The Microsoft Store needs an 'Extras' tab, not an 'Edge Extensions' tab

Earlier this week, Microsoft rolled out an update to the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10 that added a new, dedicated "Edge Extensions" tab at the top. This means that Edge Extensions are now a prominent "category" of content that the Microsoft Store provides, which I think is wasted potential. Microsoft should be looking into adding an "Extras" tab that specializes in more than just Edge Extensions. Here's what I mean.

So far, in the latest version of the Microsoft Store, we have six categories. This includes Apps, Games, Movies & TV, Books, Devices, and Edge Extensions. Six is a fair few categories, but that doesn't even cover everything the Microsoft Store has to offer. The Microsoft Store houses other content, including themes, fonts, and even languages. If the Store has it to offer, it might as well be easy to find.

But, we don't necessarily need a dedicated tab at the top of the app for all these things, so why not create an "Extras" tab that incorporates these additional content types, including Edge Extensions, for easier discovery. The Extras tab could contain miscellaneous content like themes and fonts, as well as other system-specific content. And there is a lot of content that doesn't make sense under any of the other tabs in the Store.

The two most prominent content types under the Extras tab would be Themes and Edge Extensions. Microsoft recently launched its first paid Windows 10 theme, which would be right at home under an Extras area in the Microsoft Store. What's more, if Microsoft ever decides to add more content types to the Store that don't fall under the main contenders, it can find a home under Extras easily and conveniently.

Microsoft also sells Windows 10 Pro licenses directly in the Store, which you can't find unless you search for it or go through the Settings app. A Windows 10 Pro license would be right at home under an Extras tab, and if there's ever any more Windows 10 SKUs that go on sale, they can be easily purchased through the Store under the Extras area.

Microsoft could even have a dedicated place under Extras for older Win32 programs like Paint or Notepad. We already know that Microsoft will be moving these older Win32 in-house apps out of Windows 10 and into the Microsoft Store with an upcoming update, and I think the "Extras" area would be the perfect place for them.

All about discovery

There are many things Microsoft could put under an Extras tab, and "Extras" itself is ambiguous enough for people to click on it and see what it's about. Once they click into it, they'll find a world of additional content in the Microsoft Store, including Edge Extensions, themes, Windows Pro licenses, and more. Let's be honest, there aren't enough people using Edge for there to be a dedicated tab for it in the Store. It's not like people are looking specifically for extensions for Edge.

When it comes to the Microsoft Store, it's all about discoverability, and right now the Microsoft Store is pretty bad at that for some content types. You wouldn't think the Microsoft Store offers themes or fonts, and that's because the Microsoft Store doesn't advertise them well. Themes have a category on the home page, but that's it. I think people would have an easier time finding and discovering themes if they were included under an Extras tab.

And it's not like an Extras tab would be void of content. There are hundreds of themes in the Store already, and quite a few Edge Extensions. An Extras tab would be just as filled as any other tab, and I really do think it would increase discoverability of these lesser known content types in the Store.

What do you think? Should Microsoft consider adding an Extras tab to the Microsoft Store for miscellaneous content? Let us know in the comments!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • I agree, I think that's a great idea.
  • In sweden we dont have Device, or Edge Extention but we can buy like Surface and stuff like that one the Microsoft Store homepage, but not frome inside of the Microsoft Store app that is mostly just U.S only, my Surface Pro some use English have that not if man use the Swedish lang at the computers and location.
  • I have to agree to point
  • Microsoft and sorting. That is something they always do wrong. There is never any logic in it. It's never alphabetical, logical or anything that makes sense. The devices tab is in between tabs that have to do with software, what the hell? I think their is sorting logic is bases on what they want us to access most.
  • Does Google sort all of their search results alphabetically? Exactly.
  • No Devices or Edge Extensions Tabs here in Australia. Checked multiple machines on multiple accounts and insider rings. US/UK only thing?
  • "Home/Apps/Games/Films & TV" in UK
    But can find Edge Extensions in the Collections bit at the bottom.
  • if you're not seeing the edge extension page you should be able to type edge in and it should pop up with the list
  • Yeah, despite we have a physical Microsoft Store in Sydney, the Microsoft Store app lacks pretty much most things. Not sure why but it seems that Microsoft Store app doesn't really reflect what's on the website, sounds like a manual thing. Seriously though, Idk why Microsoft is bad at quickly expanding features or services outside US, despite some already exist. Though they don't have much problem with some areas like on Office and other products.
  • TIL The Microsoft Store has Fonts. Thank you, Zac. Must go shopping.
  • Lol I never knew either
  • That's precisely the problem what Zac mentioned in this article about Microsoft Store, the lack of good discoverability of contents. Not to mention that they mostly don't even publicly market them.
  • Sounds like a good idea
  • it kind of obievouse it,s more about the anty virus and hacking most of your anty malware is edge extention not tabs background sevises there trying to stop theft from the market
  • P.S google still is a hole there in the same boat with this market theft
  • well here we go agaiñ. Another MS failure to understand that there is a world outside the US. Is it any wonder that mS is floundering under Nadella. Open your eyes to the rest of us. This is yet another example of ignoring a market and then wondering why adoption is low.
  • All companies prioritise their own country over others
  • I have fingerprint windows hello and nordVPN and scangard the problem was real time I see
    that the password 2018 is reverce compatable with passwords 10 and passwords the digital wallet
    needs it real time as where my Xbox has passwords I have encrypted my Xbox with a semi VPN
    and the computer also that was the router now you problable see why the extention needed
  • Not only Store app needs the Extra tab, our famous Windows Central app also needs upgrade to its headings not to mention the avatar leakage! Headings like Band is obsolete!
  • They should remove the Edge Extensions section from the Mobile Store, lol.
  • It's all One store now irrespective of the device you're using to view it.
  • I wish Microsoft would add Office extensions to the Store
  • That would be great! And this is the reason why we need dedicated Extras tab instead of this Edge Extensions tab. Who knows, other 3rd-party apps hopefully will have a way for them to publish their own extensions on Microsoft Store, if that's possible.
  • Great idea! I'm so happy that I am not alone with this idea, though I did find very few suggestions on around YouTube and on Feedback Hub. Glad that there is an article for this, thanks Zac! Extras tab would really fit with extra content that will not fall other sections. Extras should contain:
    - Edge Extensions (maybe also add for other apps too like Office Extensions)
    - Themes
    - Fonts
    - Wallpapers
    - Languages
    - Software Licenses Though I don't agree to put legacy Win32 apps under Extras since they are still apps, so they should be under Apps and just have it under Windows Legacy Apps Collection.
  • An Extras tab would be good
  • I completely agree with you. I like the store. Let me just say that first. BUT discoverability is surprisingly and obviously poor. I've spent time clicking thorough.... Click after click and nothing, only to just decide to search a bunch of different ways to find some of those cool things like fonts and themes you were taking about. The search box is great! And it's mandatory in my opinion BUT users should feel like all content is available to them via the actual in-store links. Right now, it does not.
  • No, it needs the Devices and Edge Extensions tabs to be rolled out EVERYWHERE first!!!!