Microsoft teases resizable Android apps on Windows 10 through Your Phone app

Your Phone companion
Your Phone companion (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's Vishnu Nath teased resizable windows for Android apps on Windows 10.
  • Nath alluded to his screenshot that shows off multiple Android apps running through the Your Phone app.
  • Your Phone just gained the ability to run multiple Android apps at once for Insiders.

Microsoft's Your Phone app just recently gained the ability to run multiple Android apps on Windows 10 at once. Now, one of the people behind Your Phone is teasing about resizable windows through the Your Phone app.

Vishnu Nath, the partner director of PM Microsoft Mobile & X-Device shared a screenshot from the Galaxy Z Fold 2 that he called a "teaser."

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Nath and the Your Phone team shared screenshots today to show off the app supporting multiple Android apps at once. I asked a quick question about resizable windows through Your Phone, to which Nath mentioned the teaser.

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If support for resizable apps comes to Your Phone in the future, it will make Android apps feel significantly more natural on Windows 10. Many Android apps have been optimized for larger screens and resizing. Hopefully, these will be able to span and resize on Windows 10 in the future.

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  • Big news and a gauntlet to android app use on chromebooks potentially.
  • Have you used it? Trust me it really isn't. It's just the mirroring feature but it preloads the app. Close the app and you have your Android homescreen. The feature is just like any mirroring phone of phones screen. That is to say its wonky. Nothihg like, not even close, running an app natively. Like on Chromebooks. Chromebooks don't tie all your Android apps to a single Windows app. It's a nice to have but very limited.
  • Well that sucks.
  • Ah cool! Android app use is already pretty good in Your Phone but that was a natural next step (besides running multiple apps). I would like some flexibility when it comes to the nav buttons though. On my phone, the nav buttons are the swipe-up kind, but that doesn't work well with a mouse on a PC. It would also be nice to be able to use my desktop setup's fingerprint reader for access to my phone and phone apps. I wonder if that's technically possible while being secure?
  • Nice but PWAs from Edge are much more useful than Your Phone's rather limited android app support.
  • Not at all seemless experience due to screen mirror over Wi-fi. Your Phone still doesn't support connection over USB. 😑
    USB charges the phone simultaneously while being connected to the PC and connection will almost always work without any latency.
  • I wish they would bring back Project Astoria... on Deskop; but with Android 11 app support and with Play Store - since they're getting along now. That would be a much better experience.
  • Good day for Samsung Phones then. Nice that MS develops features in their OS just for a single brand of smartphones they happen to have made business with. I thought better of them.
  • Does anyone understand what is preventing them from bringing this feature to Surface Duo? Will it eventually get there?