Next generation Microsoft Surface Pro 4 announced!

The footprint of the Surface Pro 4 remains the same as its predecessor while increasing the display size to 12.3-inches with slimmer bezels round the edges.

Hardware wise we're getting a 6th-gen Intel Core Skylake processor, 50% faster than a MacBook Air and 30% faster than a Surface Pro 3, up to 1TB SSD storage options and up to 16GB RAM. We're also looking at a fingerprint scanner (hello, Windows Hello), a hybrid cooling system and all wrapped up in a body that's just 8.4mm thick.

We've also got an 8MP rear facing camera and Gorilla Glass 4 around the front that's just 0.4mm thick. Beneath that the Pixelsense display is optimized for both touch and pen input, and there's a new Surface Pen coming too with the Surface Pro 4 with full year battery life. It's got 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity and will stick to the edge of the Surface without the need for a pen loop. Oh, and the pen can also be used to call Cortana by holding down the button. Pretty nifty. A double click will still open up OneNote.

The Type Cover has also been updated for the Surface Pro 4 and it's the thinnest ever while also promising to be faster and quieter to type on. It's got a 40% larger trackpad with 5-point Multitouch support.

Check out the first promo video for it below.

The Surface Pro 4 is available for pre-order today, starting from $899. The official release date is October 26th.

Pre-order at Microsoft

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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