Microsoft rolls out first updates to its Windows 11 apps

Windows 11 Hero Surfaces
Windows 11 Hero Surfaces (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft released its first set of app updates for Windows 11.
  • The built-in Calculator, Snipping Tool, and Mail & Calendar apps have all been updated.
  • The new Snipping Tool combines features from the classing Snipping Tool and the Snip & Sketch app.

Following the release of Windows 11 build 22000.132, Microsoft released the first update to its Windows 11 apps. The first-party Calculator, Mail app, and Snipping Tool all have new features and refreshed looks. The updates for these apps will roll out first to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.

The Windows 11 Snipping Tool app combines parts of the classic Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch apps. The new Snipping Tool supports the WIN + SHIFT + S shortcut to start a snip and rich editing options. It also has a new settings page. After taking a snip, people can annotate, crop, or edit an image. The upgraded Snipping Tool has a dark mode, which is a theme for all of the updated apps on Windows 11.

The Calculator app has a new look and new theme settings. It's also been rewritten in C#, which lets more people help improve it on GitHub. Microsoft highlights that the Calculator app can "analyze equations on a graph, and evaluate algebra, trigonometry, and complex math expressions!" It also has tools for converting currency and units.

The Mail & Calendar app also has a visual update. It features rounded corners and some other design tweaks to help it fit in on Windows 11. The app already supported dark and light modes and continues to in Windows 11.

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  • I hope they upgrade Groove Music too
  • And rename it to Zune
  • Groove Music sounds better. Although, Zune was the ish, but MS failed to advance it further. They tried to bring it back with Windows Phone 7, in the way Apple did with the ipod, now iPhone. Groove was seemingly pretty popular, but not enough for them to keep the streaming service. They didn't even keep the app on Android, as a way to access music files you may have on OneDrive. That was the biggest let down for me.
  • Imagine it's sarcasm :).
  • "rounded corners" the next step towards utopia. (sarcasm X infinity) What a joke!!!!!
  • I thought Mail & Calendar was due to get an style refresh to give it more capabilities?? 🤔
  • yes, my question as well!
  • That seems to be more around RTM time or after talking more realistically.
  • Yall really have to proof read your articles better:
    "The new Snipping Tool combines features from the classing Snipping Tool and the Snip & Sketch app." Pretty sure it should say "... classic Snipping Tool..." BTW MS word has a built-in Grammer and spell checker (MS Editor: just throwing it out there.
  • They fixed it!
  • By the way, it is "grammar" and not "grammer"...
  • Lol dis hularryis
  • Wow, the mail app is disappointing. It needs much more than just a mild visual refresh.
  • Actually that's true. The most annoying thing is when I get an email, I click on the notification, and while Mail opens, the individual email doesn't. And it sort of soft-freezes - it won't load any email. A terrible bug I've been suffering through for a couple years now. Not acceptable. I guess I like the rounded corners though.
  • Huh interesting, I've never experienced that bug. But I agree an updated app/PWA whatever it's going to be is needed
  • Maybe it's the combination of Gmail and my institution's mail (through Exchange)? Idunno, but it's annoying. Happens at least once a week, sometimes much more often.
  • Also, sharing to Mail is terrible, say, for example, a file from Explorer. It fails at least a third of the time (as in the email doesn't send).
  • The whole Windows Share Sheet only supporting UWP and Skype of all things makes it pointless for anything other than Your Phone Sending a Tab to your phone. A whole Sharing mechanism in Windows that mostly does nothing.
  • Interesting. I first got that bug after an update, so I rolled back and simply didn't update Mail for a long time. One day the bug showed up again, so I updated Mail and it disappeared. I'm currently on the latest version of Mail and the bug hasn't returned for me.
  • Thank you. I should have played around with the install as you did.
  • I think that's still the plan? I'm guessing it'll be completed by the time windows 11 actually releases
  • It will be replaced by next year with Outlook version. But this I believe is for now to keep up with the Win11 UI
  • Strange... I'm in the Dev channel with build 22000.132 and the Mail and Calendar apps haven't got the update yet... :/
  • After 30 years why are the in-built Windows apps still so god damn basic? WordPad and Paint are so basic there's barely any point in them, especially WordPad. What the hell is that POS? It's so poor the first thing you do is replace it. All the Windows UWP apps except for Weather and Calculator are so basic most Windows users don't even bother. Some do but for one of the biggest software vendors globally they're embarrassingly basic. Window Photos what the hell is it? A piss poor Photo Viewer and an even worse link to OneDrive. It's a terrible way to view your OneDrive photos. Windows Live Photo Gallery was way better, it's got worse. Windows Mail STILL doesn't support Linking to OneDrive files. Again Windows Live Mail had this. Films and TV (Movies and TV) STILL can't Media Stream. So the ancient Windows Media Player needs to hang around. Your Phone when it works is decent but it auo-closes at least once a day, transferring photos lowers the resolution to 1MB. Making it useless.
  • I rolled back to Windows 10. I absolutely cannot stomach how they ruined Win11, beginning with the Start Menu.