system"
  • Yes you can. Just change your Date/Time for something like 01/16/2300, and try to open Access Point.
  • You need to charge your phone
  • Lol I liked "seem faster" part in the article lol
  • I'm not sure about that, WhatsApp Facebook LINE don't get updates for almost months, ate these apps on Windows phone are perfect?
  • What? I though network+ is something related to settings AND his do you measure it is faster out something else? Ha?
  • Seems updated. (can't verify if faster.)
  • They must update the cellular data .. Poor reception.. I always end up barrowing Android phone from my sister because my windows phone can't retrieve internet. even there's strength H+ Data connection.
  • I feel faster.   Phone, no change.
  • Access Point it's for old phones only, this setting was integrated on SIM Settings.
  • Oh yeah, you're right! Thanks.
  • Why it says that I can download?? :p
  • Its faster how?
  • Seems slower :/
  • Seems exactly the same speed as before.
  • Data Connection was not working for me for 10-15 minutes after this update. Started working automatically. 
  • On my Icon, I now have a full Wi-Fi connection while sitting in the same room as the router as opposed to the previous two bars. So, just a stronger connection thus far.
  • Or a more accurate measurement...
  • Hmmm,I don't have that app in my app store...
  • id like to see an update in which the list in settings are sorted in a logial manner 
  • That should probably require an OS update.
  • Never mind I have it.:\
  • Wow, I actually didn't have Access Point installed on my Lumia 930. I knew something was missing when comparing to my old 820.
  • Oh, now I know why. It says that the setting is only available for older versions of WP. Now I can't remove it. First world problems.
  • Hopefully its so VZ can unbind their panties and let the ICON get some firmware love
  • I didn't get any update why ? (India)
  • I got it on my L1020, I am from India. 
  • Cool
  • I sometimes wonder why these articles even get written. What is the point in saying that Network+ got updated when there is nothing to actually report on it?
  • You don't seem to know how the media works
  • Post as many useless articles as possible just so people come and you get to show them ads?
  • To see if an article can be made by providing almost no info and insulting readers to a certain degree.
  • Network+ seems faster!!
  • I was happy when I saw the Access Point update, then I realized that it still doesn't work on my 630. I hope one day MS will give us an option to manually force the tethering APN, my carrier charges 4€/day for it so I can't use it.
  • Daniel, you seem faster these days.
  • Welcome! I tipped!
  • hah
  • I don't see Network+ in the store...
  • Ever since updating, most of my programs will not work. After uninstall, they won't reinstall. Says attention required.
  • I think apps should immediately get docked a star if they release an update without a What's New/Change log. There's no excuse for this laziness.
  • Drum roll
  • We need direct Wi-Fi please
  • Downloaded on my ATT 830, but have no idea what it does for me.
  • What does network+ do exactly?
  • Seems faster ./.