Microsoft Surface Duo official bumper cases to cost $40 each

Surface Duo Unboxing
Surface Duo Unboxing (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Surface Duo launches on September 10, debuting a new dual-screen form factor running Android, geared for mobile productivity.
  • The Surface Duo ships alongside an off-white rubberized bumper case, with red, blue, and grey colorways also in the works.
  • New third-party accessory listings indicate Microsoft's official Surface Duo cases will cost $40 when sold separately.

Microsoft Surface Duo makes its U.S. debut on September 10, expanding the premium PC family with an ambitious Android-powered dual-screen device. The form factor toys with a new approach to mobile productivity, capable of extending apps, or running multiple, across twin displays. We now have details emerging on official Microsoft-made accessories, with recent listings setting a $40 price point on its protective bumper cases.

With the Surface Duo now in-hand for select reviewers, the unboxing experience highlights an included rubberized bumper for all out of the box. The novel design and ultra-thin 360-degree folding mechanism limits which types of cases can provide protection, but with Microsoft's bumper bundled in the $1,400 retail price, given the limited accessories as a first-generation device. We now know the firm plans to sell these cases separately, allegedly starting at $40 in the U.S.

Surface Duo Bumper

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Listings for the Microsoft Surface Duo bumper have surfaced across multiple third-party retailers, including PROVANTAGE, Douglas Stewart, and Connection, with a suggested $39.99 RRP for the standard off-white "Glacier" colorway. Red, blue, and dark gray variants are also in the pipeline, as teased via a recent press briefing. Microsoft is yet to discuss officially licensed "Designed for Surface" accessories, but with the promise of more details soon.

We understand Microsoft plans to launch its official bumper cases throughout the Surface Duo launch window, providing an opportunity to replace the included model. Given the design's somewhat disposable nature, it's welcomed, affixed with an adhesive strip that likely won't hold up after a handful of removals.

We've already rounded up some of the best accessories for Microsoft Surface Duo in the meantime, covering your basic needs for pens, screen protectors, and current cases.

Microsoft Surface Duo


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  • The red bumper is not a need so I well pass.
  • I might try the included one out, but that's about it. $40 to replace it is pretty crazy, and it seems like it won't last for a long time anyway. Hopefully we get some third-party cases that are much better. I'd prefer something reusable for sure.
  • $40 is crazy for what is basically a bit of silicon/rubber stuck onto your phone with adhesive. I get that first-party accessory will always be more expensive but this feels like a rip-off. I'd pay $25 or even $30 tops for something like this.
  • Probably costs $0.35 to actually make each one.
  • They are hand made in Italy.
  • Hand crafted, artisan silicone.
  • $40? That's only 2.8% of the price of the device! Jokes aside, first-party cases and bumpers and such are usually expensive.
  • What? with $1400 price, they can't even throw in the free bumper case? lol ...
  • A bumper case is included in the box too...
  • I ant a green one!
  • gravity will dictate a fall towards the hinge surely.
  • You people are just suckers.