Microsoft Surface RT tablet featured in NCIS: LA

Microsoft's Surface tablet, which runs Windows RT, has been featured in an episode of NCIS: LA. The device was announced and released earlier this month, and has been shipped to a number of consumers who placed pre-orders.

We've witnessed the start of Microsoft's marketing campaign for its tablet hardware with graffiti, energetic videos, and the opening of Surface Experience Centres. In the NCIS episode, the Surface tablet is used to show off the lock screen, photo unlock functionality, as well as the 'click in' with Touch Cover. 

While it appears to be entirely scripted, but it's good to see the product being used in the media. Be sure to check out our review of Microsoft's tablet offering.

Source: YouTubel; thanks, Francis, for the video and tip (as well as everyone else who sent tips in)!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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