Microsoft reveals 'biggest ever' Xbox E3 2018, with briefing date and time [updated]

E3 (Image credit: ESA)

E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year because companies reveal new projects, hardware, and long-awaited release dates. Dominating a news cycle with heavy-hitting games is a must and so is choosing an appropriate time for your conference. Recently confirmed (opens in new tab) by Microsoft, the company will host their E3 2018 briefing on Sunday, June 10, 2018, at 4 PM EDT. This is an hour earlier than their event for E3 2017 last June.

For this year's conference, Xbox will take over the Microsoft Theater, which lies just across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC). "The Microsoft Theater will be home to official E3 events like the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing on June 10, 2018 at 1PM PT, various Xbox FanFest activities, hands-on gameplay and demos for all E3 attendees and more," Microsoft says. "Not only does the Microsoft Theater allow us to centralize our Xbox presence at E3, but it's size enables us to include even more fans and partners in the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing than ever before."

The press briefing will probably be the first one among the console manufacturers given the fact that it takes place on a Sunday. Over the past several years, Microsoft has been criticized for the lack of exclusive games available on the Xbox One. While the generation started off on a strong note with titles such as Ryse: Son of Rome and Sunset Overdrive hitting the system, they quickly tapered off.

On many occasions, Microsoft has confirmed that the company has signed many new "AAA" games so hopefully we'll get some announcements in a few months. Now that the company has the most powerful console on the market, it needs to focus on its game catalog. There is a rumored Fable game in the works alongside Forza Horizon 4. Hopefully other exclusives from third-party developers will also be revealed during the event.

The Xbox One has come a long way since its 2013 reveal but there is still work to be done. Hopefully Microsoft will be able to impress gamers on June 10.

