Microsoft Store adds a free $50 gift card to Xbox One bundles

The Microsoft Store has added a free $50 gift card to most of its Xbox One bundles, on top of its previous promotions for the console. The new offer will end on July 17.

That means you could get a 500GB Xbox One for $279, or a 1TB version for $299, and get a $50 Microsoft Store gift card, a second free wireless controller and a select free game from Ubisoft on top of any free game or games that are already included in the console. Any way you look at it, that's a ton of value if you have not purchased the Xbox One before, or if you are buying one for a family member or friend.

The second free controller offer for the Xbox One bundles is supposed to end on August 31, while the free Ubisoft game promotion ends on October 31.

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John Callaham