Microsoft teases Windows 11 with startup sound slo-fi remix

Windows 10 20h2 Start Hero
Windows 10 20h2 Start Hero (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft released a slo-fi remix of Windows startup sounds from Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7.
  • The remix slows down the startup sounds to 4,000% reduced speed.
  • The video is, oddly, exactly 11 minutes in length.
  • The video is a tease for Windows 11, and ends with an invitation to watch Microsoft's livestream on June 24 at 11 AM ET.

Microsoft released a slo-fi remix of the Windows startup sounds from throughout history. The video appears on the official Windows YouTube channel and points people to Microsoft's upcoming event on June 24, which will showcase the next generation of Windows. The video itself plays the startup sounds from Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7 slowed down to 4,000% reduced speed, but the most interesting thing about the video is what it teases.

It's also exactly 11 minutes long. 😏

The slo-fi remix isn't just a soothing trip down memory lane. It's a tease of Windows 11. Microsoft famously ditched the startup sound with Windows 8. Some, including the majority of people who voted in our poll about the startup chime, have wanted it to return as an optional feature.

If the video is too subtle, its description also tries to get people excited for the June 24 event:

Having trouble relaxing because you're too excited for the June 24th Microsoft Event? Take a slow trip down memory lane with the Windows 95, XP, and 7 startup sounds slowed down to a meditative 4,000% reduced speed.

It also links to a page (opens in new tab) you can use to set a reminder for the event.

Windows 11 will bring a visual overhaul to the operating system, but will also come with new sounds. Could one of those sounds be a new startup chime? Microsoft's latest video certainly suggests that it will be an option.

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  • Also the video is exactly 11 minutes long.... (this is getting a bit obvious now)
  • Good catch. At this point, it's definitely Windows 11!
  • this must be what tinnitus feels like...
  • You're not wrong. Started it up and wife said, 'what the h*** is that?' The windows sound slowed down. Well, it's annoying.
  • Unless Microsoft shows off Windows 11 on a Surface Neo on the 24th, my excitement level is close to zero.
  • Otherwise, on a scale from 1 to 10, is it an 11? :)
  • Very true indeed :)
  • Considering how fragile the Duo has proven to be, I hope they work on making the Neo a lot more tank-like (like a proper Surface) before they actually release it.
  • The Neo never had to be as impossibly thin as the DUO. Is beleaguered as it is, the basic form factor is exceptional. Folded, with its bumpers, it is actually thinner than my iPhone in its case. That means each side is about half as thick as an iPhone. That's pretty impressive.
  • I don't ask for more but stable Windows ⏸️
  • When it gets to the Windows 7 era, it starts sounding and looking like the film Solaris with the Cliff Martinez soundtrack and constantly changing blue graphics. Hopefully this is conditioning people for the arrival of a return to the vastly superior Windows 7 era of design and additionally to try to get people to forget the failures that were Windows 8 and Windows 10. (half serious, but still, I'd pay good money for the Windows 7 shell + Control Panel + complete disregard of failed UWP apps on top of the Windows 10 kernel + WSL2)
  • I don't know about long term, but at least for now they won't give up completely on UWP, but they are putting it on the back burner. They still have to support it because of Xbox and Windows Holographic. It's a good way of making cross-Microsoft apps.
  • Aye, that's probably indeed the case, like Metro apps still existing in Windows 10's early days before being completely phased out. I'm most looking forward to hear about the new store features in this regard, because I have the feeling Project Reunion is going to be a big part of that, and would torpedo the last legs UWP is standing on as far as desktop goes. If they can backport some newer features like handling HiDPI canvas/text/widget scaling better to traditional looking win32 apps that people actually use, that's going to be crazy awesome and present a legitimate enticement for all types of users be they consumer, prosumer, or enterprise. If Microsoft keeps UWP for desktop around, it'll probably just be a temporary faux gesture of good will to the few indie developers they managed to con into adopting it. This would result in those developer's outcry not being associated with Windows 11/Sun Valley itself directly, but as a separate announcement which would largely go unnoticed because no one at all uses UWP apps. The endless redefinition and goalpost moving of what constituted a Metro/Modern/UWP app makes me feel Microsoft is concerned with intersectional initiative criticism (and after Vista, pretty rightfully so). For Xbox and Hololens, I think there's a real case to continue UWP development on those platforms with reduced target platforms available (removing desktop just like mobile support was removed). It would most certainly result in UWP as a technology being better for those platforms because of the reduced concessions with regard to cross platform use like desktop. Both platforms have their own revenue streams which would most likely cover the continued development. I can't think of a legitimate use case for UWP on desktop that an updated win32 UI framework wouldn't resolve. And for the leftover edge cases, PWAs could fill those gaps easily in 2021. In fact, if Microsoft was really concerned with going after ChromeOS, they should have forked Chromium OS like they did Chromium the browser for Edge and focus on PWAs, certainly not making a 28347th attempt to make Metro/Modern/UWP happen.
  • When was Windows 10 a failure?
  • The high whiny pitch made it difficult to listen to "meditatively".
    Microsoft just needs to deliver consistency and a few splashes of innovative features and integrations.
  • 1 1 is the new 10.
  • Windows 11, I love this name.
  • more like "Windows 11 Sun Valley" , it sounds way cool
    as "macOS 11 Big Sur"
  • Why is everyone so excited about the name Windows 11? What did you expect it to be called? Windows 23?
  • There is too much discussion about it. Many do not even believe that there will be a new Windows, and insist that it will continue to be Windows 10. Others that the name chosen should be only Windows. As many others want Windows Sun Valley. But Windows 11 (confirmed as a new Windows), is the name that at this point is practically confirmed. Perhaps due to the fact of this controversy, it is that at every opportunity, one tries to reinforce the idea of the name Windows 11
  • Windows 11 = Windows 10 21H2?
    6 years and they still don't fix the design inconsistency of Windows. Some built-in apps are still ugly to watch.
    Instead of being excited, I feel afraid.
  • I am excited for "Windows 11 Sun Valley" , Can't wait anymore XD
  • I think you are mispronouncing Windows 10? Microsoft wouldn't rename their OS when underneath it is fundamentally the same as Windows 10. Sun Valley is a UI update, not a rearchitecting of the OS.
  • Why is the video exactly 11minutes long? Of course it's not a coincidence. You'll have to swallow your own words soon.
  • Somebody wake me up when it's over...........😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴........... Note: I listened to it with headphones and speakers (Hi Fi speakers). Joking aside, I am going to be extremely brutally blunt. A+ for effort BUT... They could have atleast done better re-mastering of the audio... eash and toned down some of harsher waves / tones (0:00 to 3:53)... my ears.. 🤯lol. Oh... God... I thought the W95 segment was bad - the XP start up is terrible (3:54 to 7:38). It is not relaxing at all.... it feels like chalk scraping backwards 🥴. 7:39 to 10:59... I thought my ear drums started stabbing themselves with blunt forks due to the high pitched tones 🥺- they were bordering on coil whine for me 🥶. They seriously needed to do alot better mastering, used better parametric eq, tuned the low and high cuts, added abit of reverb with fades, used a soft clipper for the harsher tones, a compression master to balance out the layers, used a stereo enhancer etc. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to go rinse my ears out with soap and sand paper.
  • It's not pronounced 'Eleven', it's 'One -One'...
  • I hope its a major upgrade not only for Design and UI but
    also for better Performance, Optimization and Efficiency I hope in future , Windows become consistent.
    Anyways , i am really excited for the event XD