Microsoft starts selling Surface Laptop with Windows 10 Pro

Adobe Premiere on Surface Laptop
Adobe Premiere on Surface Laptop (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Surface Laptop launched last spring as Microsoft's flagship product for Windows 10 S, and, so far, it's only been available for purchase with that version of the OS. However, now Microsoft is now offering, through its commercial store, the option to purchase a Surface Laptop with Windows 10 Pro preloaded instead (via Neowin).

Curiously, Microsoft is charging an added $100 for the Windows 10 Pro Surface Laptop, compared to the same models with Windows 10 S. Since Windows 10 S can be easily upgraded to Windows 10 Pro (currently for free through March, to boot), that makes shelling out for the newer option, simply to avoid the upgrade process, much less appetizing.

Currently, the Surface Laptop with Windows 10 Pro is listed at a starting price of $1,199 for the base platinum Core i5 model with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Prices go up from there, topping out at $2,749 if you choose to max out every hardware option. Interestingly, cobalt blue and burgundy color options are also listed for those wanting to move up to a Core i7 processor, but they're presently out of stock.

If you're interested in checking it out, you can find the commercial Surface Laptop with Windows 10 Pro on sale at Microsoft now.

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