Microsoft shows 10 lucky Windows Insider members how it's making Windows 10

Earlier this year, Microsoft ran a contest which gave members of the Windows Insider program a chance to win a trip to the company's headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Now Microsoft has posted up a video and blog post that offers a summary of what the 10 lucky winners of that contest got to see and do as part of their visit.

The 10 winners were treated as VIPs as they got to see and do things at the Microsoft campus that some of the company's employees don't normally get to experience, such as visiting the design studios and hardware labs for products like the Microsoft Band and the Xbox One. Microsoft says:

"They came from all over the world with a great range of backgrounds and experience. For most of the winners this was a long way to travel, so we really appreciated them taking the time out to come and meet with us (one winner had final exams the very next day after 20 hours of travelling home!). During their tour of the Microsoft campus, the Insiders had a chance to meet with people from across our engineering, design, and marketing teams, getting a close-up look into how we build Windows. They met with senior Windows leaders including Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore and me, and personally presented some great ideas on how to make Windows and the Windows Insider Program even better."

One interesting thing was that many of those Windows Insider visitors stated they wanted to see a PC-like experience on Windows 10 Mobile. Belfiore states in the video that they had just recorded a presentation for that very feature, Continuum for Phones, the day before. However, he couldn't reveal that bit of news to the Windows Insider visitors since they were waiting for Build 2015 to reveal that feature.

Source: Microsoft

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