Network+ has been updated by Microsoft, releasing version to the Windows Phone Store. As is the norm with these system apps, there's no up-to-date changelog attached to the store listing, making it difficult to decipher what's actually new in this latest version.

All we do know is it's new, it's available, and you should probably download it. Aside from probably bug fixing, we couldn't spot anything new after updating on one of our test devices (because Network+ kept crashing prior to downloading the update). Should you happen to see anything new, do let us know in the comments.

Also, Access Point received some update love too ( But again, we're not sure what's new. The store listing reports "updated operator settings and general performance improvements," though we're not certain if this is accurate.

And no, they don't "seem faster" – we know you guys too well!

QR: Network+

QR: Access Point

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