Earlier this week, Snapchat announced new chatting and video calling features for their iOS app (with the update for Android coming later). Like everything else on Snapchat, conversations and videos all disappear once you leave the app. It’s yet another sign that Snapchat is becoming more of a big deal these days, and yet there’s still no Windows Phone app.

Unfortunately, nothing has yet solidified about an official app coming to Microsoft’s platform. Sure we have unofficial apps like 6snap, but nothing beats having that first-party experience, especially when new features are announced.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore had a terse reply to the question about Snapchat coming to Windows Phone and would only confirm that they are at least talking with the company. That’s good news and bad news, as talks mean any app development and release wouldn’t happen until later this year. Regardless, Microsoft is at least trying and Snapchat is listening.

Source: Reddit