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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams will soon have a low data mode.
  • The feature could roll out as soon as this month, though that's subject to change.
  • Low data mode will let people cap how much data they use during video calls.

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular communication apps around, but using it on the go can be challenging if you have limited data or a weaker mobile data connection. An upcoming low data mode for Microsoft Teams will help people manage how much data they use during video calls (via OnMSFT).

Limiting the amount of data that apps and services use is a popular trend these days. Facebook is rolling out an Instagram Lite app to over 170 countries, and several other popular apps have lite versions.

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Rather than having a dedicated lite version, Microsoft Teams will let people cap how much data they use during video calls.

The feature's description reads:

Microsoft Teams: Low data mode

Whether you want to preserve data or are in a location with a poor or limited network connection, sometimes it's helpful to limit the amount of data you're using during a video call. A new low data mode allows users to cap the amount of data that will be used during Teams video calls as well as establish different settings based on network availability.

The Microsoft 365 roadmap says that the feature is in development and that it should roll out this month. That listed date is just a goal, though, not a guaranteed release date. It's normal to see features pushed back, so it could be some time before we see this feature generally available.

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