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  • I retired from watching e3 a few years back. I got sick of getting excited for games that won't look the same by the time they come out 3-4 years later after delays, and changes of creative direction. I've never been a fan a window shopping... as you can probably tell lol
  • There are only two announcements I'm interested in. 1) Xbox X support for VR and 2.) all Steam VR game catalog becoming available on the Xbox X when 1.) has been implemented
  • If just the first one happens I'll be incredibly stoaked. 
  • I couldn't give a stuff about exclusives. All that does is make you have to buy two different consoles. The strength of the hardware and supporting ecosystem should drive console purchases, not exclusives.   I wish there were LESS exclusives on both platforms, not more. Develop for everything!
  • My feeling exactly. Seems a developer that is producing a game for 3 or 4 systems would have way more resources than one locked to a particular ecosystem.
  • Nah exclusives should still exist and should/are the reason to buy a machine, that is how we gamers can benefit the most, a good example is GT and Forza, if GT was multiplataform Forza wouldn't exist and Forza wouldn't try to be better than GT and GT wouldn't try to become even better therefore this 2 franchises wouldn't be as good as they are.
    Normally exclusives have a special treatment like no lootbox/Micro-transactions BS and are incredibly polished because they need to be system sellers, the problem is that recently MS doesn't seem to be following this rules (Forza 7). MS has great Hardware and great features but it lacks in what is more important, exclusives, and the support that gives in Europe is a joke.
  • @Goncalo  Not just Europe. It's more like everywhere else that not NA.
  • @ZipZapRap & todd Sorry but that was ridiculous. I have never seen a real gamer ask for LESS games. Console makers must invest in making games. I want all of them to try to outdo each other by producing brilliant games for their system. And I want gamers to "reward" their investment into gaming by buying their system. Competition is actually great. It's crazy how ever since one company stop investing in making exclusives we see people downplaying them and even wanting them to not exist. The only reason I think these people want LESS games is because of the priority isn't gaming but being a fan of a company and it's policies...
  • It's time for the mouse and keyboard support and the best way to advertise it is with new PC games that wouldn't be on a console before.
    I'm talking about popular eSports games like Dota and LOL, a new and (finally good) release of CSGO and RTS games.
    And all of them with Crossplay between Xbox and PC (including Steam).
    Gaming PCs are very expensive right now and that won't change soon. It's the perfect time to open the Xbox to another group of gamer. And yes more classic console games are important too.
  • If XBOX had more pc like games, I as a PC gamer would probably have bought a Xbox years ago. The simplicity of a console, with the diversity of the PC game ecosystem would be amazing!
  • And even though it's not completely safe cheating is way less common on Xbox.
    MS could even market the Xbox as official eSport PCs on tournaments if the performance is good enough. That's a huge if
  • Wouldn't allowing keyboard and mouse on Xbox facilitate hacking and cheating on the console? I think it would.
  • Why?
    Cheats are worth much more against controllers since they're less precise. And cheating is still more complicated on consoles.
    Btw right now the most popular "cheat" on XboxOne and PS4 is actually using mouse and keyboard without the official support.
  • Mixed Reality capability would be nice to see.
  • 5 Things Microsoft needs to do: 1) Make more of Windows available on Xbox One; including mouse, keyboard, and touch. 2) More AAA exclusives (they have to because Sony does this). 3) Low end mobile Xbox.  Include the Windows instant on, LTE (optionally used), and long battery capabilities.  This should be more of an entertainment system with move, ebook, and music libraries/playing/DVR.  Should include support for bluetooth for music. 4) AR/VR should be there and supported by Microsoft Studios on the high end Xbox systems that can do it right. 5) Game streaming so even high end games can be played on low end Xbox and PC systems with great internet connections.  
  • 3) sounds good but doesn't work. Games should run on all XboxOne consoles without a problems for the developers. This low end mobile Xbox would destroy the principle of consoles.
    But there's hope. When intel release the successor of the Tegra X1 it should be more powerful than the original Xbox. Maybe MS could emulate the XboxOne.
  • They could either make (3) optional for developers or have it be as powerful as an Xbox One S. In all honesty I feel like Microsoft may be laying the groundwork for this already at least with their first party titles, with both Forza Motorsport 7 and Sea of Thieves having such extremely low minimum requirements that even integrated graphics PCs can run them. Having a mobile device capable of running Xbox games, either as a dedicated console or as a mobile PC, would truly bring "Play Anywhere" to a whole new level, I think.
  • 1.  Keyboard and mouse are officially coming.  Touch is a waste.  Touch brings too many issues for something that isn't needed or would support a non-existent (or possibly non-existent) group of console gamers.  Microsoft weans down the Windows 10 implementation on the console to make Xbox work much more efficiently than the desktop counterpart. Adding more features (that don't fit most console owners needs) will only add more issues a console does not need.  2. Agreed.  They also need to make sure there are a few in that increased exclusive IP list that is exclusive to Xbox (or the very least timed to the console over PC). They need to make some big moves now rather than just starting new IPs that won't be out for 3 or 4 years from now.  They need to make some investments in currently established development houses. With the gaming market exceeding 100billion a year Microsoft knows it must spend money now to capture more of that ever-increasing money train. However, other than rumors  (e.g. EA, Steam) I have seen no movement on Microsoft increasing gaming studios that Phil Spencer has alluded in the past as a priority. 3,  Too late for this generation.  Gen 8 is winding down. New consoles from Sony and Microsoft should be arriving in 2019/2020. Such a device now would have several issues. 1) Any attempt now for a portable Xbox One would have a very limited life with new consoles coming soon.  With an X2 coming sooner rather than later that means games will be focused on supporting the capabilities and not on the Xbox One base. A hand-held Xbox would require supporting Xbox base type quality.  2) It would not be supported fully by third-party developers. 3) Battery life for the type of games (especially at 1080) would horrible.   4) Cost? Storage alone, a better screen etc.. are needed for an Xbox One type device. The price point vs the tech required is not there for viable option 5) See your point #2.  Nintendo works because they have a large arsenal of IP that fit that casual gaming experience. Games they make tend to require fewer visuals requirements (720p for Mario is OK). Meanwhile, Microsoft has a limited arsenal of first-party or third-party games on the market that make sense for a portable. Many of the types of games on Xbox or PS4 require a lot more heavy lifting. Besides, let's not forget Microsoft without doing anything now has the largest portable market; Nintendo be damned. With laptops, 2-n-1, and tablet devices increasingly becoming more powerful graphically, even on the low-end with APU chips from AMD like Ryzen or Intel's AMD integrated graphics, Microsoft can capture more of that gaming market a lot quicker and more efficiently than risking investing on a portable me too console this late in Gen 8. 4.  AR/VR questionable.  I think I will go by what Phil says and let the Windows desktop flesh out all the heavy lifting before it comes to the console. Let's be real. Only the Xbox One X console will be able to truly support Microsoft's MR and that would leave out a large percentage (90+ percent) of all Xbox One owners from that media. I don't think Microsoft would best be served doing MR at this time. I rather they invest in making sure the X (when it becomes the base unit) and future X2 console to arrive in the next few years are both fully enabled MR devices rather than half-assing it now and segregating the current Xbox One console experience. 5. Gaming streaming has been on the table for a while. Over the years they have had several trials of technology they have developed and continue to work on streaming as a future option. Microsoft understands there is potential in the future. But, they have determined, and rightly so, that it makes no financial sense to support something that can not live up to expectations.  You said "great internet connections" and that is the problem. Currently, that is why streaming games is subpar. It requires a great internet connection. That requirement locks out a very large portion of the internet from a good game streaming experience. Even in the US, at this time it, can be a crap-shoot. Perhaps when 5G arrives in mass and it lives up to it's promises then streaming games will be a more viable option.  Otherwise, you will get that mess called PSNow that is tapped out a resolution of 720p, maxed 30fps, has a loss of fidelity, an inability to support fairly action-oriented games, and has heavy latency issues even with great internet connections.
  • They say this biggest ever crap every year. Remember last year? It was utter crap.