Microsoft Store now selling 12-month EA Access subscriptions

If you prefer to do your purchasing away from your Xbox or perhaps want to gift a year of EA Access to a loved one, the Microsoft Store in the U.S. has you covered. You can now pick up 12-month subscription to EA's Xbox One game service there for $29.99. The purchase will give you a code that you can then go and redeem on your console.

For the price, EA Access continues to be excellent value for money. Currently you get full access to play titles like Titanfall, UFC, Battlefield 4 and more, with Dragon Age: Inquisition joining the lineup in the future.

Besides full games to play for no further outlay, EA Access also offers exclusive, members only discounts on EA games in the Xbox One store as well as early access to selected new titles. Members will soon be able to trial Rory McIlroy Golf and Madden 16 ahead of their general release date.

To pick up one of the codes from the Microsoft Store, hit the link below.

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Richard Devine
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  • Great
  • It is, because you can use Bing Rewards to drop the price. Anyways, I subscribed for a year of it after they gave us a taste a couple weeks back. I'm doing it for Battlefield 4, but I do wish they gave access to the DLCs too.
  • This is good! They really need to promote the hell out of it, because what ever people say, for £20/€30/$30 a year, it's stupidly good value! And that's what parents look for in the run up to Christmas :)
  • It's less than the price of one full EA game. That's the way I look at it. Makes it insane value.
  • US only
  • Looks like it.. or it will be rolled out to other countries in a few days, I doubt it would be US only (it would be moronic if it is) as they are selling the X1 bundled with 12 months of EA access on the UK webstore.
  • Thats how its been in Canada for a few years it wasn't until last fall that they started selling prepaid mailer codes in ms store for music pass. & ea has been ignorant to Canadians by not selling prepaid cards. Instead they request you use the uber confusing ultimate game card
  • Just buy a £20, €30 gift card and buy EA Access
  • Cool I've been waiting for this
  • Sweet
  • I've been waiting for this. Going to use my Bing rewards.
  • Yes, exactly.
  • Sweet
  • in now...
  • Someone should try using the $10 off Microsoft store bing rewards code. If that worked it would be $20 for a year.
  • Well, if we didn't have to pay almost $60 a year for Xbox live, it might be a deal (yea, I think I paid around $35-40 a year). If this was $15 a year, I think it would be a great value. With already having a yearly cost on Xbox live, I question it. Unless I see 1 or 2 tiles that I must play, then instead of paying $60 for each game, paying $30 to access the game any time I want for a year, would be a good deal overall.  But if it's only one title, I wait 3 months after release and get it on ebay for $30 or less.