Microsoft Store to sell Jawbone Mini Jambox speaker for $69.99 Friday, or $49.99 in-store

Microsoft has started teasing Friday's "12 Days of Deals" promotion that will offer a Jawbone Mini Jambox speaker for just $69.99 both online and in-store, with an even lower price of $49.99 for folks who are first in line to get the speaker at their local Microsoft Store location.

Normally, the small Jawbone Mini Jambox is priced at $129.99, so Friday will offer holiday shoppers a $60 savings on the speaker, or $80 off if they are one of the first 50 people at a brick-and-mortar Microsoft Store, or one of the first 25 people at one of its smaller specialty stores. As with all of Microsoft's 12 Days of Deals offers, this one-day price cut is just for US and Canada residents only

Source: Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Might be picking one up at the Rockingham Mall tomorrow! I'm really axious for that year of Xbox Music, though. Overslept and missed it last year!
  • I have one, was never able to pair it with my Lumias (820 and now 925), no problem with a Samsung.
  • I also have a 925 and works like a dream. My wife, on the other side, keeps struggling to connect it to its Samsung S4 ... That's cool, because I can avoid listening to salsa and One Direction :)
  • Official MX Player released, why no post....
  • I too see it, but if you thought VLC beta is crappy with bugs wait till you open MX player - it sucks for now
  • MX player working fine in my phone
  • Probably because its a fake:  
  • Please open one near Dothan, AL, Microsoft. Please
  • Are they offering a deal on year of xbm?
  • That's worth 10 to 20 bucks max, "regular" price of 130?! LOL marketing.
  • Not bad
  • Does this apply in the MS Store in Puerto Rico?
  • Yes it does, I'm from here too and last year bought a surface bundle, cheers ;)
  • received one a few weeks ago and at this price, you don't have to hesitate :)
  • Off topic, but when will Jawbone add tracker support on WP?
  • Really wish MS would run a sale on the Nokia MD-12 speaker!
  • Darn it. Just bought one full price.
  • Does the 1st 50 persons online will get the $50 dollar price or store only?
  • Its in store only
  • Yea and apparently it has to be b4 noon weather or not the first 50 ppl have hit or not for the"door buster" price
  • --Yeah, I got one of these today @49.99.  It was a little lineup of about 5 people :-)