Microsoft Ultimate Word Games now available on Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Microsoft's Casual Games team has outed its latest project, called Microsoft Ultimate Word Games. (opens in new tab) Taking the place of Microsoft's Wordament on the Windows Store, Ultimate Word Games includes it and a couple of other word games to check out.

On top of Wordament, Ultimate Word Games packs in a Jumble and Crosswords game as well. Each is laid out in a sort of "saga-style" map that you work your way through as you complete levels. Each month will bring a new map that you can check out as you gain levels in each game. Here's a brief look at the game's main features:

  • 3 awesome Word Games – Wordament, Jumble, and Crosswords!
  • Each game has multiple "saga-style" adventure maps. See how many stars you can collect.
  • Try Wordament Multiplayer where you can play against thousands of players at once!
  • Try Daily Challenges for a unique twist on each game every day!
  • Sign in with a Microsoft Account to get Xbox Live achievements, leaderboards, and your games and progress will be saved in the cloud.

On top of the above, you can customize the games even further with different themes — though they're fairly limited at the moment. There's also a pretty comprehensive statistics section that serves up some pretty interesting tidbits concerning stars earned, map completions, and much more.

If you're a big fan of word games, you can pick up Microsoft Ultimate Word Games on the Windows Store now.

Thanks to sarim_xyz for the tip!

Download Microsoft Ultimate Word Games from the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Started playing this afternoon, a very familiar game from Windows 8 days and now it's just better. Also for some reason, I can't install it on my L950. Error, will try again shortly....anyone?
  • It's not available for mobile yet.
  • Same to me
  • The windows mobile version is still 'under development' - not sure how much I'd bet on it really coming out. The pc version does not scale well even on a computer screen. They are suppose to fix the store listing so that you can still install the Wordament windows 8.1 app that MUWG is replacing on Windows 10. I was on the MUWG beta and made the mistake of uninstalling Wordament from my phone thinking that might fix the beta install issue - so now I'm stuck with nothing on the phone. They definitely could have made it more clear that it wouldn't work on mobile. I have enjoyed the game on my surface. total battery hog, but I'm a sucker for word games.
  • Still love playing Wordament after all these years.
  • MS Casual Games polled people on what they wanted them to make next in late 2015, and this was the winner. I've been waiting for it ever since - I'm glad it's finally out.
  • Mobile version appears to have Wordament only - can't see the other games?
  • Same
  • I have had this version as an insider for weeks now. I really like it. Not much for crossword puzzles, but Wordament and Jumbles are great.
  • Unable to install on my Lumia 950XL, the store lists it as Wordament with the ultimate games tile but gives an error on download.
  • Same thing happens to me.
  • Same too.  The store lists the game "Microsoft Ultimate Word Games" as already installed but it launches the old Wordament when I tap on "Play" button on the store entry. On the PC version, got a bit annoyed that it wipes clean all my Wordament points and words found over the years and the slate starts clean :-(
  • Sorry.  Just saw it finally imported my scores on the PC.  I guess it was because at the beginning the game was in English and always played Wordament in French, so once I changed language my progress was there in Multi-player stats.
  • I couldn't install on my L950 so I contacted them, it's not been launched for mobile yet. It is only available for PC.
  • WindowsCentral should update the article then. It is misleading.
  • Word Games for PC is exactly what I need!
  • Can't download on Lumia 950 either ☹
  • This autodownloaded on my Surface the other day.
  • Love this!
  • The game is great but... it drains the battery of my SurfacePro4. Half an hour and it is empty. Please fix it. After all... it is not an action game requiring high frame rate or something like...