Microsoft details updates coming to Microsoft 365 business customers

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Microsoft has today announced a plethora of new updates coming soon to Microsoft 365 customers that involve helping organizations do more with useful new features and capabilities. Microsoft announced the following new features coming to Microsoft 365:

  • A modern desktop.
  • Solutions for Firstline Workers.
  • Streamlined device management with lower costs.
  • Integrated administration experience.
  • Built-in compliance.

Here's a quick rundown of each. A modern desktop is powered by Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus and remains up to date with insights and security powered by the cloud. Microsoft says this is the most productive and secure computing experience for businesses and helps IT better manage devices and data, for less.

With the April 2018 Update, Microsoft says there are new delivery optimization changes coming that will make deploying new versions of Windows 10 quicker and easier. This reduces bandwidth and also reduces the amount of time a PC will take to restart and apply a new feature update when ready, meaning users can get back to their PCs faster.

In regards to Firstline Workers, Microsoft has announced that it is extending the assigned access capabilities on Windows 10 so customers can easily deploy and manage kiosk devices with Microsoft Intune for single or multiple app scenarios.

Microsoft also announced new features that help streamline device management at lower costs, with features like Windows AutoPilot, which makes setting up new Windows 10 devices with apps and settings as simple as logging in with an account. Windows AutoPilot now also includes an enrollment status page, which enables you to ensure policies, settings, and apps can be provisioned on the device during the out of box experience before the user even gets to the desktop.

Make sure you check out Microsoft's blog for a more in-depth look at all the new features announced for Microsoft 365.

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