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Microsoft sale throws in free Surface Dock with Surface Book 2, Laptop

Amazon may be snatching all of the attention this week with its Prime Day sales, but Microsoft is throwing its hat in the ring as well for anyone looking to pick up a Surface Device. For the next two days, you can snag a free Surface Dock when you pick up at Surface Laptop or Surface Book 2 at Microsoft.

To recap, the Surface Dock usually costs $199.99 and adds a slew of extra ports to your Surface device. In all, the dock includes two Mini DisplayPorts, one ethernet port, four USB 3.0 ports, and one audio out port. Connecting via the Surface Connect port, the dock also operates as a power brick for your device.

Surface Dock Promo

All you have to do to get the deal is add the Surface Dock to your cart alongside your Surface Book 2 or Surface Laptop at checkout, and the promotion should automatically apply to your cart. You'll want to move quickly, however, as the deal is set to end at 11:59 p.m. PT on July 17.

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  • My usual comment: it would be great if you guys could do the legwork at check whether this deal can be combined with the usual 10% edu discount.
  • I just checked, and it does indeed work; you just have to remember to select the "free" surface dock at the end.
  • Thanks! It would be great if WinCentral did this for all MS deals, so the readers don't all have to look this up themselves.
  • Wish the dock was an actual dock like the SP3 dock.
  • Use Ebates for 7 1/2% cash back!
  • Offer not available in UK it seems. What a surprise.
  • Sometimes I envy the U.S., bought a Surface Book 2 internationally. Realised the USB ports are too damn close for certain USB peripherals making only 1 functional at a time... I really like the magnetic dock/charging tho.
  • Over priced... Even with the 'free' dock...
  • Your opinion. Not everyone needs the greatest specs.
  • Shame it doesn't come with the Surface Pro, good for those want the laptop or book 2 though, extra ports are always a good thing.