Microsoft to roll out Xbox dashboard UI alterations before next-gen console

According to sources familiar with company plans, Microsoft is preparing to roll out an update for the Xbox 360. This package will implement changes to the dashboard UI and will enter into a public beta in late June or early July. Said changes are believed to be in preparation for the next-generation console, which Microsoft will be announcing soon.

The Verge has learned that the dashboard will be refreshed with small Live Tiles to match what's presently available on Windows Phone as well as Windows 8.1. Darker or lighter themes are also touched on, providing more customisation for consumers. Microsoft is said to be aiming for complete unity between older consoles and the next generation with messaging, beacons and achievements all included.

If that wasn't enough, we could well be seeing the end of the Microsoft Points system, with currency and gift card replacements favoured to match other platforms within the Windows ecosystem. Update estimated time of arrival? August. We'll hopefully have more information as Microsoft unveils the next Xbox. This gives you an excuse to stay tuned to our feeds, as well as the new Xbox Wire blog.

Source: The Verge

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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