Microsoft Store adds 'Wish List' on Windows 10 and the web

Nearly two months after Microsoft started testing a new "Wish list" option for the Microsoft Store with Insiders, it's now making its way out to everyone. But while the option is now showing up on Windows 10 and the web store, it doesn't appear to be active yet (via OnMSFT).

Now, when you open a game or app's page in the Microsoft Store, you'll see a heart icon and the "Wish list" link near the top of the page. For now, clicking it does nothing. There's also no way to view wish lists, either your own or anyone else's, just yet. Once active, however, the new option will allow you to quickly save games, apps, and hardware to a running list of things you'd like to buy.

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In any case, it seems Microsoft is preparing to give the feature a proper launch across at least Windows 10 devices. It's worth noting that this hasn't appeared publicly for Xbox One consoles or Windows 10 Mobile, but it will presumably make its way to those stores as well in the future.