Microsoft Teams featured in brief spot on ABC's Good Morning America

Hot on the heels of its global launch this week, Microsoft Teams scored a spot on ABC's Good Morning America (GMA) today. As part of GMA's "Boosting Your Business" segment, Teams and its features were briefly highlighted as career expert Maxie McCoy visited the folks at startup WeWork to give them some tips on being more productive. Check out the brief segment below:

For those out of the loop, Microsoft Teams is a workplace chat and collaboration app that serves as Microsoft's answer to Slack. After a lengthy preview period, the service launched as part of Office 365 for business users just this week. Impressively, Microsoft says (opens in new tab) Teams is available in 19 different languages across 181 markets, and it's already in use by 50,000 organizations worldwide.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Wonder how much MS paid for that ad.
  • More than what they've paid for mobile
  • Are you sure? Do you ever watch TV? I see more WPs on Fox shows than any other devices it seems like.
  • Also if you watch Scandal on ABC Windows phone is heavily used there (although only 8.1)
  • They are pretty transparent that it was a sponsored story. Are you actually concerned with the production budget and the placement costs??
  • Are you implying that Microsoft is trying to hide the fact that they paid for it?  Because it says right there on the screen that the "Boosting your Business" segment is "Sponsored by Microsoft".  
  • Point is "sponsored stories" have no place in the middle of a program.  That's what Infomercials are for.
  • Remember the rule, folks: First comment is almost always the worst comment. Itguy09 kind of proves it here. Think before you post.
  • I think the fair questions that should be asked are; Is this genuine factual news about a business choice made from considerations of alternatives OR is this choice made because of a sponsor and is thus essentially an adverisement.  Personally I have nothing against a TV show mentioning that Microsoft Teams is a great tool for what this small business wants to do. However product placement is a big issue and although tolerable in a fictional show on TV there is a sense that sponsored news or factual shows is a problem.  
  • Wait... You aren't trying to tell me that in America News stories can be influenced by corporate money, are you? That's just unbelievable and would never happen in our society. *Obviously extreme sarcasm*
  • I came second. I'm good
  • The way to find out is to apply for a position then you can be privy to what the budgets are for certain projects and revenue generating prospects...
  • Not a much as Apple!!
  • Not bad, I had a friend who was at a company that was located at a WeWork location...
  • Team America??  F'ck yeah!
  • I don't see how this will work if everyone must be a 365 subscriber. Teams should be a stand alone collaboration tool like Trello so it can be used by everyone. Maybe I'm missing the point of Teams.
  • It's worthless if it's not connected to CIA's servers. Oh, wait...
  • Very dissapointing Microsoft rolled this out accross the board but did not allow Educational or Government account access. They enabled all the users with licensing, but the tennants don't support the product at this time. Very confusing for our users.