Microsoft Surface RT tablet featured in NCIS: LA

Microsoft's Surface tablet, which runs Windows RT, has been featured in an episode of NCIS: LA. The device was announced and released earlier this month, and has been shipped to a number of consumers who placed pre-orders.

We've witnessed the start of Microsoft's marketing campaign for its tablet hardware with graffiti, energetic videos, and the opening of Surface Experience Centres. In the NCIS episode, the Surface tablet is used to show off the lock screen, photo unlock functionality, as well as the 'click in' with Touch Cover. 

While it appears to be entirely scripted, but it's good to see the product being used in the media. Be sure to check out our review of Microsoft's tablet offering.

Source: YouTubel; thanks, Francis, for the video and tip (as well as everyone else who sent tips in)!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • HAH! thats awesome and he has the cover im gonna get this weekend lol :p
  • i just posted that in your review of the tablet, i guess you guys didnt see it. MS is doing it real good with the commercials and appearences
  • We've had the video for a while but have been busy with on-site tasks, but thanks for throwing it in there! Be sure to also forward it to our tips queue via the contact form :-)
  • Awesome!
  • I tweeted you guys about it right away after I saw it on the show! :)
  • It was really funny to watch right? They went through each of its features so perfectly...there's just no other way to use it =P
  • They have been using Windows Phones for quite some time now.  It is not surprising that they would include this in their show as well.  Althought his plug was much more blatent. (Not that I mind)
  • I want a Surface RT, so bad...
  • I think is funny he had the surface and keyboard in the same inside pocket but they were not already snap together. It was definitely and add for the surface 
  • I think it is funny that he just had wifi.  Since the surface does not have 3g or 4g.  I wish it did!
  • Nice
  • Awesome....expect to see more Win RT, Win 8 PC and WP8 on tv series to replace Apple and android
  • I think it's great that they have it in the show... but I just wish they didn't make it so obvious.  It totally takes me out of the story when they do it like that... not that I watch NCIS. It's like when they had the Nissan Leaf in Fringe.  They showed it way too much.  We get it... you're trying to sell the stuff in the shows we watch, but we don't need those extra few seconds to see them.  When I know I'm being advertised to in a show, I get turned off by the product.
    I'm sure the directors/editors hate that they have to keep those shots in for longer than they need to.
  • I couldn't agree with you more. M$ has been doing this in ads for a while, including other ads that were picked out by wpcentral. I agree that it needs to be tastefully done. Otherwise it looks desperate and detracts from the story.  They need to keep a little bit of mystery and intrigue around the device. I do appreciate that they put it in a detective show. That really makes it seem like a device someone would use in a high-tech situation, not as a toy ;)
  • Wow, a friend of mine posted that she was annoyed by the "blatant ad", and now that I've seen the clip it is VERY blatant... if it had been Apple or Google, I would be cussing about it, so I can see why she was annoyed (and she LIKES Microsoft).
    I know the Big Bang Theory ad last week was every bit as blatant too. I guess for now I'm glad they're doing this... they need the face time to show off. I just hope it goes back to commercials after a while.
  • That was just too blatent.  
  • Wow... that was a very obvious ad.  Especially the shot with the cover attachment.  That could have been done much more naturally with a bit of a change in character interaction and camera angle.
  • Reminds me of the product integration episode of 30 Rock.
  • Blatant or not, we need A LOT MORE of this. I don't mind this in every show, even in Walking Dead! 
  • Lolol blatant and hilarious, but entirely awesome. I'm thinking of times in Dexter where they flash to the Ford escape logo every time Dexter drives away, or how Deb always fawns over Quinn's Cadillac, or how Dexter always has the apple logo facing the camera... Product placement at its best =D
  • Well, Perceptive Pixel used to be a main advertiser with the big screen so I'm guessing since Microsoft bough them, the partnership just continued.
  • This stuff has been around since there was media to be advertised on/in. It almost has to be "too" obvious or the oblivious masses wouldn't pay it any mind. I'm glad to see a push, even annoying ones. As long as people remember it, the ad has done it's job.
  • LOL! i wasn't expecting the cover to comeout!  BEST Product Placement ever! LOL!
  • Oh, next time they're gonna discuss Windows 8 because somebody sent a clue via Messenger. ;)
  • It sure was featured! Eric was showing it off great!
  • He wasn't actually interacting with the device right? A green screen? Beucase it was blazing fast when he logged in!