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Microsoft Store's Anime Month returns with big discounts

Microsoft Store's Anime Month returns with big discounts

Prepare to embrace your inner otaku: The Microsoft Store is once again embarking on a binge of anime discounts. Included are popular series ranging from Naruto and Dragon Ball Super to Assassination Classroom and beyond. Overall, movie prices have been cut by up to 40 percent, while TV seasons are discounted by up to 60 percent. And there are even some free seasons to pick up.

Here are some of the highlights:

There's a whole lot more to check out in the full sale (opens in new tab). However, despite being advertised as an Anime Month sale, it looks like a lot of the discounts are set to last for seven days. Still, it's not a bad way to beef up your collection if you consume a lot of your content on a Windows 10 PC or Xbox.

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  • is this the US only? as none seem to be available on the UK store?
  • Yes. It is.